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Maya accelerates “digi-palengke” thrust with the BSP & DILG’s Paleng-QR Ph Program

Maya has just had its pilot launch of Paleng-QR Ph in Baguio City in the effort of fast-tracking the adoption of QR Ph while partnering with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

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The Paleng-QR Ph Program aims to “digitalize transactions at the community level,
starting with public markets and local transportation”.

It also enables vendors and tricycle drivers to accept digital payments via QR Ph, the national standard for QR payments. On which Maya’s QR codes are QR Ph-compliant and can scan any QR Ph-powered transaction.


The pilot launch ceremony was held in Malcom Square, Baguio City with BSP Governor Felipe Medalla and Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong in attendance to kick off the program.

Moreover, prior to the rollout of Paleng-QR Ph, Maya has already been helping merchants in Baguio City such as market vendors, public utility drivers, pasalubong centers, and more with the QR Ph-enabled Maya QR.

“Public markets are the vibrant hubs of local economies, connecting local and regional food producers, businesses, and transport providers to consumers. Creating the ‘digi-palengke’ experience with QR Ph and Maya’s all-in-one money platform will accelerate digital adoption and financial inclusion at the grassroots level,”

“We fully support the Paleng-QR Ph program of the BSP and DILG, starting with this pilot with the Baguio City local government,”

– Orlando B. Vea, PayMaya CEO-founder and Maya Bank co-founder. 

Maya has also led the charge in helping LGUs build their “digi-palengke” through the LGUs Embracing and Accelerating Digitalization (LEAD) program.

Markets that have adopted this include the Marulas Public Market in Valenzuela City, Antipolo City Public Market, and Divisoria street stalls in Manila City.


Since 2019 when Maya first adopted QR Ph person-to-person (P2P) payments and person-to-merchant (P2M) payments in 2021, Maya has adopted the country’s QR Ph standard in its digital payments ecosystem with over 50 million users that can use Maya in sending or accepting QR Ph P2P Payments.

Non-Maya users can even pay at over 700,000 QRPh-enabled Maya merchant touchpoints all across the nation.

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  1. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Sure wish more merchants offer payment via QR Ph, or have that gadget which can produce both Gcash and Maya QR codes for when you can scan to pay with an adjustable amount. Even here in Manila there are too many stores that accept only Gcash for e-payments or only have static Gcash QR codes.

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