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Nokia N9 video demo, first impressions

So now it’s clear why Nokia went for WP7 instead of Android — because they’re still banking on the Meego OS and the Nokia N9 is a testament that they can still kick ass.

The Nokia N9 is an impressive handset — both inside and out. The design is similar to what they did with the Nokia N8 but this time, there are no buttons on the screen. The AMOLED display is brilliant and the 3.9-inch glass somewhat curves towards the edge to give it a continuous feel.

The unibody is made up of polycarbonate which makes it light but tough at the same time. The material is already colored from production so it’s not just coated by inherent to the body (if you scratch it, the inherent color remains). You still feel that heft, probably due to the massive glass display and it’s relatively thin too — starts at 7.6 on the edges going to 12.1mm in the center.

The specs is the best one Nokia has pushed out their doors:

Nokia N9
3.9-inch AMOLED screen @ 854×480 pixels
ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 1.0 GHz
PowerVR SGX530
1024MB RAM
16GB and 64GB internal storage
Bluetooth 2.1
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3G/HSDPA 14.4Mbps
Near Field Communication (NFC)
8MP autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics (f/2.2 aperture)
720p HD video recording @ 30fps with stereo sound
2 x LED flash
2nd front-facing camera for video calls
1450mAh battery
Meego 1.2 Harmattan

The Meego 1.2 OS has been re-built to give it a fresh UI. I tried it on the N900 before and didn’t liked it very much. However, the Meego 1.2 OS on the Nokia N9 showed a whole lot of improvements. With the ARM Cortex-A8 processor and generous 1GB of internal RAM, the UI is very snappy and has a lot of tricks and nice, smooth transition effects up its sleeve.


In it’s true multi-tasking capability, you can switch between applications in a single swipe or load pages and pages on the browser at the background while doing something else. You can download thousands of apps and games straight from Ovi store and use them with the N9.

The Near Field Communication (NFC) works flawlessly when we tested it out with Nokia’s portable speakers and headsets (both have NFC support as well) so you ca use the technology right off the bat.

The handset comes in 3 colors — black, blue and pink. One thing that people might find as a bit of a disadvantage is that the 1450mAh Li-Ion battery is built-in and not user-replaceable, just like what they did with the N8.

Nokia has not specified the exact date nor the suggested retail price but promises the N9 will be out before end of the year. I’m guessing it will be the same SRP as the N90 when it first came out or probably near the 23k price of the N8.

Update: A Nokia rep indicated in one of the interviews after the event that the Nokia N9 will have a suggested retail price of $660 (Php29k) for the 16GB and $749 (Php33k) for the 64GB.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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119 Responses

  1. mahoro says:

    Wow that’s a nice phone :) looks kinda big pero pwede na :)

  2. knee loat says:

    sir youga i think your referring to n900 hindi yung n90… kasi ung n90 symbian and yung n900 yung meego device… paki update nalang nito kasi para sa mga babasa pa nito… =)

    anyways hats off sa N9… medjo nakakakilig xa…

  3. Zo says:

    Looks like a really yummy phone. (literally) haha!

    Kidding aside, if the price is close to what Yuga’s projecting i’d call this phone soundly competitive :) what a way to amp up the mobile arms race nokia!

  4. jonski22 says:

    but it has Nokia tune?

    i miss the old Nokia tune!!!

  5. Now just put in android with that design and it will be a bestseller. It is not easy to develop applications in Qt which is what you need to develop with this phone. :) If only Adobe would also include Meego in their Flex mobile target then that would be great.

  6. Nokia>> says:

    There are people who buy phones, because of their hardware, and I mean not just the specs, but the reliability of the phone to withstand the daily wear and tear. N9’s hardware is quite impressive, although it’s just made of polycarbonate material, still I’m impressed because it’s not coated.

    There are three things that I always consider when buying a phone: telephony (Nokia’s well-known for this), battery life, and hardware. So far, this phone has met the requirements. Plus, it runs on Meego which gives you the feeling that you’re using a different or unique device compared to the dominant iOS and Android phones.

    Well done Nokia! I know you’ve been written off, but still I have high hopes for you. ;-)

  7. Nonoy says:

    Great! But does the 8Mp autofocus have a camera pixels same with digi cams? I wonder if it can capture like that of SOny cybershot or Panasonic Lumix?

  8. justme says:

    I’m an n900 user. there’s not much apps available for maemo os. the phone lacks so much feature that are standards on other os/phone.

    i hope nokia will release an update soon and not leave us (maemo users) in the dark.

    i’m moving to an android os soon, primarily because of the applications i need the most at this moment is not available on maemo.

  9. Jeric says:

    they need to release it as soon as possible.. kasi if end of the year pa, im sure iphone 5 will come out, then probably htc, samsung, at SE meron namang new product that will make this one obsolete.. honestly i was waiting for a nokia wp7 but ang tagal, so i settled for the fruity phone muna while wala pa.. but still i want nokia to come back to the game.

  10. George says:

    Meron po ba tong web flash player? gaya ng n900 dati.

  11. Nokia>> says:

    From CNET Asia:

    Update: Colin Giles, Nokia’s Executive VP of Sales, has disclosed that the Nokia N9 will be retailing at US$660 (S$815) and US$749 (S$925) for the 16GB and 64GB models respectively. He revealed this information in a meeting with Malaysian journalists.

  12. Messie says:

    I’m betting that this is the make or break phone for the Meego platform. If this phone makes it good, then there will be high hopes on Nokia’s own OS, however, if this fails, then i’m guessing it will be goodbye Meego for Nokia.

    Having that in mind, then Nokia should shove everything it can onto it. Hindi na pwede iyung lumang style nila na limited and tingi-tingi features lang on the phone regardless if the phone can handle more than it currently has.

    Having more options will always benefit the consumers. Making the mobile OS industry into a two side battle (iOS vs Android) will limit it’s growth. The more players this industry has, the better products and services mobile costumers can expect. So, because of that, I’m hoping Nokia do well on this particular phone and the Meego platform.

  13. danz gonzales says:

    magpaparaffle ka po niyan? :))

  14. Wakocoke says:

    whatta sexy phone! sayang late sa party ang nokia with their meego pero i hope maging hit to para madaming choices ang mga consumers!

  15. OH NO says:

    Oh No! the front facing camera is lost? tsk tsk sayang wala tuloy support ng videocall… ganda pa naman sana!

  16. lawrence says:

    good comeback for nokia! atlast may 1ghz na phone na sila and its not the lame symbian.

    late na sa party ang phone na to, pero sa daming sleeping nokia fanboys, alam ko magigising sila. haha.. this has the potential to bring nokia back to the top. sana lang maupdate nila at lagyan na ng adobe flash. yun nga ang panglaban ng n900 dati. the apps, well kung maganda ang outcome susunod ang growth ng apps.

    maganda sana kung full focus ang nokia dito. sa android kasi sa sobrang dami ng oem, nagkakafragmentation. atleast sa nokia they have the ability to make the OS optimized for the hardware. And sana may midrange nito. I’m quite excited for this venture of nokia!!

  17. meyo says:

    late na to dapat las year pa to nilabas dual core na labanan ngayon… sayang to…,

    • Kurt says:

      Hindi guarantee ang Dual Core or Quad Core na maging super fast ang Phone me. No matter how many cores your mobile phone, always remember it is still a mobile phone and not a super computer.

      Even a super power personal computer with lots of core will just execute 1 processor at a time. Don’t get fooled of the Core promises. There has never been invented a personal computer that can execute simultaneous processor at a time.

      The Java Virtual Machine can emulate Multi-threading, but come on, processors will still execute one at a time.

      Lets look at the Dual Core Mobile Phone. Is the Mobile phone optimized to carry dual core processors? The answer is BIG NO. It is never a guarantee that your mobile phone can execute as twice a possible instructions at a time.

      Let us always remember that we are dealing with a mobile phone and this dual core promise is just a form of a deceit.

      The Nokia Engineers and Mobile Developers are brilliant and wise enough not to follow the Dual Core Mobile Phones, because this is a complete nonsense. The mobile phone can never and will never utilize 100% the dual core processors.

      It is good to be familiar with the Operating System, not just theoretical knowledge that is based on google or wikipedia. If you tried developing or have extensive knowledge with experience on system software development like developing an operating system, you will be amazed what people is talking about. Matching software with this out of this world specs of mobile phones.

      I respect the Finn Developers and Engineers because they developed mobiles phones as what mobile phones or smartphone should be. They are really developers and I salute them! A good operating system can run even in the most minimum hardware requirement! As much as the quality of developers today are degrading, I am glad the Finn keeps the best Developers and Engineers in the world!

    • Kevin says:

      I agree, after seeing video demos about the N9’s UI, it’s more fluid compared to some dual core android phones.

    • Jologs says:

      I third the motion. Very well counter argument. :)

    • Lankku says:

      Thank you! Akala ko lahat ng pinoy naloko na naman sa dual-core craze ng android. Educate yourself people! More is not always better. Try pinch and zoom sa N8 and SGS2 or sa Atrix. N8 is the winner hands down kasi may GPU. Better allocation of processing power! Can android swap in between screens with a video running on one screen while transitioning? HELL NO!

    • vox says:

      if they are so brilliant and smart why are they falling so behind on the smartphone category?your telling people that dual core phones are not running on such cores,who you fooling with?maybe the 3 of you who agreed or yourself die hard Nokia fan…you mean to tell me every one is fooling around even Intel when they say that they are promoting dual core processor on the PC cpu’s are not telling the truth?…then people should have complained that the dual core phone is not true,they should have sued HTC,SAMSUNG,LG and other manufacturer,but there’s none so it’s your dumb imagination that tell these Nokia fans that dual core is not true…fool yourself..who are you the geeks of all geeks to be the only one who knows this isn’t true? wake up you fool! Nokia is for people who can’t afford the expensive smartphone’s…maybe you haven’t had a dual core phone? i have mine and comparing it with my previous 1ghz phone it’s way too fast….and nokia..it’s like a caveman….

    • vox2 says:

      ganun? ok wala namang kokontra sayo kung saan ka masaya doon ka.

    • vox says:

      oh yeah i am…

    • marco says:

      He’s just implying that n9 lacking a dual core isn’t a deal breaker. And he’s not saying that dual cores are not true, but rather not using all cores at the same time, when you don’t use something, it becomes a waste(though i’m not saying he’s true, i actually know little about such geeky things.) And may i add that i personally think that dualcores are unnecessary for meego, based on what meego are supposed and can do(CURRENTLY at least).

      Maybe you noticed the increased performance of dual core because you are using android. Android has so much to improve on running everything fast on its 1ghz state, so it’s not easy to figure out why dual cores made so much sense to you.

      However, after seeing how fast this n9 runs on an aging cpu, i can’t even imagine why i even need a dual core(aside from my ‘desire’ of being up-to-date with the latest tech ;), or be it that nokia has given this beautiful piece of hardware a dual core, then how unimaginably fast it can be? Will it fly then? I mean literally., fly
      I don’t want to over expect about this though. Still some proof is needed if meego is not just ios/wp7 fast UI-wise. In running resource extensive applications at the same time, will it Lag?

      But God isn’t N9 beautiful? I will not be surprised if someone buy it based on looks alone. You know, the less geeky of people, they’ll surely love this!

    • lowiq says:

      ^^This and those who agrees with is a complete sense of idiocy. You probably never even bothered to push your anything and probably the only thing your doing on your computer and phone is reading some lousy letters and browsing thus youre fabricating ideals that multi-core doesn’t matter.

      You can swallow your arrogance about your so called knowledge in operating system and software. You’re saying that…..

      “Even a super power personal computer with lots of core will just execute 1 processor at a time. Don’t get fooled of the Core promises.”

      Fool.You’re saying that multi-cores are hoax and couldn’t promise anything? Multi-threading? Multi-threaded applications take advantage of multi-core processors by running multiple threads simultaneously. If you are running four threads simultaneously on a processor with four cores you get four times as much work done per time unit.

      Now lets go to your “dual core mobile are deceit” thing. Now I was wondering if you could answer my questions?

      1. Are these supposedly “benchmark apps” testing phones limitations all lies? Whats the point of writing them anyway when I could just create lies by myself?

      2. Are Google engineers not capable of bringing us an OS that could utilize two cores? The last time I saw someone trying to run Android Honeycomb on a single core, it never worked.

      Your biggest FAIL.

      “The Nokia Engineers and Mobile Developers are brilliant and wise enough not to follow the Dual Core Mobile Phones, because this is a complete nonsense. The mobile phone can never and will never utilize 100% the dual core processors.

      I respect the Finn Developers and Engineers because they developed mobiles phones as what mobile phones or smartphone should be. They are really developers and I salute them!”

      News: Nokia will run WinMobile on their next phone. Their engineers could never figure it how their fossil symbian will run on a newer market of dual cores…and heres a simple “brain meter” If they are smart and inoovative enough, let their plunging market shares prove it.

      You remind me of those folks who where laughing when Intel announced it will try to develop dual cores and quad cores in the future.

    • Lankku says:

      Hoy poota ka! Leche kang epal ka. Who even said the dual-core processing power in computers is not true? It just does not apply to crapdroid. If crapdroid were so ready to take advantage of the dual-core tech in its Linux wannabe OS on top of a Dalvik Virtual Machine, why o why does it limit its multitasking apps? Why o why does it take centuries to load the camera? Why o why does my SGS2 crash now and then? Leche! Sa mga epal saying Nokia is for those who can not afford to buy. Hello! Vertu! Eat that bitches! Qt is the future. Hail MeeGod!

    • Dual-Crazy says:

      Because they are dual freaks! nyahahaha! As long na may dual, “maganda at IN” na sa kanila! It simply doubles the price for nothing! Well dual cores are certainly the luxury phones for the Class D citizens! Tama ka Lankku, if talagang mga sosyal klaymer sila, bibili sila ng Vertu Cobra Signature! Para ma pasok sila sa Class A! nyahahaha! How pathetic and idiots those people who puts the smartphones on the same level as a desktop computer?! nyahahaha! Bili nalang kayo ng Mac Book, lagyan nyo ng sim card! nyahahahaha! Kurt explains it well but the dual-idiots and android-freaks simply don’t want to understand it!

    • Lankku says:

      Simple lang naman yan eh. Nakikita ang bilis ng takbo ng kotse sa pag papapaandar neto, hindi sa daldalan. Nalalaman kung me tulo kayo sa pagsusuri ng mga taong me kinalaman sa medisina. Sa cellphone? napakadali naman buksan ang mga to ant butingtingin para makita natin ang benchmarks.

      Its not hard to dissect these two and look whats inside. There are lots of ways to bench benchmark it. Show us something proving dual core versus single is nonsense in phones especially to the now popular phone “GAMING” area. Benchmarks please? For an average phone user (talk and text) naturally they wont notice any difference. But for those pushing their phones to its limits, it will make the difference.

      Vertu? Vertu Cobra Signature!? Kala ko usapan ng pamahalan to bakit barya barya ang mga sinsabi nyo? Nagyabang pa kayo eh mura naman.

      Stuart Hughes Diamond (ay pon) – 8 million
      Gold striker (ay pon) – 3.2 million

      Vertu Signature Cobra (pookia) – 310K

      sabi naman tong isa ring bobo…

      “How pathetic and idiots those people who puts the smartphones on the same level as a desktop computer?! nyahahaha! Bili nalang kayo ng Mac Book, lagyan nyo ng sim card! ”

      Meron ng ganyan. Ipad.

    • karl says:

      *dual core processors are tested using many software. hindi puro “satsat”!

      *and based from the tests conducted on dual cores, it runs extremely faster than a single core device; in browsing, gaming, video editing and others.

      Dual Core Processor’s Logic:
      -when you are downloading something from the net. it is using one core.
      -if you watch a movie, it will use the other core, its that simple!
      -i’m an engineer, i know these stuffs

      *also dual cores need software that optimize dual cores. as of now, few software are able to utilize a dual core mobile phone. but in the near future, more and more software will support dual core phones. this is inevitable, this is the future

      *but it all comes to user preference. if u r ok with a single core phone then go for it. if you like playing HD games or multitask frequently then dual core phones is better.

    • Lankku says:

      Hoy poota ka kang gaya-gayang siraulo kang baliw kag matha faka! Sino ba nagsabing Vertu is the most expensive? I was proving a point that Nokia is not just for those who cannot afford ‘expensive’ smartphones.

      Baliw kang siraulo kang bete noire! Imbecile!

      Flash news: HTC Sensation is in a grip–a death grip. Pati problema ginagaya ang iPhone. Somebody teach HTC the meaning of UNIBODY!

  18. Air21 says:

    Is that a front facing camera?

  19. tae says:

    dapat yun pinfeatured dito yun mga gadget na magiging available lang sa pinas. para kasing copy cat lang sa engadget.com yung news

  20. yuga says:

    @tae – the Nokia N9 will be available in the Philippines by end of 2011. Besides, YugaTech is here in Singapore covering the Nokia event , live.

    !Air21 – yes, it has a front-facing camera.

  21. papao6 says:

    grabe, parang gusto ko na ulit ng nokia… hahaha. ang astig niya… kailangan na mag ipon para dito…

  22. Carl95 says:

    hahaha right! Dual cores are overrated. It only makes the price double.

    Kudos Nokia! Nokia N9 is worth the wait! Though I love my Iphone and Blackberry, but this baby I can’t wait to be released!

    • Jologs says:

      I agree. It’s not about the number of cores, it’s about the actual performance.

      Dual cores may look good on paper but by watching the video, even with a single core, flawless ang performance.

      I am currently an iPhone owner but this is giving me second thoughts… Good job Nokia! Just give this a competetive app store, and 100% support sa updates, then I’m sold.

      Galing! Kudos to Nokia!

  23. checkmymike says:

    just saw the vids of the ui……android is way way advanced compared to meego…..but i have to give it to nokia for the outstanding construction design of the phone!…..haay, kung sana android na lang ang nakalagay sa phone, im sure it will be a bestseller!

    this phone will definitely sell, but this is not a phone that will bring nokia back to the top. it will just signify that nokia is not down and out. they should release this asap and not wait for the last quarter. iphone5 is coming and im sure big android oem’s will be coming out with new handsets to counter this.

    definitely not my next phone (but im dying for the design!

    • Kurt says:

      How certain are you that android is way too advanced? Is it based on what you read or is it based on your experience as a mobile software engineer and a system software engineer?

      Have you gone deep with the semantics of Android and Meego? Did you based it on Data Structure Analysis? Can you tell what type of OS are Android and Meego? Do you have a detailed feature list of Android and Meego? And please don’t include multi-touch as a feature, it is not.

      It takes more than the eyes can see. If you are basing your statement on the surface then please go deep. Your statement is an insult to the Linux Operating System and the mobile computing development community.

    • Lankku says:

      Poota! Obobs! Leche! Read bebe, sus bebe, wake up!

      Android is a Linux wannabe sitting on top of some Dalvik Virtual Machine. That explains why it is power hungry!

      Meego is pure Linux.

      Figure it out!

    • justin viudez says:

      why do people want to put android on everything?
      meego is way better in terms of build and optimization. lagay mo android mo sa n9 tingnan naten kung di mag lag yan. n9 is flawless as is.

  24. Wakman says:

    Nice phone. I wonder what would happen to Symbian^3? Will Nokia use Meego OS for their future phones?

  25. Momo says:

    As mouth-watering as this prospect seems, this is going to be a hard sell for Nokia. As a consumer, it will be difficult for me to purchase a phone with an OS that the manufacturer withdrew support from a few months before. Sure meego will still be around since it’s open source, but now that Nokia has decided to go on a different direction with their phones, I would be wary of purchasing a meego phone from them. The OS may be open, but the hardware drivers aren’t.

    • Lankku says:

      Dapat sa mga fan ng android pinapadala sa Manda ng mahimasmasan sa pagka-brainwash. Hoy poota, Nokia has a Meego Department. Why would Nokia bother maintaining such department if they were not to benefit from it. Even that Stephen Trojan Horse Elop said that Meego will be part of their future disruptions!

      When you buy the luscioussssss N9, it will have all the important apps installed. People buying android and ios for their apps is pure stupidity. Why do I care if those OSes have gazillions of apps when I barely use 100 of those? Huh?

      One more thing. The UX is pure refinement. Just swipe. If you need help in swiping, jusko, magpakamatay ka na lang pwede?

      Hello beautiful! Come to papa Lankku!

    • Jologs says:

      Uhm, iPhone user kse ako and seriously, I use A LOT of apps, kahet lang kwenta, hehehe. :)

      Anyway, eto lang talaga ang phone na nakakapagpaisip sakin na ipalit sa phone ko ngayon. I’m not easily impressed, pero eto, nakakapanglaway talaga. Ang galing! Sana bumaba yung price to below 25K in half a year. Hehehehe.

      Nokia, why oh why ngayon mo lang nilabas ang alas mo? Haaaay. <3 the N9!

    • Lankku says:

      700 USD daw ang 16 gb. Roughly 30k. Of course, the pricing might change.

    • jim lim says:

      to each his own. i have more than 120 apps on my jailbroken phone and i may not use them all everyday, may mga times naman na kailangan ko yun app. what’s the f*ck*n sense of getting a smart phone if you don’t use apps? better get a dumb phone you dum* a**. you are freaking annoying! noon ka pa eh. iniiba iba mo lang ang name mo pero ikaw pa din yun st*pid nokia fan na tira ng tira sa mga phones na hindi nokia. get over yourself a**hole, it’s just a freakin phone. lankku lankku ka pa, para lang masabi mo sa iba na “alam ko ang code nyan.” f*ck, it is N9 you stup!d piece of flying sh!t!

      you have no idea you f*ckin d!ck! annoying!

    • Lankku says:

      Come to papa Lankku!!! Elop, effing put this in shops right away!!!

    • kengkeru says:



    • karl says:

      *it has been confirmed that nokia will shift to Windows OS for their future phones. also, very few (or even none!) mobile phones use MEEGO OS. so even fewer developers will support MEEGO OS and that is very disturbing when thinking to buy this phone but NO future application support!

      *lets face it, android became successful because of the tons of applications available just like the iOS. and MEEGO seems to be a dead end (NOKIA CONFIRMED it. they will be using WINDOWS OS)

      *I don’t see the point on investing on an expensive device when the manufacturers themselves will not be investing on it!

      *think, read, be aware!

    • karl says:

      *you wanna know WHY NOKIA won’t shift to ANDROID OS???

      *it’s simple: PRIDE

      *they DON’T want to be looked upon as DEFEATED manufacturer (they incurred a LOSS in SALES in the past quarter)

      *because of their PRIDE, they are still striving in doing their own thing (SYMBIAN and MEEGO) even though their losing.

      *most (if not all) nokia mobile web stores in the UK are closing

  26. Lankku says:

    I just earmarked 40k for this beauty!

    Come to papa Lankku!!! Panting with tongue out.

    • Jim Lim says:

      say hello to one of the 21 people who will buy (kunyari bibili pero walang budget, hihintayin lang bumaba ang price) the N9 phone.

    • Lankku says:

      Come to papa Lankku!!! Everybody worship the MeeGod! Bow your heads lower iPoos and fandroids!

      This sh!t right here makes iOS and android look like Windows 95!

      Eat that suc kers!

  27. inots2pid says:

    ill buy this phone when it comes here sa pinas kung around 23k lang halos ka price lang ng N8 nung nirelease ganda ng specs :)

  28. Sinestro says:

    N9’s PROBLEM. Its not the hardware but the software. The phone runs on the latest iteration of MeeGo (even though it’s not mentioned anywhere on the promotional site), which Nokia developed as a response to Apple’s iPhone and the Android army. But the problem is MeeGo is obsolete already, even before the N9 goes on sale.
    The first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices are set to arrive later this year, while Symbian and Meego phones will be slowly abandoned over the coming months (or relegated to cheaper feature phones). It makes little sense to buy the N9, with an OS soon to be put to pastures, regardless of Nokia’s excellent craftsmanship when it comes to hardware. If you really want a latest Nokia phone that is worth your money, you are better off waiting until later this year for one of the Nokia models running in Windows 7. Its worth the waiting.

    • vox says:

      True!and f Microsoft improve the window Os then Nokia goes up to Dual Core then we have a competition …or it will be like Fail + Fail = Double Fail.

    • Lankku says:

      This is a work of art in Qt. Do I have to explain Qt to you?

      Fine. Qt is a geek thing that makes OS irrelevant to the application. It is the universal plug. Android. S3 S40 Maemo. After the N9 blows the market, WP7.

      There. Not buying this over some laggy dual-core crapdroid or some multi-pausing iOS is pure stupidity.

    • vox says:

      Qt ohhhh you mean,application framework….you are really a nokia fan they own this,well i’m not.theres alot of app framework out there,sad to say this is the only thing you know…idiot!… i bet you are one of those “i have this,but you don’t”‘i know this,but you don’t” type of prick,you are just “On Sale” buyer….sadly i don’t go out to buy when there’s a sale,there’s lot of people…pretend while you can!you are just a typical keyboard warrior with pea size brain.you dumb piece of shit.

    • Lankku says:

      Oh bete noire speaks like and American shit head!

      I admit I do go on on sale days. Sale sa LV, Bally, Adler, Porsche, Vertu,. You know, when the new collections come out. Sale days! Speaking of sale days. N9’s sale day is within a month.

      I’ll be on my Cayman off to IFC to get my N9 and fly to Amanpulo on my Keepall 55.

      I love sale days! Oh I have a lacoste bag. I’ll probably drop it in your house on my way back from vacation. Your welcome! How about crocs? iPoos perhaps?

    • Jim Lim says:

      What a loser! hahahaha Nokia’s No.1 fan strikes again. Gawd, i’m so glad i dropped Nokia. This Lankku d!ck, a universal trying hard, is pretending that he knows a lot about everything. I won’t even call you a “DORK” as this will be an insult to the geek community. Wannabe? Maybe?

      In other news, Meego, is dead even before it arrives. Symbian, is now in your history book. Go Android or iOS. Sayang ang WP7 dahil walang masyadong apps, but looks really nice.

    • vox says:

      like mr lim sez….loooooosssssssseeeeeerrrrrrrr.

    • vox says:

      End of Story.Sore loser,Exposed and Owned!….lol u.

  29. wacko says:

    ill buy this phone for sure, yes nokia

  30. Lankku says:

    Nokia N9 will be available within a month according to Forbes.

    Source: http://blogs.forbes.com/parmyolson/2011/06/21/hands-on-with-nokias-all-screen-meego-phone-the-n9/2/

    Control+F na lang ang month.

  31. weh says:

    nadala nako because of nokia n900. i promise di na ko bibili ng nokia products. puro lang sila promises, they even promise us to upgrade adobe flash but til now wala parin, abandoned na ang device. baka mangyari din sa n9, baka konti lang availbale apps. pero pag makita ko maraming apps, bibili ako neto.

  32. Lankku says:

    This is a work of art in Qt. Qt is a geek thing that makes OS irrelevant to the application. It is the universal plug. Android, S^3, S40, Maemo, Meego and after the N9 blows the market, WP7.

    There. Not buying this over some laggy dual-core crapdroid or some multi-pausing iOS is pure stupidity.

    • sink says:

      yup…you could at least salvage what remains from a sinking ship…

      Nokia market share slips to lowest in 14 years


    • vox says:

      NEWS : Nokia is dead. Shareholders are just waiting for an undertaker. The world’s largest handset company has one asset. Nokia sold 25% of the global total of 428 million units sold in the first quarter. Its problem is that in the industry the company is viewed as a falling knife. Its market share in the same quarter of 2010 was nearly 31%. The arguments that Nokia will not stay independent are numerous. It has a very modest presence in the rapidly growing smartphone industry which is dominated by Apple, Research In Motion’s Blackberry, HTC, and Samsung. Nokia runs the outdated Symbian operating system and is in the process of changing to Microsoft’s Windows mobile OS, which has a tiny share of the market.

      Nokia would be an attractive takeover target to a large extent because the cost to “buy” 25% of the global handset market would only be $22 billion based on Nokia’s current market cap. Obviously, a buyer would need to pay a premium, but even $30 billion is within reach of several companies. Potential buyers would start with HTC, the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world. Its sales have doubled in both the last quarter and the last year. HTC will sell as many as 80 million handsets in 2011. The Taiwan-based company’s challenge would be whether it could finance such a large deal. The other three likely bidders do not have that problem. Microsoft, which is Nokia’s primary software partner, could easily buy the company and is often mentioned as a suitor. The world’s largest software company recently moved further into the telecom industry though its purchase of VoIP giant Skype, which has 170 million active customers. Two other large firms have many reasons to buy Nokia. Samsung, part of one of the largest conglomerates in Korea, has publicly set a goal to be the No.1 handset company in the world by 2014. The parent company is the largest in South Korea with revenue in 2010 of $134 billion. A buyout of Nokia would launch Samsung into the position as the world’s handset leader. LG Electronics, the 7th largest company in South Korea, with sales of $48 billion, is by most measures the third largest smartphone company. It has the scale and balance sheet to takeover Nokia. The only question about the Finland-based company is whether a buyer would maintain the Microsoft relationship or change to the popular Android OS to power Nokia phones.

  33. piolo says:

    parang makapal na para sa akin yung 12mm

  34. hey says:

    This is Nokia’s saving grace! Welcome back Nokia to the business :))

  35. JM says:

    Wow! PowerVR SGX530?? Samsung Wave is much powerful than this graphically.

  36. Justin says:

    Though N9 is just 8mp unlike the N8, but it now holds as the “World’s Fastest Camera Phone”

    “The Nokia N9 has the fastest camera on any phone – from launch to focus to capture. It’s even faster than one of best point-n-shoot cameras out there, the Canon Powershot S95!”

    For full details, visit the links below:



  37. Carl95 says:

    Definitely buying this baby! It is now the “World’s Fastest Camera Phone”!

    This is from nokia blog:

    “The Nokia N9 has the fastest camera on any phone – from launch to focus to capture. It’s even faster than one of best point-n-shoot cameras out there, the Canon Powershot S95!

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned on the interview was the wide-open F/2.2 lens on the Nokia N9. It’s the largest aperture on any mobile phone as far as I’m aware (let me know if you can find one with wider aperture). That means it should perform well in low-light conditions. In comparison, the Nokia N8 has F/2.8 and the Nokia N86 with F/2.4. The lower aperture number allows more light to reach the image sensor. Nokia’s imaging expert Damian Dinning can explain this better and I believe he has a post coming up soon at Nokia Conversations.

    I’m geeking out on the Nokia N9′s camera. Are the photography lovers excited over this device?”

    • not Nokia fan says:

      No….it’s a cheap phone.out of date specs no way.I have DSLR and Dual core Phone…not in my dreams ever.

    • Bokia says:

      Do you think photography enthusiasts would buy this piece of cheap junk because it claims to be even faster than Canon SG95 and Lumix LX5? Have you even attempted to compare it in terms of image quality? Image quality over speed.

      Nokia’s claim on camera speed is misleading, a desperate marketing act. Two words = garbage image sensors. Simple math result = garbage image quality. A cheaper SE Cybershot phone would even beat them out. I didn’t even know Nokia has Carl Zeiss until they claimed they have it. Why would I even bother about its lens when they cant even provide a better image sensor than its competitors? And yes, everyone has 1080 full HD these days. Why would I want a 720?

    • iphoneuser says:

      Nokia has garbage image sensor? Where did you get that information? Are you aware that there is a Nokia N8? You can say that there are issues with this phone but no one can deny that the N8 is the best camera phone out there. It even beats your Sony’s digicam in a blind test from GSMarena. I find it amusing that some people here are just plain ignorant.

    • slglory says:

      It isnt an ignorant claim honestly. :) Just to pinch in some info:

      Sensor Sizes:

      Nokia N8 – 1/1.9″
      Sony Ericsson Satio – 1/2.5″ (2009)
      Samsung Pixon12 – 1/2.5″ (2009)
      Nokia N86 8MP – 1/2.5″
      Sony Ericsson Vivaz – 1/3.2″

      Links could be found below. (In my reply to turboglendz)

      Plus a close comparison to the older SE phone Satio (2009). I dont want to be repetitive since Yugas site is considering me now as “spam” :) hahaha.

      The GSM arena blind test was a biased one. Again my rebutal could be found below. Satio was missing in their comparisson test for a lot of excuse they sited.

      Pushing Nokia to do better phones, better OS and stop this absurd “better than a digicam claims” wont hurt them. They should start focusing on both aspects, hardware and software.

  38. checkmymike says:

    epic fail!

  39. EspayderMan says:

    It doesn’t make sense launching this phone when Nokia will shift to WP7 unless they plan on making more phones that runs on Meego.

  40. damo says:

    help me decide pls..planning to buy a phone..
    pero na.lilito ako..iphone 4/5/4s or nokia n9?
    may ipad na ako madaming apps kaso nd ko naman
    masyado ginagamit.minsan nkakatamad na…should i go for nokia n9.?
    or iphone with the upcoming iOS 5?
    thanks in advance.. :D

    • No-Nokia says:

      Its nothing but a dismal phone that will run on a dead end OS. Nokia already confirmed they will abandon Meego running on this “beard shaver” looking junk piece…


      Nokia have confirmed plans to lay off 1,400 jobs in its main office in Finland mainly to make way for a WP. This will leave the doubts on N9s future development…


      QT environment will be ruled out. Nokia claimed this phone would be a testbed for WP7, (WTF?)whats the point QT applications when you cant allow them to migrate to WP? Are you willing to own a “lab rat, test-bed” phone? Nokia is even unsure whether there would be further development for N9.

      “In Elop’s (Nokia CEO) words, there is no returning to MeeGo, even if the N9 turns out to be a hit.”

      “N9′s strange release is actually a deliberate move by Microsoft-via-Nokia to torpedo the prospects of MeeGo”

      Do yourself a favor and get yourself a phone with a well developed background. I wouldn’t recommend you any, all I want is for you to completely avoid this device.

    • damo says:

      thank you for your opinion/advice..
      I’m still at a “road” with two paths..
      one going to the iphone the other going to nokia n9…haha.. :D
      God bless us all!

  41. turboglendz says:

    To all Nokia haters out there, please give credit where it is due. GSMarena and Engadget has nothing but praises for this phone. And the one saying that SE phones have better image sensors than Nokia? Can you please provide the source of that nonsense? There was even a blind test in GSMarena where the N8 beat a dedicated digicam – a Sony Cybershot. I personally did not like the 5800 but Nokia is learning from its mistakes.

    • slglory says:

      Critics of Nokia are not haters, they are even the ones urging them to innovate and move up against the competition. The N9 is a doubtful release on brink of WP-Nokia thing. I owned a dozen of Nokia phone, but went disappointed when Nokia seemed stop innovating itself. It started with the N80.



      For your query “the source of this nonsense” is this :)

      N8 Sensor size = 1/1.9″


      SE have been shipping 1/2.5″ on 2009. Some Nokia claims on their brochures that I saw was way above the roof in my opinion.

      SE have Satio (2009). Compared with N8 (2010)


      Not bad for a phone a year older than them. :)

      You are referring to the Blind test are you?

      Lets put the the credibility of it this way. Why did they choose to compare it to a 10 megapixel younger camera. They didn’t site any reason for that except for their excuse…

      “Since the Sony HX5v is a 10 megapixel camera, we’ve downsized all images to 10 megapixels just for this test.”

      Why not test it with a 12MP Sony one? Downsizing was an excuse. And for a 200 dollar camera it HX5 isnt bad. It can shoot wide angle (25 mm lens), it can do panorama seamlessly, 1080i AVCHD Movie, full HD, HDMI, DVD compatible, MP4, HDR, ISO 3200, antimotion blur on handheld etc….etc. surprisingly those features seems to be buried by the review.

      Also their long reason on page 2 on why they didn’t include SE Satio (2009 phone) on the test is eyebrow raising. Yet they compare they have done a review between Satio (2009 phone) and Pixion12 (2009 phone):

      “Plus, if you’ve read our Satio vs. Pixon12 shootout, you’d know that the Pixon12 is at least as good as or even better shooter than the Satio.”


      Satio scored 11 and and Pixion scored 9 on their review. Plus both were released 2009 a year behind Nokia. It leads me with doubts: Was it a paid review?

    • b0tczp says:

      Goodness gracious slglory. I’m not Nokia fan. You’re just 2 f*ckin stupid to understand how digital cameras work.

    • sloman says:

      to slglory,

      Ang talino mo. Obviously SE ang phone mo. SE ang basura. Ang papanget ng SE phones. Walang kwenta.

  42. russ says:

    this is my next phone, the Blue one..im so AWED!! video pa lng ah..haha

  43. It’s just a phone. Get a life, people.

  44. FrostyM says:

    Who said this smart phone is useless and it can beat by SGS2. no wonder why these people doesn’t know Nokia. the specs of Nokia N9 is delicious it has a 1GHz. TI OMAP3630 CPU matched with PowerVRSGX530 GPU and 1GB of RAM, powers the platform. On the back, there is an 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss wide-angly auto-focus camera capable of capturing 720p videos. not just 720p look at the quality of the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZCOn_1KdF0&feature=player_embedded it’s like 1080p recording! this is insane! and watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJxj_GhZ3Js the camera UI. is Perfect!

  45. FrostyM says:

    If Nokia N9 will release soon! i will buy it for sure! keep going Nokia!

    I’m not fanboy i just want to buy a smartphone that i choose. best quality and best performance.

  46. maecel says:

    hi, just wanna know ,when the nokia n9 release in philippines? how much ?

  47. jas says:

    why does this phone have no micro sd slot? Dang!

  48. superboink16 says:

    it doesn’t have a radio too.

  49. hater! says:

    and has only 8mp!

  50. rainbow_brite says:

    and it doesn’t come in ‘menstrual red’ or ‘phlegm yellow-green-grey spot’ color. :(

  51. jaja,,,,,, says:

    how mmuch is nokia n9?

  52. sgt rave says:

    1gb ram 1gb power whew 100 apps running at the same time whew whew whew…

    pricey hahaha
    still dunno what to buy

  53. Edivaldo says:

    where i can buy in the philippines??

  54. Zeus says:

    finally appearing on nokia philippines

    release date not yet announced.

  55. laine says:

    haha ang pinapangarap kong phone n9 hehe

  56. Kathy says:

    Gotta have this for Christmas. ;D

  57. ronald says:

    I bought mine yesterday in sm city annex bldg. I got the white 64GB for P27,700.

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