5 Tech Valentine's Day Gift Under Php1,000

5 Tech Valentine’s Day Gift Under Php1,000

We’ve released a list of best tech gifts for Valentine’s Day, but what if you’ve managed to save just a little for the season? Well, there’s still hope. Here are 5 tech gizmos you can give to your other half that’s under Php1,000.


Cherry hasn’t formally announced this yet, but if you’re a frequent visitor of Cherry Mobile shops, you can go ask the sales lady if they have this. The CherryFi is a pocket Wi-Fi for just Php999. That’s 500 bucks cheaper than Smart’s or Globe’s offering. Despite the low price, you’re getting a feature-packed device plus P600 bonus load.


The CherryFi is under Cherry Prepaid network. You can check out their promos here.

DIY VR Cardboard

This is an unusual gift idea which will surely bring joy to anybody. VR headsets are still rare and expensive in PH so this DIY cardboard is a fantastic option. We saw this particular item on Abubot.ph and as listed by them, it’s a third-party replica of the original Google Cardboard.


Stocks are limited so head over to Abubot.ph page here and purchase one for Php460.

Infinix PB-10BR 10400mAh Power Bank

Of course, one the best small tech gifts people would appreciate is a power bank. And the bang for the buck Infinix PB-10BR with 10400mAh capacity is a wonderful choice among similarly priced devices. Unlike some, it has two USB ports and they still managed to include an LED torchlight.


infinix powerbank_1

You can grab one through Lazada for just Php750.

Strontium Nitro MicroSD w/ OTG Card Reader

Giving out a microSD alone could be yesterday’s thing since a lot of devices now doesn’t have a slot for those tiny cards so include an OTG USB drive that reads microSD cards. Purchasing a Strontium microSD card includes a nifty OTG USB reader. It’s having the best of both worlds of storage expansion. You can use it as a microSD or combine to have a USB OTG and have it transferred to your desktop PC.


We were able to find this bundle on Lazada starting at Php389.95 for the 16GB option.

Logitech Z120 USB-powered Speaker

You can call this your Netflix and chill on-the-go kit. We’ll consider this a portable speaker since it only needs to be plugged-in to your laptop’s USB port for power. No wall sockets needed here. There are other options for these but we’ll stick to Logitech for quality and assurance.


Check out your trusted computer stores for stocks and the cheapest we saw is at Asianic for Php499.

If you have suggestions as well, don’t be shy to share them. Also, if you don’t have anyone to give gifts to, you can purchase these goodies for yourself. Have a romantic and happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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