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Sun Broadband Prepaid Kit drops to just Php595 a pop

Just learned that the prepaid broadband kit of Sun has become more affordable with the list price now down to Php595 from the previous Php795 price.

The prepaid kit comes with the broadband stick, a prepaid SIM card and free one hour internet load.

While we already have multiple backup connections, it is still sensible to have a prepaid kit since you will only have to spend for it when you need them and not worry about paying for monthly dues.

Sun Cellular also promises a stronger and wider signal nationwide so the price drop does not equate with a drop in service quality.

The Php595 Sun Broadband Prepaid Kit is now available at your nearest Sun Shop.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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3 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    Now with stronger and wider signal nationwide.

    Fine print: For a limited time only.

  2. guyrony says:

    Not worth it.

    Believe me. Used it for more than a year and realized I deserve better connection.

  3. StudentObserver says:

    Stronger and wider signal daw. Tapos yung existing 3G network naman nila (yung sa Sun talaga ha, hindi yung naka-roam sa Smart), hindi na sya kasing stable as compared nung times na hindi pa nabili ng PLDT ang Sun.

    I noticed na mas marami nang dead spots yung 3G signal ng Sun specifically, dito sa Cebu. Dati naman hindi ganyan yan eh. Malakas at consistently strong naman yung signal ng 3G ng Sun dati. Pero ngayon, for some reason, bigla-bigla na lang syang mawawala as you travel within Cebu City tapos kailangan mo pang i-search nang i-search yung 3G network nila para makasagap ulit ng signal. And no, it is not a handset problem. Don’t tell me lahat ng cellphones ng friends ko sira?

    Sana naman isama na nila sa roaming within Smart network yung 3G signal. Dito kasi sa Cebu, pwede lang mag-roam ang Sun subscribers sa 2G network lang ng Smart. Sa 3G, di pwedeng mag-roam ang Sun subscribers sa 3G ng Smart.

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