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You don’t need to get fired to be a Problogger

I’ve always watched in admiration a lot of bloggers from the western world and how they manage to make it in the pro-blogging world. But wait, what is pro-blogging really?

I’ve been looking around for some earlier thoughts on this and found one at ProBlogger.net ; ‘Pro blogging’ is a pretty wide term and is being used to talk about everyone from ‘business blogs’ to ‘blog consultants’ to ‘bloggers who make money from their blogs directly’ to ‘those who provide blog tools/services’ for blogging.’

Darren adds “I personally have a pretty wide definition of Professional Blogger – anyone who earns (or attempts to earn) a significant part of their income from their blogging, whether that be directly from their readership, from their consulting clients, from their advertisers, from their business (ie it is a job or part of their job), from the sales of books that came about out of their blogging etc….”

Then, Duncan at BlogHerald just got fired form his regular day job and spun it out announcing “OMG! I’m a Problogger!” following the earlier experience of Jeremy Wright last January when he too was fired for blogging. (btw, these 3 guys are the head hunchos over at b5media, along with Shai Coggins). And if history is to be the basis of it all, looks like you need to get fired before going full time problogging.

I think Jeremy and Duncan were already professional bloggers before they even got fired from their job. They just become full-time probloggers after they got the axe (full-time being taken as majority of your daily work is spent on improving/monetizing all your blog properties).

My question here really is “What will make you go on full-time pro-blogging?

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2 Responses

  1. ruth says:

    i author three blogs that generate revenues, which, even though they do not represent a “significant” portion of my income, makes me a pro-blogger. but that’s according to MY definition.

    full time problogging? let me see the cash flow first.

  2. yuga says:

    Yes, most would say “up until AdSense tops my monthly salary…”

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