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JHU CSSE created an online dashboard to track the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

You may now track the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus globally through an online dashboard made by The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University (JHU CSSE).

JHU CSSE’s dashboard presents the data without commentary, to give its users a clear understanding of the virus’ spread. The dashboard contains the number of total confirmed cases, deaths, and cured patients plotted on a global map. You may click on the texts on either side to have the location highlighted on the map.

They’re citing reliable sources such as the WHO, CDC, NHC, and Dingxiangyuan. The site is also regularly updated, though you’d have to refresh the page for the updates to reflect on the map.

You can check out the online dashboard from JHU CSSE here.

Via: Lifehacker

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