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Tech resolutions you can adopt in 2020

2020 is just right around the corner! As with every turn of the year, people come up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions that they may, or may not, follow through until the end of the year. We’ve listed down a couple of tech resolutions for the year, and we hope that these can help in improving your digital life in the upcoming year.

Unfollow / mute / block

In the coming year, it’s high time you unfollow, mute, or block not just people, but also topics and content that raise your blood pressure. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life in 2020! If there are individuals that irritate you each time you see them in your social media feeds, do yourself a favor and unfollow them. This also goes for content that you aren’t fond of; take advantage of Twitter’s muting feature and mute keywords, topics, and hashtags related to that content. Curate your social media feeds and use your energy and time on content that you like instead of wasting resources on matters that you hate.

Back-up files

Ask yourself: when was the last time you made a back-up of your files? If you don’t ever remember backing up all your data in 2019, then you better start doing so for 2020. It’s always good to have an updated backup of your data, especially the important ones. Save your backups in various places, such as the cloud, an external hard drive, a flash drive, and such, so that if one suddenly malfunctions, your files are still safe in other devices.

Delete unused apps

Start the year right by freeing up space on your smartphone to make way for new ones. All of us have apps that we’ve downloaded due to interest or on a whim, and certainly, a number of those apps have gone unused as time passed by. If you haven’t opened up an app in the last 5 months, it’s time to scrub them off your smartphone. Your smartphone will thank you for that free space to breathe.

Turn off and clear your notifications

If you’re someone who has a ton of notifications across several apps, this is the sign that it’s time to clear all those notification badges that you currently have. It may seem like a daunting task, but you’ll have a cleaner, clutter-free smartphone once you get rid of those notifs. Turning off the notifications on certain apps can also help in having a clutter-free screen.

Use two-factor authentication on your accounts


While online safety won’t always be 100% foolproof, there are ways to prevent it. If you haven’t done so yet, definitely switch on two-factor authentication to protect your accounts from those who dare hack them. While having 2FA may seem like a hassle to some, trust us; this extra layer of protection will keep your data from getting compromised.

Use a password manager

In line with using 2FA on your accounts, it’s also time for you to use a password manager if you haven’t done so yet. The majority of platforms on the internet require user accounts, and while it may seem convenient to use the same password for everything, it’s also the most unsafe thing to do. Update the passwords of your accounts and switch them up! It might be difficult to remember each off the top of your head, and this is where password managers like LastPass and 1Password come in. They’ll remember your passwords for you so that you don’t have to.

Stop checking your email and notifications when you’re off work

We’ve all been in that situation: you’re off work, yet your phone won’t stop pinging with notifications, and instead of resting, you find yourself reaching for your smartphone, checking notifications and emails from work. In 2020, it’s time that you remind yourself it’s okay to disconnect from work when you’re off shift, on vacation leave, or on sick leave. Your company will survive a few hours or days without you.

Start tracking your fitness

We’re all trying to live healthier and better lifestyles, and having wearables has certainly made things easier. If you’re not an active person, maybe 2020 is the time for you to get moving and get a fitness tracker to help you out in that regard. Fitness trackers make it satisfying to see how many steps you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, how many laps you’ve jogged, and so much more.

Limit your screen time and get some sleep

Most of our lives now revolve in the digital world; we stare at the screens of our laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones pretty much all day long. While we’re attached to our devices, it’s always a good thing to limit the time we spend on using them. Give your eyes a rest from the screens, and give your devices a rest as well. Setting a downtime from your devices may also help you in sleeping earlier and better.

Do you have any other tech resolutions? Share them with us!

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