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Sony-Ericsson W995 Review

The Sony-Ericsson W995 is somewhat a cross between the phone manufacturer’s Cybershot series and Walkman series handsets. As such, it brings along a number of characteristics common to both.

This slider phone has great build quality with a combination of steel and plastic casing in brushed metal finish. It has a dedicated key for the camera on the right side along with zoom in and out buttons. Beside it are additional keys dedicated for music playback. At the back is a flip-stand so you can place the phone down in an upright position.

The W995 has a built-in 8.1-megapixel autofocus camera with a resolution of 3264×2448 pixels, an image stabilizer, face detection, geo-tagging and an LED flash. It can record video with a quality of WQVGA at 30 frames per second and a secondary camera in the front for video calls. Photo quality is superb and shots are nice and clear even under low light conditions.


The display screen is 2.6 inches in diagonal width (240×320 pixels) that comes with an accelerometer so it can automatically re-orient display when rotated horizontally.

For connectivity, the W995 has everything you will need – from WiFi 802.11 b/g, to 3G (HSDPA speeds of up to 7.2Mbps), Bluetooth and GPS with AGPS support. And though the 118MB internal memory is a bit small, it comes with an 8GB memory stick micro out of the box.

se w995

Like most Sony-Ericsson Walkman series, the W995 outputs great music quality with a good range and loud volume coming from speakers situated at the top and bottom corners of the unit. The flip stand at the back allows you to position the phone at an angle so you can put at down while viewing videos or playing music. The phone also has a 3.5mm jack so you can use just about any headphones with it.

The 8-megapixel camera is quite capable. Took a couple of shots and got these:

Video recording is not impressive and is only QVGA quality. I was expecting more but this one’s a little disappointing in the video department. See sample recording below:

A built-in feature of the W995 is the wireless presenter function that’s installed/enabled when you first connect to your laptop via Bluetooth. This allows you to control the mouse and the desktop as well as the media player or presentation software (Powerpoint).

The Sony-Ericsson W995 is available in three colors – black, silver and red – and retails for Php26,800. It had a limited promo price of just Php21,450 which ended last September 30.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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36 Responses

  1. DhaBhoss16 says:

    Wow, even YugaTech’s invaded by “FIRST!!!!1!!1!!!” internet guys. Sheesh.

    Anyway, back to topic, I think it’s a great phone in terms of specs. It’s a great music phone and an 8MP camera to boot. I just wish I have the money to spend on this little baby. =)

  2. Pip says:

    Cybershot meets Walkman. Cool. SE could have created much hype about this phone.

  3. Onynz says:

    This looks like W595’s older brother, SE is starting to be like nokia in terms of their phones external design…

    can’t they get more innovative…

  4. Pusang Kulog says:

    For the price of Php26,800, the video capabilities of this unit should have been better…

  5. Calvin says:

    nice all-around smartphone but i’d wait for the price to drop. the 21k price point is the right one for me.

  6. bertsan531 says:

    its expensive…oh theres your shi tzu again mr.yuga hope this time he didn’t fell on that bench again hehehe

  7. carl says:

    too expensive for a “yet another phone”. i’ll pass on this one.

  8. whoa.. 8.1 meg camera? Very nice! ganda ng picture quality.

  9. pabs says:

    Good phone but as usual , a boring design…

  10. Ive got to admit I didn’t like the “LED” part(as oppose to other se phones with real flash) in this phone’s 8.1 megapixel camera. But judging from your shots sir yuga, this phone’s photo capability is good. How about a night shot yuga? =D

  11. cris says:

    @ carloblogg:
    If they put a Xenon flash on that thing, then they would kill the SE C905, which is their flagship cybershot phone at the moment.

  12. Reuben says:

    Looks like a Nokia N95 at first glance on the third picture.

  13. Zen says:

    my dream phone. should’ve been released way back. been waiting for it but it came late. just bought W902. how I wish for that phone. picture is good but the video is 1 step lower. I’m happy with my current cell phone. wishing for the 26k to go way down….. hahaha

  14. Jhay says:

    That’s the thing with SE Cyber-shot phones, they generate really good-quality pictures from such a small package, but they churn out low-quality videos.

  15. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    sooo late review i had his phone 4 2 months ago na hehe…. yuga update update update..

    oh u know na ba 14,000+ lng ung bago na blackberry from globe

    7999 lang ung modu phone

    available na ung omnia hd 30 000

    dami na namimiss ni yuga… yuga plsss I LOVE UR SITE PLSS UPDATE IT

  16. yuga says:

    @Marvin – I got the phone 2 months ago but because I had a lot of other gadgets to review, this came in late.

    Btw, I also covered the modu phone, the BB Curve 8520 and the Omnia HD. Just use the search feature to read them. Thanks!

  17. clyde says:

    @calvin – it is not a “smartphone” it is but a feature phone with smart features…

    @yuga – is there any hint from any of our local telcos if they are going to bring the palm pre to our shores? i’ve been dying for it to be released here…

  18. yuga says:

    @clyde – there’s a very faint hint that Globe is bringing the Palm Pre to the Philippines.

  19. clyde says:

    @yuga – oh how i wish that hint be brighter hehehe…

    but now there’s the motorola droid and it has a rumored gsm version…

    what do you think about it yuga? it has “positive” written around its metal and glass enclosure…

    the web is just so positive it… hope it’ll be a worldwide release…

  20. cojo says:

    this phone crashes a lot.there are instances that it would turn itself off and when it swtiches back on,would be in different language.then you’ll lose the settings.it also freezes even though the user has a memory stick.maybatt issues din even if minimal ang usage.these are not first hand experiences though this handset to think na bagong release lang.less than six mos pa lang sa market,kelangan agad mag-update ng software.

  21. Jann rae says:

    8mp of SE is good but the design is not so unique,i lyk ur review about the nokia e75,will you please post in your site the latest price of nokia e75?tnx more power to yoy yuga,

  22. Rygel says:

    but sony is the only phone company i know whose software allows personalized message alerts for each contact in the phonebook. Love this feature since I’m a text addict :D

  23. amy says:

    Got mine 1 wk ago and I didn’t have any plan of having one but I was pissed off with the new Blackberry Storm 2 which I had it 3 days before I got the ericsson.
    Mas ginagamit ko na nga w995 kesa s blackberry hirap ksi mgtxt s blackberry.

  24. spongebob says:

    if nokia 5800 users makes screem to their phone maybe sony ericsson w995 can kill them

  25. Shanzky says:

    how much is this today?

  26. jas says:

    i just saw thid fone on sale today 19400, aino for 19995. Its on sale until march 15,2010 only

  27. wrongtipz says:

    i dont like much of this phone, the 8 megapixel cam seems like the 3.2 of my K800i. i try this phone in cam and music and video. music is good as it always for the SE, cam = 5,design = 5,music and application = 9, …. wifi ready? im SE fanatic but i dont recommend this for his 19k price …. 10k two tumbs up

  28. nicole says:

    this one’s cute :) btw, what sony ericsson phones can you suggest that are dual-sim? i need it for my business. hoping for your reply thanks

  29. peter says:

    you will love this phone kasi meron ako biniling ganyan before ako bumili ng Ericson na satio w955 ang price nyan now eh Php 14,536.83

  30. jeffrey says:

    @peter hi..ask q lang po if san pong store ko mabibili yan sa halagang php 14,536.83 gaya ng cnbi mo??? salamat po in advanced….

  31. peter says:

    nsa saudi kasi ako bro kaya sa sony store ko talaga ito binili.

  32. jeffrey says:

    ah i see.. thanks for the reply…

  33. vikram virk says:

    m using it w995 its great phone. accessries with this phone are also cool. its great phone. m enjoying it ……coooooooooolllllllllphonnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. Mark says:

    what about my w595? the contacts cannot open anyone help me what shuld i do with it i repaired it twice but still it comes back again anyone help me:

  35. Adam says:

    hello please tell me the final price of your item and where you live

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