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Budget peripherals for home-based setups

As the majority of people are beginning to adopt a work from home setup, some of them don’t quite have the peripherals to help support their new system. In this article, we listed down several peripherals at an entry-level price up to a more premium one to help you kick start your work-from-home condition.

Author’s note: We are not affiliated with PC Hub or any of the Shopee and Lazada links in this article. 


As you start on your work from home setup, you might find yourself needing a keyboard to do all the tasks assigned to you. You may opt for a full-sized one or a compact one, a wired one, or a wireless one.

(from PC Hub)
A4Tech Styler FK10PHP 390 (regular price at PHP 450)
Logitech K200PHP 460 (regular price at PHP 550)
A4Tech KLS-5UPHP 512
Logitech K270 (Wireless)PHP 870 (regular price at PHP 1,030)


Another essential to working from home is a mouse. Maybe some users have a laptop but are unused to using the touchpad and opt for using a mouse instead. Others might want to have a wireless, Bluetooth mouse instead of a wired one.

(from PC Hub)
Logitech M105PHP 290 (regular price at PHP 340)
A4Tech G3 300N (Wireless)PHP 330 (regular price at PHP 380)
A4Tech G3 310N (Wireless)PHP 360 (regular price at PHP 430)
Logitech M185 (Wireless)PHP 520 (regular price at PHP 610)

Keyboard + mouse combo

If you find yourself in need of both a keyboard and mouse, why not get a bundle? Keyboard and mouse combos are easier on the pocket than having to buy each item separately. Additionally, since they’re a combo, you can be sure that both the keyboard and mouse are of the same quality. You can get a combo in either wireless or wired, whichever you prefer.


(from PC Hub)
A4tech KRS 8372PHP 470 (regular price PHP 550)
Logitech MK220  – PHP 880 (regular price at PHP 1,050)
Gigabyte KM7590PHP 1,000 (regular price at PHP 1,190)
Logitech MK345PHP 1,100 (regular price at PHP 1,350)


Headsets are essential for those working at home as you’ll be meeting most of your clients via Slack, Skype, Microsft Teams, Google Hangouts, and the like. Having a headset with a microphone will allow you to hear your clients clearly, and speak to them too without any issues. Additionally, you can use the headset to tune into your favorite music and playlists to keep yourself undistracted by outside noise.

(from PC Hub)
Logitech H111PHP 379 (regular price at PHP 580)
A4Tech HS 800PHP 520 (regular price at PHP 610)
Logitech H390PHP 1,570 (regular price at PHP 1,840)
Redragon Lamia H320 (RGB, with stand)PHP 1,495

Prepaid router

What’s a work-from-home setup without WiFi? Most freelance employees need to stay connected with their clients in case there are requests, updates, revisions, and the like. Some work setups also require individuals to online for the duration of their work hours and keep track of their current task. A postpaid broadband plan may be out of pocket for some individuals, but thankfully, there are prepaid options as well.

PLDT Home PrepaidPHP 995 (unit)
Globe At Home PrepaidPHP 999 (unit)
TP-Link M7350 4G LTE Advanced WiFi ModemPHP 2,889

Laptop stand

Those who already have a desktop PC don’t exactly have any problems with desks; however, those who have laptops instead may be in need of a stand. Laptops need airflow as well to dissipate the heat that they’ll generate while being used. Laptop stands are also a good thing for users as it’ll help them use their machine in a more ergonomic manner, reducing eye strain, headaches, and backaches.

Nexstand K2 PortablePHP 499
UGreen Laptop StandPHP 559
Docooler Laptop StandPHP 701
Moft Original Adhesive Laptop StandPHP 1,499

We hope that these suggestions were able to help you out. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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