5 Christmas Gift Ideas Under Php1K

With the Season of Giving already upon us, not everyone has deep pockets to buy the things they want. For those that are on a tight budget, here are some Christmas gift ideas under Php1K.

Note: We went around SM CyberZone in Megamall looking for gadgets and gizmos under the mentioned price limit. So if you find anything that you’re interested with, rest assured that it will be available around the area — until their supplies last, of course. 

2.1 Speakers with Super Bass technology


If you have a family member or a friend that’s into music then perhaps they can use brand new speakers for this Christmas. You can find one at Octagon for around Php850 that already comes with a 2.1 setup meaning it has its own dedicated subwoofer. The one we saw was USB-powered which is perfect for desktop use. It has an SD card reader, has FM radio built-in, and even includes a remote control.

Dashpack lightweight sling bag 


For students that are always on-the-go there’s a sling bag available at Octagon that could safely carry tablets or Ultrabooks as big as 12 inches inside its padded pocket. The bag is light and has a sporty look which could also be used when cycling short distances around the metro.


It comes in different colors and is priced at Php695.

Gamer shirts


Have a gamer friend that appreciates all things geeky? Then you couldn’t go wrong with a shirt that’s printed with their favorite characters from popular game titles. We spotted this cool merchandise at Brochiere and anyone who has played the classic Resident Evil game would recognize this in no time. To be honest, we actually wanted one for ourselves.


Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

It has a tag of Php650 with different prints to choose from.

Modular charge station for PS4 controllers


For the heavy gamers that always spend time in front of their consoles, there is a module for PS4 that charges the controllers just by  docking them. It connects to the USB port at the front of the console, could charge two DUALSHOCK 4 controllers simultaneously, and has microUSB dongles that allow easy drop and charge functionality. It is available at DataBlitz for Php995.

Wall-mounted USB ports


With almost all our devices relying on USB ports to charge, it makes more sense to just get a wall-mounted charger that already outputs to ports ready to deliver power. This one plugs into wall sockets and offers 4 USB ports that fast charges your devices all at the same time.


It is priced at Php999 over at Asianic and we think its use would easily justify the price.

Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater


This is just an additional idea if you can stretch your budget a little bit more. For Php1,050, you can get the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater that acts as a lightweight case for the 4th generation iPad.


Once attached and connected to the device, it gives a full range sound of a stereo speaker system while providing a comfortable surface with extra grip. It was originally priced at Php3,000, but Octagon slashed its price off.

There you have some of the things you can buy for less than a grand. We hope this quick guide provided some help for all you techies out there. Happy shopping!

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  1. Avatar for lindamartin12 lindamartin12 says:

    Love to see this Ultra book bag is here. I didn’t think it will be a great gift for upcoming Christmas.Really it’s Awesome to know!!thanks,mate…

  2. Avatar for Kris Kris says:

    San makakabili ng belkin home theater? From cebu here, wlang stock ang octagon SM and AYala.

  3. Avatar for Seph Seph says:

    Good Suggestions

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    lols.. the usb hub is too expensive. just buy powerbank instead

  5. Avatar for Hoocpt Hoocpt says:

    Ad ng octagon

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    can i ask if this belkin home theater system will fit into my ipad 4?

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    You should include 10k mah like the one from Asus and Xioami

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    1050 is over 1K

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