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Filipino game Snake.io instrumental in Neuralink progress

Snake.io is a game developed by Kooapps Philippines 11 , an indie mobile gaming studio.Presently, their game has been instrumental in seeing Neuralink progress as it was played by their first recipient — Noland Arbaugh.


The video above shows Noland, who has been playing the game solely by using his brain to navigate. Despite being paralyzed, his determination along with Neuralink technology has enabled him to experience the gameplay.

Noland noted that playing the game has not been easy, considering his mind is the cursor itself. This story showcases that even with adversity, people can still find ways to live everyday lives.

The clip is a sign of progress for both Noland and the developers who made an effort to make the game. I’m sure that even the developers were pleased to see their game being one of the first that Noland enjoyed.

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