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Of course Android would surpass Symbian…

Reports came in that in the 4th quarter of 2010, Google’s Android mobile operating system surpassed that of Nokia’s Symbian in terms of smartphone shipments worldwide. I think there wasn’t any doubt this would eventually happen.

Smartphones with Android OS shipped a total of 32.9 million during the last quarter of 2010 while Symbian-powered smartphones only accounted for 31 million.


I think there wasn’t any doubt that Android would eventually exceed the number of installs on smartphones compared to Symbian. Symbian is only being shipped with Nokia hardware and no other devices (Samsung & Sony-Ericsson abandoned the OS in favor of Android) while Google’s Android is being used by a huge number of handset manufacturers — from Motorola, SE, LG, Dell, Samsung up to the less known players like ZTE, Huawei and the likes.

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37 Responses

  1. i want an android phone :D

  2. iPimp says:

    The real question is: What is the value of market share?

  3. Teknisyan says:

    haha… I really don’t get it… it’s obvious that Android will surpass Symbian and even iOS.

    Android OS is used by HTC, Samsung, LG and more
    Symbian used by Nokia Phones only
    iOS used by Apple products only
    BB OS by BlackBerry only
    webOs by Palm/HP Only unless of course HP create a handset for either android or WP7.

    So it’s gonna happen but the only question is when? I wonder how’s Windows Phone 7 OS is doing?

  4. john says:


    windows phone 7 (HD7) is doing well in my hand. LOL..

    btw, i used to be a symbian and android users.. but when i tried WP7, it is just superb.
    you can see some testimonials of android owners that switch to WP7 here are xda:


  5. JunAlquis says:

    this year will be the last chance symbian makes a comeback if they fail then they will fall hard bringing Nokia with them.

  6. NemOry says:

    No wonder, mga nokia phones kahit nka Symbian^3 diba laggy?compared sa mga androids. . .at talagang pinaka maganda ang interface ng android super. . .in my opinion symbian is good for non touch screen phone only.

  7. cutemoboy says:

    MEEGO will be the last weapon of Nokia.. if all else fails… they should embrace Android & WP7 to Survive!

  8. mr. bogus says:

    i agree to cutemoboy.. but wp7???????… nothing to prove yet..

  9. nameless says:

    I still want the interface of WM 6.1.. period!

  10. Robin says:

    The other problem for Nokia is that they had to drop the prices of their Symbian products to compete with low cost Androids. They actually sold more phones than the previous year, but with lower profit margins. Today, you have Symbian smartphones priced as low as 6K and their flagship product is at 22K or so.

    Nokia would like a larger margin on their phones. They do spend money building their OS. Manufacturers of Google Android devices get the OS for free (though many customize the interface).

    For the consumer all this is good. Nokia would like a larger profit margin on its products and a hoping that MeeGo can do this for them.

  11. kannuchi says:

    The real news is if there will be vendors or manufacturers that will surpass the great Nokia!

    Nokia can anytime choose its own OS if Symbian won’t work for smartphones. If it will choose Android, that will be the end of the day for Sammy or HTC, and even Apple.

    MeeGo will still be tested on its release. If it won’t work too, then Android or WP7 will be the last answer for them.

  12. Messie says:

    I used to have a windows phone. Not impressed, so I switch. Before that, I have symbian on my p990. At that time it was doing well, with plenty of apps to offer. But now, wala na, naiwan na ang Symbian.

    Windows mobile should step up their game, otherwise, matatabunan na rin ang OS nito.

    MEEGO sounds good, but I’ll rather wait for quite some time before trying it. Maybe it will do an Android (from zero to hero) or maybe not, it will depend really on the developers.

    IOS is well, Apple. Through good and bad, there will always be people who will follow it. It doesn’t give a damn either on what rank it is. Apple made both the OS and the unit running it, so yeah, all profit goes to them.

  13. john says:

    I think, nokia should go to WP7.

    its the best OS out there.. (well its winning in the PCMag poll, LOL)


    sa mga nagsasabi na walang pang naproprove ang WP7, na try nyo na ba talaga? haha.

  14. john says:

    Dont go for android, someday people will realize na pinagandang windows mobile 6.5 lang and android… with more apps, and better UI.

  15. Jazon says:

    “Dont go for android, someday people will realize na pinagandang windows mobile 6.5 lang and android… with more apps, and better UI.”

  16. It shows that challenge was there to always improve the products to go with change. http://ritratos.blogspot.com/

  17. realjarley says:

    Android based smartphones will surely lead the way. Just wait for the release of the dual core smartphones, and many will shift to android..


  18. Herce says:

    Symbian is dead and its puzzling to me why anyone with sense is buying an N8 or any high end Symbian phone still. Nokia *themselves* told you Symbian is dead and you are still dumb enough to buy a high end Symbian phone? Like Apple buyers, nothing but sheep, but it boggles my mind sometimes.

    Nokia is in a coma till they can get Meego out the door. The next hurdle for Android, is to take the #1 spot overall. This is tough because the dumb phone/low end consumer still sees Android as too complex. Its going to take the new wave of companies like Cherry to make that happen.

    Not that I want to see that happen, Android is a misnomer. An OS that touts openness (and is open) but then uses all kinds of tricks to rape your data and privacy almost as bad as Apple does (of course no one is worse than Apple). I wish HP would take WebOS open and free and get other handset makers on board.

    I’m still waiting for Meego though. I wouldn’t count Nokia out yet. I’ve been running Meego builds on a x86 tablet and it has potential, depending if they can line up developers. To the guy who says Nokia should be using WP7 – huh? They already told everyone almost 2 years ago that Meego is the future for Nokia.

  19. kannuchi says:


    You are mistaken that Symbian is dead. It is just demoted to mid- to low- end range of devices, because it will give way for a high-end OS, such as MeeGo. This is because it failed to keep Samsung and SonyE to create handsets with this OS.

    Symbian hasn’t revealed yet its updated UI to showcase fluidity up against Bada or Android. This is to prevent MeeGo’s momentum. Those are just Nokia’s marketing tactics that a few good observers realize.

    And for Android, job well done, and rejoice for this moment until hackers and developers realize it is not as powerful as MeeGo since it only runs as a UI platform over a Linux OS forever.

  20. markem says:

    my next phone should be android.. cant wait that day.. :)

  21. tom says:

    hindi ko ma gets kung bakit ang ibang pilipino na kikisabay na rin sa “symbian is aging”, “symbian sucks!” na yan sa america lang nman ang mga nagrereklamo niyan.

  22. someone says:

    for non-touchscreen phones, symbian parin. Though, wala ng “high end” phone na non-touchscreen except those from Blackberry.

  23. supernaut says:

    went to mobile expo here in bangkok last night.may smartphone na rin pala acer and some of them have android os.

  24. adam says:

    I wonder why nokia is still utilizing symbian OS despite the fact that other brands are shifting to android. Just want to share that china base tablet pc has a dual core on it. Ipad China Dual Core though I’m not sure of its quality.

  25. turds says:

    I see lots of bandwagoners here.

    Palaging role model ang US. Lol.

  26. marco says:

    @turds, tom and kannuchi

    haha, so agree. For a market which have been penetrated by symbian for so long, it’s hard to understand how some people still think that symbian pales in comparison to android and IOS.

    Let me refresh your minds

    Android, is capable of installing apps only on internal memory until froyo. Android will not get a gpu-assisted hardware acceleration till honeycomb. IOS, even on its 4th iteration, still lacks real multitasking and flash support, and many other things i dare not list it may take me forever. Whereas, symbian does all this features even on it’s first symbian^3 release. In terms of real features, and not some other menial farts, symbian is still far ahead of what android and ios can presently offer, combined. And please, stop claiming symbian is dead. What’s on with nokia still pushing updates to symbian^3 devices then? A way to burn money investing on R&D for a platform that will never payoff? Fortunately no. In fact, the first 1.1 update is now available to c7 users. Symbian will be dead only when nokia stopped supporting it. Given that symbian accounts for almost all of nokia’s smartphone market share, abandoning the OS is like committing a suicide, nothing as bad as angry and disappointed customers that swears vengeance through boycott. Even worse than “peeing on your pants for warmth”(translates: using android).

    To make things better, why not explain reasonably why symbian sucks rather than make an exact copy of your favorite american troll’s post? If you really insists on trolling, why not be more original than being a complete copycat? Just be sure you know the difference between UI and OS before you even embark on your rant to avoid further embarrassment.

  27. NemOry says:

    @HERCE ang nokia mag gagamit na ng WP7 OS. . .. Check their next Cellphone units .

  28. kannuchi says:

    Samsung left Symbian for Android. Why? They are after for earning and sales so they have to go with the bandwagon. They also have to beat Nokia on its top position.

    But haven’t anyone asked why didn’t Nokia grab a slice of Android for the past 2 years? It is because Nokia is intelligent enough to innovate with its OS and utilize its R&D machineries, bigger than Apple or Sammy. Android is attractive, but functionalities are lacking, just like iOS which I am currently using. Have been trying Galaxy S and iPhone 4 these days, and the UI are inevitably tempting. But Nokia has its last step to beat these guys, UI Improvement that is too easy for them to redesign if the core OS is already powerful, and this is what Nokia is excited to reveal about.

    It just so happen that Nokia faced internal issues last year, so there were lots of delays, but I guess Nokia can catch up on this. Wait and see next week for what Nokia will be revealing.

  29. john doe says:

    nokia still rules on dumbphones

  30. marco says:

    Exactly, unlike nokia, they don’t have a long term interest on symbian. When symbian stopped having a good hold on people’s fantasies because of the growing popularity of android, other manufacturers halted on supporting the platform for they are not that well bonded with the symbian foundation to still continue being on their side even when android serve their needs best by giving them more freedom on customization part. That includes android’s high requirements. Manufacturer like samsung cannot use their advanced chipsets on symbian, not that it can’t be supported but rather, symbian isn’t just built to be a resource hog like android. Also, a good point worth mentioning is symbian’s poor optimization of touch controls to navigate the UI. It’s one of the major reasons why it sank on popularity in contrast with android that’s built from base to top to run on touchscreen.

    On the other hand, Nokia knows that if they succeed on creating their own ecosystem like apple had with their IOS, it will be a long term benefit for their company. They are not interested on being just a hardware manufacturer and an android slave. They yearn the best of both worlds, earning on the software as well on the hardware part. As a result, people will start looking for a nokia phone not just because of their hardware but because of the OS that can only be found on their products. When you are looking for an android phone, you have to choose among htc, sammy, se, motorola etc, whereas a symbian/meego phone can only be found on nokia as ios can only be found on apple iphone. See the difference? In fact, even samsung shows interest on having their own ecosystem, remember BADA OS? I can list many advantages a system that’s controlled by a hardware manufacturer brings, but i dare not for this post is getting longer.

    Nokia’s strategy is not that hard to understand. However, only time will tell if it will succeed. With the amazing possibilities that QT, being a common denominator between symbian and meego, offers to developers and end users, it’s not hard to assume that the future for nokia is brighter than those of whom who jumped on android’s bandwagon.

    Nokia is not yet fighting for survival. Nokia is a big company, they still sell more phones than any other manufacturer. A year long lag from failing to deliver a true flagship device does not necessarily call for desperate measures. Especially if we’re going to assume that the lag is not a lag at all but rather a year-long hard work by nokia’s R&D division.

    All these discussions are making me more excited for MWC. :D

    If n9 will not be announced, i might buy an xperia arc instead. See? I’m not a symbian fanboy(before any speculation occurs) I just need a high-end phone badly! And there’s no high-end phone on symbian or even nokia’s portfolio so far.

  31. turds says:

    nemory, no offence pero basa basa ka muna bago maniwala sa mga pinagsasabi ng mga taga america. Cliffhanger yung statement ni Elop. Kaya kung ano anong interpretasyon ang lumabas.

    May pagka anti-Nokia po ang mga US blogs at media. Ewan na lang kung tutularan na ni yuga ang Engadget at Gizmodo.

    P.s. Americans are slave to telcos. Hehe.

  32. Ton says:

    The OS shift comes from shift of use. Symbian, IMHO, just cant deliver a rich enough web experience that Android, iOS (or even bada) delivers. Take it side by side, and use a “can your phone do this” test, and I’m certain the result wouldn’t shock anybody.

    That being said, I use two phones now. My e72 for hardcore business communication…and that’s because I know this thing will do its job for years to come.

    And then I use my Optimus One for my personal line…and that’s because its fun, fast, and it can do a ton of things the other one cant.

  33. marco says:

    @tom You know, i’ve been using an operamobile browser eversince. Just for the reason that it is more usable and, i have to admit, just for occasional tricks for free internet. But i agree that the default browser is a pain to use. That’s basically where symbian suffers: USABILITY.

    Perhaps because it’s unoptimized for touch screen phones. Perhaps avkon and C++ is too damn hard to develop for(? no i’m not a developer, so i can’t be that sure ) That’s where my hopes for QT comes from. The recent nokia bubble app is a proof that you can have buttery smooth experience on symbian too.

    As for android doing something symbian can’t – well, that can’t be true. Maybe you’re talking about apps, and not the core OS? Application serves as functionality extensions. Can’t blame you for thinking that way though, there are indeed hundred thousands of apps for android when ovi store can’t barely reach half of what market offers. That surely counts big time for modern smartphone users. For that matter, i agree with you once more.

    Well at least you’re not clueless on what you’re talking about. Unlike the one who call those who buy symbian dumb.

  34. marco says:

    oh your name’s ‘TON’, sorry…

  35. oval says:

    Kudos to Marco for his technical knowledge. Great job! Hang-on here from time to time para naman matauhan yung mga nagkukunwari dyan:D
    @ Turds. It so true that Nokia are getting hammered by the crap American bloggers. iOS and Android are just shiny UI but feature for feature they can’t beat Symbian. Let’s wait sometime in summer when new Symbian UI comes out. They are slaved by the operators here (ssshhh they don’t know it so they are raped too)

  36. viperkid says:

    hi sir yuga! i think it’s also time worthy blogging this:


    in gist (talking of d above link): symbian still the no. 1 smartphone OS worldwide in 2010

    Symbian = 37.6%
    Android = 22.7%
    RIM = 16%
    iOS = 15.7%
    Microsoft = 4.2%
    Other OSs = 3.8%

  37. therohan says:

    This is going to be a great partnership. The world’s leading phone manufacturer with an awesome OS. It will get better and better. Just look at iOS. When it was released it was laughable and now it is rockin. What is the point of being so disappointed? Just give it some time and we will definitely see success.

    I think Nokia has the license to customize WP7 now, which is a good thing. Actually, they claim they’ll be working in partnership with MS to that purpose. So, I’m already assuming that the WP7 OS we’ll find on Nokia phones will be to some degree different (albait compatible, I really hope) from the one on other hardware producers.

    I also think it will be quite likely we’ll see other features I can’t really understand why are currently missing in WP7, such as thetering and Sync with Outlook.
    In other words, I think this degree of exclusivity may be enough to generate that uniqueness that is indeed needed to compete against the iPhone.
    Look What Windows Phone Engineering offer ideas on building the next great mobile software developer opportunity: http://www.forum.nokia.com/nokia-microsoft.xhtml

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