The most widely read Tech Mag in the Philippines?

The most widely read Tech Mag in the Philippines?

I used to buy a lot of tech magazines before (last year) but lately I noticed I’m not too excited to grab one from the magazine store anymore.

So, here’s a question that once popped out of nowhere during one of our regular meet-up sessions: What’s the most widely read Tech Mag in the Philippines?

Frankly, I have no idea then. I can name the ones I used to read and often see on the newsstands.


Guess what the answer was:

PC Magazine Philippines

Would you agreed? Well, PC Magazine has the brand and recognition almost worldwide so it does make sense. What Tech Mags you usually read?

I have two articles printed on this October-November issue of PC Mag Philippines — one about blog monetization and the other on Paypal vs. Google Checkout.

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11 Responses

  1. kutitots says:

    PC Mag definitely (har har, I’m such a suck-up).

  2. Miguel says:

    Gadget mags beat “PC” mags anytime. So, I think it’s Summit’s T3, with the girls on the cover and all. Within the HIP family, I would think M|PH beats PC Mag.

    How about PC Buyers’ Guide?

  3. Noemi says:

    I have been reading PC mag since forever. Is there a better mag than PC mag?

  4. Miguel says:

    The US PC Mag?

    Well, for sheer technical hack value, nothing has beat the old PC Digest of the late 80’s/early 90’s, before it became PC World Philippines. Well, Chin Wong and Danny Escasa are still around. Where’s Po Wong?

  5. elmer says:

    Late 80’s of PC Mag is close to my heart, this is where i learned my first BASIC and Assembly programming.

  6. GUrbi says:

    Actually, I prefer to read tech blogs rather than spending money to buy tech magz… Why spend one hundred pesos in buying PC magazine when you can read technology articles in the internet for free?

  7. danzigfour says:


  8. Miguel says:

    ah yes, the program listings. and was it in PC Mag where they had BASIC byte code which you ran to produce the .COM programs?

    for local… well definitely not the best… but remember PSICOM?

  9. j4s0n says:

    PC Buyer’s Guide = Tried that one out. Too many freaking ads like 95% of it.

    PC Mag = The best for me, I’ve been reading PC Mag around or more than 6 years already. We still got like 1998, 1997 issues from my uncle’s house. But about PC Mag Philippines, i haven’t tried that one out. :)

  10. jayvee f. says:

    here is a press release from the recent synovate readership survey.

    PC Magazine PH is the number 1 tech mag in the country.

  11. Miguel says:

    Congrats to PC Mag!

    No T3? Someone’s head must be rolling…

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