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Merry Christmas to all, especially the winners!

It’s been a hectic evening as we close in on the final hours of our YugaTech Christmas Give-away. Unfortunately, our last blast this evening created a huge number of new entries in the comments that the server eventually broke down.

We had over 30 prizes to give away to readers of YugaTech and we’ve decided to give them all on Christmas Eve.

However, in the last few hours before midnight the traffic surged that the site was in-accessible most of the time.

To be fair to others who are still posting their entries and comments, I’ve decided to extend our deadline to 12:00 noon tomorrow (December 25). That’s another 12 hours extension for those who were not able to make it.

In any case, I’d like to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas!

So bookmark this post and watch out as we update this page to announce all the winners of our Christmas Giveaway. Special thanks to some of our sponsors — Western Digital Philippines, ClipTec Philippines, Hot Gadgets, TenkieBox, etc.

*********** To be updated with complete list of Winners *************

Updated: 12:23 – Just woke up. Started picking winners. Stay tuned.

Marshall Minor Headphones:
Mica Sobrepena of @micasobre

Marshall Major Headphones:
Onat Lopera of @onat

Mighty Dwarf Vibration Speakers:
EJ Bautista of @bogcess

Nano Beat Vibration Speakers:
Ryan Richard Tiu of facebook.com/rrgtiu

Wireless-N WiFi Repeater:
Raul Barrios of @kryptobarrios

Norton Internet Security 2012:
1.) James Tadle, RN of @ppajemsRN
2.) Von Erik of facebook.com/vonerikv
3.) Chiradee May Marquez of @chiradee28
4.) Thomas Patrick of @council
5.) Sherwin Agbayani of @sherwoodhere

ClipTec Giveaway Winners:
1.) Lorraine Mae Rosero Barut
2.) Bjorn Ramirez
3.) Carol Ong
4.) Doogz de Guzman
5.) Iskay Morota
6.) John Dominique B. Amarado
7.) Champ De Bataille Vie (Leo Constantino)
8.) Matt Sicat
9.) Michelle Ignacio
10.) Lea Vogt
11.) Ralph Lenz Mesina
12.) Alfred-Francis Gallegos
13.) Philip Benito Latorre Astorga
14.) Tomas Chua
15.) Engr Benj Indihawz
16.) Jedie Daguro
17.) Jamie Lacson
18.) Joshua Masangcay
19.) Nerbie San
20.) Siegfred Nelson G. Correa

Flip Mino HD:
Lora of Freetilora @ Tumblr

Smart Netphone 701:
Mark Ponteres @mponteres

*********** Check back at 12:00pm, December 25 *****************

Again, Merry Christmas and congrats to all the lucky giveaway winners!

Please email abeolandres {at} gmail.com with the ff.

Email Subject: YugaTech Christmas Giveaway 2011
Full Name:
Winning Handle on Twitter/FB/Google+/Tumblr, etc:
Contact Numbers:

We will then send you details on how to claim or pick-up your prizes. Merry Christmas!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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103 Responses

  1. Cirilo Cachapero says:

    Merry Christmas Yuga!

  2. Bern says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. :)

  3. Rien says:

    Merry Christmas! :]

  4. Michael Villegas says:

    Love love love on Christmas Day and beyond, Abe!!!

  5. Mizeteo says:

    Merry Christmas Abe!

  6. Remoquin says:

    Merry Christmas to all!

  7. john arvi says:

    Merry Xmas Sir Abe and thanks for the gifts ^^,

  8. leo says:

    merry christmas!!!!

  9. fritz says:

    merry xmas yugapeeps

  10. Nigel says:

    Merry Christmas to one and all! Let’s all have a very healthy life!

  11. Bryan Karl says:

    Merry Christmas to all! :)

  12. halojin says:

    Merry Christmas po sana palarin ako :D

  13. sherwood says:

    Merry Merry Christmas Sir Yuga!!! ang bait bait mo.. hehehe

  14. Ysmael Paez says:

    Merry Christmas Sir Yuga!

  15. Merry Christmas Yuga, to all the sponsors and everyone! =) God Bless Us All!

  16. nomer says:

    Merry Christmas, Thanks

  17. redsimba says:

    Happy Christmass Everyone

  18. trisha aguilar says:

    Merry Christmas sana palarin ako :))

  19. verlouie gautani says:

    merry christmas sir yuga!!!

  20. atenean101 says:

    Merry Christmas to all… & I’m hoping to win one of those prizes. May luck be good to me this time around.

  21. JM says:

    Merry Christmas sir Abe Olandres. :-)

  22. Christian Capinpuyan says:


  23. Emben says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone

  24. jeff says:

    12:00 na. hehe. Merry Xmas

  25. Dexter says:

    kahit isa man lang.. please :)

  26. Joy says:

    manalo sana ako ng kahit ano :D

  27. domdom says:

    Sana manalo na ako kahit isa man lang christmas naman eh huhu good luck sa lahat MERRY CHRISTMAS!!1

  28. jeff says:

    manalo sana.. weeeeheee!!

  29. Edsar says:

    Sir Abe kahit yung Netphone nalang whahaha

  30. domdom says:

    ay isa lang pala huhu cliptec nlang chance ko at netphone huhu

  31. jasmin says:

    merry christmas every0ne! Hope to win as well.

  32. domdom says:

    Lumiliit ng lumiliit chances ko haha

  33. dino manuel prestado says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sir Yuga and to everyone here in Yugatech.com!!!

  34. halojin says:

    sana manalo ko… huhu… para may matanggap ngayon pasko heheh… bawala na kasi mamasko pag matnda na hehe

  35. jeff says:

    sa Raffle na to nakasalalay ang pang regalo ko sa sarili ko.. hehe.. onga, lumiliit na chance =(

  36. Mike Villegas says:

    Merry Christmas!!! :D

  37. Kristine Joy de Vera says:

    omg wala pa ako name :(

  38. Benchmark says:

    di man ako panalo…panalo pa din ako sa blog entries ni sir Yuga….

    Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy kayo sa mga napanalunan nyo!

    Long Live Yugatech! Wahooooo! :D

    Congrats to all the winners!

  39. gringo says:

    HAPpy Holidays!

  40. sherwood says:

    Di ako choossy pero kahit yung netphone na. hehehe,,goodluck folks,.

  41. domdom says:

    sir abe namamasko po hahah

  42. Mica says:

    OMG! I won! A merry christmas indeed! :)


  43. Cyrill says:

    Congrats sa mga nanalo :)

  44. Bjorn says:

    How about the Flip mino HD? :)

  45. Joseph John Cezar says:

    sana manalo ako kahit isa…>.<…
    Congrats sa mga winners!!!

  46. Marvin Salaveria says:

    Hope I win a single raffle..

  47. Smart phone, pls be mine!

  48. domdom says:

    im loosing hope na hahaha wla na akong chance huhu
    anyways okay lang may next year pa heheh Merry christmas ulet sa atin lahat love you all :* heheh

  49. Sabrina Futol says:

    d ako nanalo ng marshall headphone :( Congrats Winners! Merry Christmas!

  50. Joseph John Cezar says:

    wala na tlga…

    Congrats sa winners!!!!

  51. domdom says:


  52. jeff says:

    swerte naman ni domdom.. huhu ako NGANGA @[email protected]

  53. halojin says:

    :) sana manalo ko hehe

  54. Anita Leray says:


    i will commit suicide if i dont win anything!

  55. Joseph John Cezar says:

    wala tlgaaaaaaaaaaaa…

    magsusuicide rn ako pag d ako nanalo…hahahahah
    sabay sa uso lng….

  56. Edsar says:

    Congratulations po sa lahat ng winners! Wala talaga akong swerte sa raffle whahaha!

  57. council says:

    Salamat sa pa-kontest, Yuga.

    Paano pala pag nabunot ang pangalan 2x – for different prizes?

  58. halojin says:

    congratz sa mga nanalo ^^

  59. Sherwin Ramos says:

    andito na un smart netphone?

  60. halojin says:

    sana manalo p rin hehehe :)

  61. Joel says:

    congratz to all the winners… pa-burger naman kayo… :)

  62. atenean101 says:

    i’ve tried, and yet i failed again… haha. luck isn’t really good to me when it comes to things like this, haha.

  63. jenncards says:

    are the giveaways via raffle? I thought you will choose the one with the best answer.

  64. Bogcess says:

    Sweet! I had a feeling I was gonna win this. Can’t wait to use the Mighty Dwarf speakers! Thanks yuga! Merry Christmas!

  65. domdom says:

    yehey sent my info na hehehe salamat Sir YUGA!

  66. RageFace says:


  67. Anita Leray says:

    ok tapos na ang raffle!

    so ok hindi talaga ako winner,

    mag lalaslas nalang ako ng wrists ko and commit suicide

  68. Carol Ong says:

    Yeehhhh! I won! Thanks very much!

  69. Allan Kenneth Wong says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! Congrats to the winners!=)

  70. domdom says:

    Di pa nagrereply si Sir Abe sa email ko huhu :) email na po sir ABE :D

  71. peter says:

    sir abe, wala new year giveaways?

    huhuuhuh nde ako nanalo T_T

  72. blankpixels says:

    Wow, I won! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you, Abe! :)

    Merry Christmas! ^_^

  73. Jedie Daguro says:

    Thanks Yugatech!
    I can’t believe I actually won. Thanks for this gift!
    Merry Christmas!

  74. Thank you very much po Sir Abe! :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  75. Danilo says:

    congratulations to the winners!

  76. Wow thanks po Sir Abe =)
    Merry Christmas !

  77. Ron says:

    I won!
    Thank you Sir Abe! Thank you very much!
    Merry Christmas po ulit!

  78. Jay Ermitano says:

    awwww olats na naman hahaha…anyways congrats sa winners…

  79. Matt Sicat says:

    yay! I won too :D

  80. dimaks says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

  81. Francis Delima says:

    Congrats Ralph and congratulations to all the winners!

  82. Benchmark says:

    hala! I won! chamba! wahihihihihi Thanks sir Yuga! :D

  83. M Ponteres says:

    what a Christmas gift – Smart Netphone 701… I emailed my details Abe… Merry Christmas to all

  84. Cyrill says:

    Aww.. wala ako nakuha hehe :)

    anyways merry christmas everybody! :PP

  85. ryan tiu says:

    Yes nanalo din!..maraming salamat sir Yuga!. Merry Christmas!..

  86. watrboy says:

    di na naman ako nanalo.. huhuhu.. better luck next december :)

  87. Leo says:

    Thank You! Sir Yuga :)

  88. ArchAngel says:

    Mas mahirap pa manalo dito kaysa sa Lotto. :(

    Congratulations to the winners! More power to Yugatech this 2012. :D

    …And hoping for better luck next time. :(

  89. Frank says:

    Yehey! I won. Thank you. Happy Holidays! :D

  90. Sani G says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!! Happy christmas!!

  91. cristine reyes says:

    daya naman! dapat di nainextend yung time. unfair nga

  92. James Anteola says:

    hindi ako nanalo :) anyways merry christmas! ano kasama nun cliptech package? may earphones/headphones ba? baka may mag benta, willing to buy, christmas discount naman diyan :D

  93. Yashirokuru says:

    Congrats sa mga nanalo!

  94. Berto Putik says:

    Congrats to all the winner!

    sayang at hindi manlang ako nagwagi ng kahit ano.

    Wala ding natanggap na kahit anong Christmas Gifts,akala ko Yuga na ang makakapagbigay sa akin.Tsk!Tsk!

  95. Thanks for your generosity, more power..

  96. kapitan says:

    di ako nanalo?
    ay teka, di pala ako nakasale =p

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