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How to deal with the surfing mob?

A little over four months ago, I posted something about how to respond to blog critics. That’s mostly how I approach situations such as heated discussions by commenters to other commenters and even to the blogger.

A couple of days ago, this entry on Smart WiFi at Pinoy.Tech.Blog got alittle hotter than usual. The commenters are mostly from another old entry here (and most commented) about the same topic.

More often than not, I leave them be on this blog (even to the extent that a lot of the comments are explitives) but with PTB, we try to shape the discussion on the more informative path. Still, some of the cavemen clickers, as Marc would refer to them, continue to harrass and demean the value of the blog.

This is one of those times when that WordPress feature “Users must register/login in order to comment” will come in handy. Just add a dash of “Fair Use Policy” and email verification and you’re all set to moderate them trolls and flamers.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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8 Responses

  1. albert8 says:

    when things get hot, grab a coke…go out, relax and have fun. :)

  2. Fleeb says:

    The problem is, when people let their emotions take over them, in a way they lost their sense of logic. Kaya naguguluhan ako sa discussion nila, pati ako who has nothing to do with the blog itself, my comments were associated as though I am one of the PTB bloggers/admin.

  3. jangelo says:

    Bring on the caveman clickers.

    Maybe we can reach that PTB target for December.



  4. vern says:

    heh, caveman clickers. I’ve had my share at the iSTORYA. Some people can’t be told, and when they are, us mods must be abusive.

  5. ragluf says:

    posted some tech comments on that blog in in PTB and some questions in the hope of getting a logical discussion and dissection of the technology. I agree that it is getting muddled. Emotion has clouded logic and the goal of the discussion. Sayang – I would have explained more salient points of the technology and the delivery of the service itself and would have loved to contribute to the understanding of it. But seeing the way things went, I knew that soon I would be excoriated and branded as a pro-institution mouthpiece without me being affiliated with any institution or service provider. So left it at that. I was actually in a position to help out and deliver their sentiments directly – being a technology fellow who has done these type of service implementations and network deployments.

  6. Marc says:

    Caveman commenters. Wankers all hehe :) moving along :)

  7. I remember a time when there was a heated comment and post battles between theme creators for wordpress… and all I can say is using a blog commenting system to flame another is pretty barbaric in our times…

  8. wait, is there a lag in commenting? i didnt see my first comment.

    flaming is totally barbaric.

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