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Globe fiber takeup up 155% in Q1 2022

Globe has just announced a significant leap in its fiber broadband takeup from January to March this year. Globe posted a 155% increase if fiber broadband takeup compared to the same period in 2021 pushing its fiber revenues higher by 164%.

Fiber Takeup • Globe Fiber Takeup Up 155% In Q1 2022

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Globe attributed the growth to its strong fiber performance which significantly sustained the growth of Globe’s fixed wired business which registered a 31% increase in both subscribers and revenues year-on-year.

Globe built lines 1.74 times more in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year as well. This year Globe is investing PHP 89 billion in capital expenditures, a large portion of which is allocated for data-related requirements to further build its fiber assets, put up more cell sites, upgrade towers to 4G LTE, and roll out 5G technology.

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Globe Logo 2021 • Globe Fiber Takeup Up 155% In Q1 2022

In 2021, Globe spent PHP 92.8 billion for network expansion and improves to provide better service to its customers nationwide.

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