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Spotify launches Listening Together microsite

To bring people closer amid health crisis, Spotify has rolled out Listening Together microsite.

The microsite, which features a rotating, 3D map of the Earth, displays tracks and locations of two people who are simultaneously listening to the same music milliseconds apart through Spotify. According to the music streaming service, there more than 30,000 people around the world are pressing play on the same song.

Additionally, Spotify also kicks off Moods & Moments playlists curated by select Asian artists to connect with their fans and share their love of music. In the Philippines, OPM Folk Band Ben&Ben collaborates with Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin for OPM Says Chillax. The playlist consists of the musician’s honest commentary about their favorite at-home routines, hobbies, self-care tips, and tracks they’re currently listening to.

To give users refreshed content, the artist playlist takeovers will be released weekly.

Spotify plans to bring the Listening Together campaign across social and digital channels.

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