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PLDT down 35% in net income, lost 5M subs to Globe in 2015

During yesterday’s press briefing, PLDT Chariman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan reported that its net income declined by 35% to P22.1 billion in 2015. This is the lowest net income posted by PLDT since 2003 where they made Php17.17 billion.

Core net income is Php35.2 billion which is also lower by 6% from the previous year (Php35.7% in 2014).


“Last year alone we lost about five million subscribers to Globe… the loss of subscribers to Globe and incremental ads they managed to gain accounted probably for the biggest hole in our service revenues in prepaid,” accoridng to MVP.

MVP has set their net income guidance for 2016 at Php28 billion, a drastic drop from 2015’s target of Php35 billion. The new lower target is due to fierce competition and the possibility of a 3rd player (San Miguel) coming in this year.

Shares of PLDT dropped 17.86% to Php1,830, the single biggest loss in a day for over two decades.

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38 Responses

  1. val says:

    ganid kasi kayo … kunwari mag babundle kayo ng kung ano-anong gadget pero babawiin niyo naman sa ibang customers … swapang na magulang pa .. araw-araw ba naman kayong murahin at kutyain sa social media, tv, radio … ano pa expect niyo … mga holdaper kayo, yang mga PLDT employees puro manloloko, tamad mag repair, ang lalaki ng sweldo at benepisyo,, ang yayabang, puro power tripper, ung iba magnanakaw pa, mangongotong, pag dating sa serbisyo KULELAT …

    • JP says:

      Korek! Hitsura naman nitong si Manny Pangilinan, akala mo naman napakalaki ng nalugi, eh 22.1 Bn pa din ang net income niyo ano? Sobrang laki pa din non! Kulang pa yan. Sana sa susunod na mga taon mas bumaba pa ang kitain niyo! Pambawi na din sa mga ninakaw niyong mga load, pagbibigay ng napaka walang kuwentang serbisyo na ubod pa ng mahal at marami pang sama ng loob na idinulot nitong si Manny Pangilinan. Dapat hindi lang PLDT, isama na din ang Maynilad at Meralco na sobra ang mahal kung maningil. Ganid ka Manny Paniglinan! Mabuti nga yan, mag umpisa na kayong malugi.

  2. shah baaz says:

    Sana ayusin din ni mayor Duterte ang na pka laking problema na yan ka pg ngiging presidente na sya..ang laking kurakot at panloloko ang gina gawa ng mga telco natin.



    WOW !!!



    Dawn Of Justice”


    Doon Laging Just-Tiis !!!


    WALEYYY !!!

  4. jm says:

    reason kung bakit natatalo sila sa globe

    1. Kapag tumawag ka sa customer service ng pldt aabutin ka ng 30 mins di parin nasasagot. Kapag sa Globe after dalawang ring sagot agad
    2. Data plans nila masyadong mahal compare kay globe. (5mbps internet 1999+ 700 mandatory telephone line). for Globe (5mbps internet with telephone = 1999.)
    3. ang bagal ng connection nyo.. kung mabilis man paputol putol naman.

  5. cruizer says:

    Dapat talaga ibaba ang barrier to entry ng telco franchise para magkaroon ng better competition

  6. 1111 says:

    Kupal tlga yang pldt…2 linggo n akong naghihintay ng technician wla p ding dumating kht paramdam lng…

  7. abuzalzal says:

    Their supposed 5Mbps upgrade (from 3 Mbps) sa Plan 999, wala pa rin, anyare????

  8. abuzalzal says:

    If they could only just ditch the mandatory bundled telephone line sa DSL plans, w/c no one is absolutely using sa mga residential places……….this isn’t 1995 anymore, move on na PLDT, huwag na kasing ipilit kung napaglipasan na ng panahon

  9. Jc says:

    Ang mahal masyado ng internet nila compared to globe.

    Yung 3mbps ng Globe is 1299 nalang. Yung sa kanila 900 + 600 padin.



    R I P :






    PUT*** IN* NYO !!!




    HAYOP !!!

  11. pong says:

    LTE ng PLDT parang 3g. Yung globe n kapatid ko ang bilis kahit probinsya pa. After ma consume ko yung data ng smart ko lipat na ko globe

  12. nico says:

    scam pa more sa mga prepaid subscribers.

  13. M.C. says:

    I’m still using Smart’s Internet service. For one thing, Globe has still NO plans to expand LTE coverage in Subic Bay (there’s supposed to be an LTE tower near the local SM, but no! Still 3G all round.) Also, at least consistent ang internet delivery ng Smart compared sa Globe, pumupugak – pugak ang 3G ng Globe dito. At least mas matino ang LTE ng Globe, kaso takte, parang sa Manila lang meron eh!

  14. What? Yes really says:

    It just means Globe has been more aggressive going home to home offering a free transfer from PLDT to their own services, which i find crafty in a negative kind of way. Whereas, PLDT already owns the market, but i’m not saying PLDT is perfect, definitely a lot of improvements should be implemented(speeds comparable to other countries)

    I tried Globe tattoo before, it sucks a lot in Bacolod, PLDT DSL remains the best option in my area in terms of stability and speed

    I don’t know about other people complaining about PLDT but i get 1mb+ download speed on PLDT on good days, which averages at 800kbps on normal days, which means a seamless HD youtube viewing, low gaming ping(lower is better), faster upload and download of files in dropbox, emails, social media, etc., it’s fast, but is snail-like compared to internet speeds in other countries

    Also, a landline is still very essential, only metro manila is covered by online deliveries(jollibee, kfc, mcdo, chowking, etc.), deliveries in said establishments use landline phones, suppliers, offices and stores use landline phones because duh who would use a cellphone to run a big business? people who call landline phones “obsolete” simply have no idea how the world works outside of their pseudo-techie persona.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      LOL everything you wrote about your DSL subscription is just useless here.

      The biggest contributor for PLDT’s losses is the slack of their wireless business (Smart, TNT, Sun). They remain strong with their wireline business, but until when? Until Globe starts to improve their services and match the performance of PLDT’s? Well bite me because I believe Globe is already working on it.

      PLDT’s main problem is that their consumers are getting bored with their lousy service and “gaya-gaya” attitude. Globe did well with the race on embracing the digital era and providing a better customer service. PLDT is now the one playing catch-up.

      PS: While landlines aren’t obsolete yet, consumers have the right to choose whether they would want to avail the service or not. PLDT’s landline bundle is just one of their crappy requirements which will surely make the brand fall in the following years.

      – Sent through my PLDT MyDSL Plan 1995, landline unit was last picked up 18 months ago.

    • Hay Men says:

      hahahaha! I agree, actually kami tinago nalang namin yung handset kasi madalas ginagamit ng walang paalam ni yaya pang NDD. P650 wasted every month para sa serbisyong di kailangan.

  15. jem says:

    PLDT is quite fast here in Cavite. And the signal for Sun is as well. Globe kasi dang hina. Pag pumapasok lang ako sa work lumalakas signal ng Globe ko eh. I think Globe is more focused on Metro Manila.

  16. Easy E says:

    Maganda yan for the cobsumers kasi magiging competitive sila sa services at price. Well, sana.

  17. Grey says:

    Sira ulo mga customer service ng PLDT. Sinabihan ko na baka pa cut ko na lang linya ko dahil s mga issue
    Sagot s akin OK..

  18. Cindy says:

    22 bilyon ang kinita, nagrereklamo pa.
    Philippines #2 with SLOWEST INTERNET SPEED in Asia.,
    One of the MOST EXPENSIVE value per mbps
    Dapat ay iopen na ang pagigung internet service provider, wala nang Franchise na kailangan, as recommended by IT experts and businessmen

  19. mark t says:

    parehas lang nman silang mabagal. mukhang pera mga may ari nyan gusto nila mabagal ang net pero laki kita. kung meron lang talagang makakapasok na ibang network na mas mabilis at walang limit e magiging warehouse nalang ang mga office nyo.

  20. He shouldn’t be worried, cuz next year, both of them will lose 20 million of subscribers .. eng eng eng

  21. Jason says:

    Last month one of your telemarketers told us that we are entitled for a free telpad… Since i cannot decide that day i said tawag na lang sila some other time… Halos inaraw araw nila kaming tawagan to “claim” our free telpad na idedeliver daw in a couple of days sabi ko i dont think we need it naman since we already have lots of gadgets… But sabi nya sayang naman daw since its free and walang monthly bill on top of our PLDT plans which cost around 1650… So since free naman yun we decided to give it a go… May isa pa ngang tumawag na tech support that to remind daw na its really free at walang monthly na babayaran from PLDT… After having it for a month bigla na lang kaming nagulat sa billing cause its 2k+ na at merong charge ang pldt telpad… We called your hotline and sabi nya na hindi daw free ito its a retainment plan at minsan daw talaga ganon ang ginagawa ng mga telemarketers nyo para mang akit na kumuha ng services kahit hindi naman free ito… Please lang PLDT kaya kayo nawawalan ng subscribers dahil sa kalokohan ng mga telemarkerters nyo… We will be filing a letter of complaints….and to others out there let this be a warning if a PLDT telemarketers called you wag kayong maniniwala na its free… We will also file this to DTI…..

    • JP says:

      DO it please. Sana na i record mo yung pangalan ng tumawag sa iyo, date and time ng tawag, technician na nagkabit kung meron man, and everything else. This stupidity of PLDT/SMART has to stop. Napaka walanghiya nila.

  22. Mel A says:

    I’ve got a 1299/month DSL account for up to 2mbps then what you get is only 0.44 mbps. Ilang beses ka na tumawag sa customer service nila and 4 times na pumunta ang technician pero they cannot figure it out how to improve the internet speed. Frustrated I’m thinking of downgrading it to 990/month.

  23. Mariah Carey says:

    Pareho lang naman silang basura ng Globe eh. Since tinanggal nyo yung unlimited surf nyo sa Smart at pinalitan ng Surfmax eh dun na nagsimula kalbaryo nyo. Kasi pareho nga lang din kayong magnanakaw, mamimili na lang kami kung sino ang malakas ang signal sa area namin at Globe ang malakas so sa Globe kami. -_-

  24. gab says:

    LOL it’s because globe is a lot hackable than smart, i’ve got a lot of friends feeding off globe’s loopholes.
    and no, im not one of them. mahina signal ng globe where I live. :p

    • Gal says:

      I don’t know anyone feeding off Globe’s loopholes. If totoo yung sinasabi mo, do us all a favor and report these jerks.

      But still, I highly doubt it’s because of Globe’s security issues. Their plans are simply cheaper compared to PLDT.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Ano daw? If Globe is really a lot more hackable than Smart, then it should have reflected on Globe’s revenue as a huge loss.

      Unfortunately, Globe did well last 2015. They posted I think 20% increase in core net income YOY. Yung mga hackers na yan langgam lang sa kita ng Globe. Medyo masakit pag nakagat pero pagkatapos parang wala lang.

  25. Matt says:

    Result of profit focus company. global enterprise are now focusing on customer centric model. As like what my old professor says the word of mouth is the best marketing weapon you can always have

  26. Gomer Jainar says:

    GABAAN mga Ganid sa pera! walay klarong serbisyo!

  27. SunCell Subscriber says:

    I love PLDT/Sun. But their recent offerings really just can’t cut through Globe’s.

    I hope MVP takes this as his wake up call (speed upgrades, better postpaid offerings, customer service, better tie-ups). Or else the Ayalas might soon take over the country’s telecommunication scene.

  28. jill says:

    Contracting pa more. Telemarketers na manloloko. Contractors sa repair at instalasyon ay manloloko. SMART daw pero natatalo nang Signal nang GLOBE. Niloloko si MVP sa mga taong na naka aligid sa kanya or Loko din siya. Hope he gets a team na hindi mga manloloko at may puso na magserbisyo sa kapwa Pilipino. Saan na ba yung dial up-modem ko?

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