Nokia 515 premium feature phone announced

Nokia 515 premium feature phone announced

Nokia redefines what a feature phone is all about with the Nokia 515 – a candy bar-shaped mobile phone made with premium materials and equipped with really good hardware you don’t normally see on a standard phone.

The Nokia 515 sports a 2.4-inch QVGA polarized LCD display that is slightly curved and mounted with Gorilla Glass 2. It has a 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash, 256MB of internal storage, microSD card slot, and support for 3.5G HSDPA internet connection. All of that are housed in a single piece of anodised, sandblasted aluminium body.



Nokia 515 specs:
3.5G HSDPA – GSM 850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA 900/2100
2.4″ QVGA (240 x 320) LCD 262k display
5 megapixels, LED flash
Up to 256MB flash
support for up to 32GB microSD card
microUSB port supporting
Bluetooth 3.0
3.5 mm AV connector
Micro SIM
up to 38 days standby
up to 10.4 hrs talk time
(3G: up to 5.3 hrs)
114 x 48 x 11 mm
Black and White

The Nokia 515 comes with a dual-SIM variant and will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2013. Before any local taxes or operator subsidies, it will be priced at around EUR 115 or around Php6,800.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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46 Responses

  1. metre9dmt says:

    Thanks, Nokia! My wife would love this unit. Sana available na sa Philippine market.

  2. jorge says:

    can be a good phone for a businessman who’s priority is making money every time that he picks up his phone and not to check his fb account to check kung may nagcomment ba sa post nya.

  3. awdog says:

    Ang mahal. For that price pwd na mga low end android. Sadly for Nokia naiwan sila ng panahon. Ngayon outdated na sila. In other words – Laos.

    Sorry Nokia. Retire ka na lang.

    • Sean says:

      Check lumia 520. I guess they’re just keeping the options open.

    • Ngak! says:

      Weh? Di nga?

    • Cookie says:

      Daming alam… Pag nag retire nokia marami mawawalan ng trabaho. Utakutak din minsan hindi puro daldal

    • Andrew says:

      Masyado ka namang affected. Di naman laging sa OS dumedepende ang price, pati sa build at durability. At hindi lahat, gustong mag-smartphone. Kung ayaw mo niyan, edi bumili ka ng cheap smartphone. I doubt matagalan ka ng bibilhin mo.

  4. ukeen memee nahangot says:

    Nokia pointed out that nokia is a cheap material and corninh usa is cheap toohence da measly price of 6 grand. Thus apple iphone is cheaply built not premium. Simple as that. Want premium, sony aramid and carbon fibre asahi glass or blackberry titanium porsche edition or even lenovos stainless k900

  5. Record says:

    I want the dual sim version, ang ganda nito. I am tired of using and bringing a very big smartphone already.

  6. dianne says:

    love the white 1

  7. duolll says:

    walang wifi… yung nalang talaga kulang

  8. asdsa says:

    Typical scenario for this phone:

    Dad: *click*

    Mom: (looks at the photo on the phone) Wow! That’s a nice photo of our baby. Tamang tama ang lightning and very clear. Post natin sa Facebook so all our friends and relatives can see her.

    Dad: Umm… pag-uwi na lang natin. Lilipat ko pa yung photo sa PC ko so I can upload it on FB.


  9. wew says:

    Taena anu nakain ng Nokia at naisip nilang bebenta to hahaha…sobrang mahal nito pwede ka nang bumili ng isang high-end specs na local smartphone o kahit branded kaya din…PREMIUM NGA MAPAGYAYABANG MO LANG NAMAN TO SA MGA IBA NA GUMAGAMIT DIN NG FEATURE PHONES PAG TINAPAT MO TO SA MAY MGA SMARTPHONE PAGTATAWANAN KA LNG TSK TSK

  10. Fred says:

    Please don’t criticize this phone, Yes its a bit on the pricey side but then again its a Nokia, you can be assured of years worth of hassle free service. Yes its true that with that price you can buy an entry level android smartphone from brand xyz but then again brand xyz doesn’t have quality assurance the build quality and the standards of Nokia. And please don’t wish Nokia to go into bankruptcy you should be thankful for Nokia, because this company made great contributions in the world of mobile phones. And hey! maybe your first phone is even a Nokia.

    • Dario says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Nokia pa din ako, kasi subok na ang tibay nito. I would rather spend my 6 to 7 thousand here than on a smartphone na isang tambling lang, sira na.

    • wew says:

      @fred meron din namang 6-7k na phones na subok ang tibay,pero smartphone tsktsk

    • weng says:

      agree! i would prefer to buy a Nokia phone over other android phones…i still have right now my Nokia 3120c, 5 yrs old na cya and still working great…

  11. Maiba Lang says:

    Maglalabas din kaya sila ng qwerty version nito?

  12. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Extremely similar specs to the upcoming Nokia 208, for half the price. This is a blinged-out 208 with a better camera. I’m sticking with the cheaper one.

    Plastic screen > glass anyday.

  13. HK-47 says:

    Finally! A “dumb” phone with premium build quality — perfect for people who just want to use their phone as a phone, without having to carry around something that looks like a toy.

    There’s just one modern feature that I hope the 515 has – charging via the microUSB port. One thing that I’ve never liked on Nokia’s feature phones is that they keep using proprietary chargers for them.

    • someone says:

      why would that be a problem? they used the same small pin charging port for the longest time.

      a new charger is supplied whenever you buy a new phone.

      even your decade old nokia charger is still compatible with this one.

    • wew says:

      agree ako kay HK-47 kasi may luma akong phone dito (nokia n80) mahirap na siya icharge para sakin mas maganda ung microUSB port para mas intact =)

    • weng says:

      agree! i would prefer to buy a Nokia phone over other android phones…i still have right now my Nokia 3120c, 5 yrs old na cya and still working great…

  14. diezel says:

    There still one asset of nokia kaya hnd q maipgpalit s khit anung brand,, sila lng ang brand na kaisa isang ngbabackup ng messages,, which is very important to me,, for my references,, isa lng wish q sa nokia sna mgrelease sila ng high end n t9 or qwerty n dual sim,,, nkaka asar kcng gmitin ang touch,,, nakakasawa,,, come back to life nokia pls,,,

  15. stealthbio says:

    Finally a device that I can really call a phone with an exceptional build quality at that. Personally I find smartphones and tablets redundant so I choose to own a “feature phone” for communication and a tablet for my mobile needs. This phone is a perfect companion for my Nexus 7 2. Hope they release a QWERTY version of this phone though and with WiFi connectivity at that.

  16. johnlove says:

    Just add P200 and you could end up with a dual sim, dual standby, with tv, wifi, 6 inch screen, jelly bean (ungrade from ICS) Cherry Mobile Titan TV

    • johnlove says:

      On the other hand, this is a ‘dumb phone’.
      So nobody can track you thru the internet.
      Picture taken with a Nokia phone are normally better than other brands even if they cost more than 10T.

  17. lol says:

    Daming android salesperson dito na kailangang maka quota ng benta.

  18. Ella says:

    Nokia for life! ang ganda neto! :)

  19. Gigis says:

    i love this phone, must have one! :) thanks nokia, simple yet elegant.. very nice..

  20. cloud4288 says:

    Love this feature phone. Would have loved it more if it has a front camera. I don’t care if doesn’t have a wifi.

  21. Rich says:

    Sir Yuga, would you know kung kelan magkakaroon nitong model na to sa Pinas?

  22. Albert says:

    Sir Yuga,…
    Kailan po kaya magiging available sa market itong nokia 515?

  23. therealnfs says:

    kelan to rerelease khit ako nanawa nsa iphone ko eh… ok n ung may ipad mini ako and then this nkoia515

  24. therealnfs says:

    kelan to rerelease khit ako nanawa nsa iphone ko eh… ok n ung may ipad mini ako and then this nokia515

  25. oneill says:

    nokia 515 is ok for me. after years of using android phone and apps, I am back with nokia provided it is bar type. lately android apps has lots of invasion of privacy, edit/delete usb, read sms/emails, sometimes autocalling! very annoying!

  26. platino says:

    January 2014 and I still have to see this phone on the shelves. I wonder what’s keeping Nokia from releasing this already?

    And to all the morons commenting about the lack of features on this phone, you are missing the point. The main reason for this phone existing is it’s lack of features.

    And to all those commenting that you can add a few hundred and get a low end Android? No, we’re not interested in shitty Android devices.

    I use a Nexus 5 for my Globe line, and an iPhone 4S for my Smart line. I want to get rid of one of my iPhone because I don’t need two smartphones.

    And I think it’s a pretty safe bet too that a lot of the people who are interested in this phone are those who want it for it’s simplicity, not because it’s all they can afford.

  27. BUKNOY says:


  28. Paul says:

    The phone looks good. Almost complete na sana yung features na gusto ko. This has a dual sim variant which is my priority if I would buy a new phone, then of course at least 5MP cam with flash. Sana may upgraded version nito in the future which includes a touch screen. I’m using a Nokia X3-02 (touch and type) which doesn’t have a flash on it’s 5MP cam. Sobrang bummer kasi ng walang flash sa low light conditions. Mahal naman kasi nung Nokia E6 na touch and type then hindi din dual sim plus its QWERTY which is a pain to use. Di ko din alam kung bakit I don’t like a full touch phone. Traditional keypad pa din talaga para no need to look when typing. Muscle memory lang kaylangan. Parang touch typing sa laptop. I will wait pa rin for a Nokia phone which would include the basic features that I want. DUAL SIM, 3G CAPABLE, TOUCH SCREEN with TRADITIONAL KEYPAD. But I just might give this phone a try. Touch screen lang naman kasi missing feature.

  29. enzo says:

    Phones these days are just getting way to complicated, imo. Maybe this is the step in right direction. What I hope to see in the very near future is a full qwerty keyboarded basic phone with (at least) a15 megapixel camera. That should make it more attractive :)

  30. metre9dmt says:

    nakakaasar na itong yugatech: lagi may feature ng item pero di naman nalabas sa pinas. ano ba yan?! i-confirm nyo muna kung lalabas na sa pinas ang phone na ito. :-(

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