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Rare 128GB Zenfone 2 appears in local store for Php20,995

Asus Philippines has officially launched the Zenfone 2 in the Philippines, bringing with it 4 different SKUs to the market — the ZE500CL and 3 ZE551ML variants that top at 64GB storage. However, if you want the 128GB variant, a local dealer has brought them in for Php20,995.

The 128GB variant was quietly launched by Asus in India a couple weeks back with a price tag of Rs.29,999 or around Php21,100.


Of course, it’s an unofficial variant but this 128GB version is a rare find that is only offered with high-end flagship phones like the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6.

While the 64GB is sold at only Php14,995, the Php20,995 price tag of the 128GB seems a bit steep. We suggest getting the 64GB variant and just buy a 64GB microSD card for Php2.5k.

Check out our coverage of the Zenfone 2 launch here and here.


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12 Responses

  1. louieboy says:

    Really excited tO get this phone its just that i am not sure of the performance and the compatibility of the apps Since they are using intel. Anyone using this?

  2. lee17 says:

    For 20k I’d still get this over the 64gb version. 128g plus another 128g sd card means good bye laptop for me LOL

    • archie says:

      Parang mini external hard drive na ang habol mo. May 22 ang shipping ng saygus v2 (64gb internal + 2 micro sd slot for 200gb each). Yun ang mamaw sa phone storage pag nagkataon.

    • boom says:

      Goodbye laptop? It just seem you really dont need a laptop you are just a smartphone user. Laptop and smartphone are different in so many things.

  3. archie says:

    64gb model P14995 + 128gb sandisk class10 P5000 = 192gb storage for P19995. Mas mura pa rin ang magsd card at di mo pa mapupuno ng personal datas ang internal phone memory.

  4. Freeje says:

    Quietly launched by Asus in India and it’s an unofficial variant??

  5. zen2zen says:

    i just bought it and sold it for P30K.

    • zen2zen says:

      …then used the profit to buy the Flash Plus, painted it Gold, and sold it for P10K. Ahoy, Alcatel-Lazada, please sell the Gold Flash Plus ASAP so I don’t have to repeat the messly repainting process again.

  6. Rey says:

    Actually I just bought mine from a friend who lives in Taiwan, but my suggestion goes the same as this website -just get a MicroSD, because the moment you fill-up the 128GB, I promise you -theres a new phone ASUS will be releasing.

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