Android Pie, ColorOS 6 coming to Realme devices

Android Pie, ColorOS 6 coming to Realme devices

Realme has announced that the new ColorOS 6 UI, along with an Android Pie upgrade, will arrive on their roster of devices next year.

The company, as it rolls out its monthly update to its users, noted that most fixes for common issues will be available as it rolls out its new software by 2019.


As of this writing, all Realme devices are running with Android 8.1 Oreo with ColorOS 5 or 5.2 in tow. Realme C1 users will get their ColorOS 5.2 update along with security patches and other major bug fixes later this month.

OPPO’s ColorOS 6 brings in a slew of aesthetic upgrades and overall performance improvements. Realme, though, has not disclosed which devices will get the Android Pie upgrade.

Source: Realme

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