I did it again (i.e. lost my phone contacts)!

I did it again (i.e. lost my phone contacts)!

Yeah, yeah, I know. This is prolly the 3rd time I lost my phone contacts. My Nokia 3230 just wouldn’t boot up this afternoon so I brought it to the repair shop to find out that the OS was corrupted. It could be all that virus I’m getting from the shared wifi at the Vigan City Hall yesterday which infected not only my laptop by my phone as well (though I don’t think the virus could affect a different OS). I asked the technician if he could re-install a newer/updated OS. Since all my contacts are stored in the phone memory, it too was wiped out.

Sim Backup


When we got home, I discovered that my old back-up in my other PC was gone since the drive was reformatted last month. Oh well, I just couldn’t learn this lesson to do multiple backups.

I should pay more attention to my phone and it’s built-in memory card backup.

So, we’re back to square one. If you could spare me a text message and send me your vcard, I’d really appreciate it (please include all toher guys you think should be on my contact list as well :)). You can email it to me or leave me a note on my YM. Thanks!

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8 Responses

  1. vance says:

    i think you should buy those sim card back-up gadgets in the market. =D

  2. Max Limpag says:

    Why not try zyb.com. It’s really a cool service, if you don’t mind storing contacts online. I tried it and backing up is a cinch. I wrote a post about it in my blog: Back up your mobile phone data online

  3. adam says:

    Max is right try zyb. Its the coolest data backup ever. simple, easy, convenient and fast.

  4. Stinky97 says:

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  7. billy says:

    there is a sim card reader available at cdr-king which includes a software that can retrieve all your erased messages as well as contact numbers

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