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Survey: Most Filipinos want a gadget for Christmas

PDI came out a short survey in their Lifestyle section asking people what kind of gifts they’d want to get this Christmas. An overwhleming percentage of respondents say it’s all about gadgets.

They randomly picked a hundred people for the survey, 27 men and 63 women. 15% were 20 years old and younger, 36% were 21-29, 38% were 30-39, 9% were 40-49 and 2% were 50-59 years old.

They were all asked to give five things that they did want to receive and another five other things they didn’t want to receive.

According to the survey, it turns out that 76% of these people wanted gadgets.

Most of them wanted an Apple product. The top answer was the iPhone, then follows the iPad, the iPod and the Macbook Air. Several people also wanted Samsung’s Galaxy products.

The remaining answers indicate that cameras are also longed for. Several people want a Canon or a Nikon DSLR while a smaller count shows some people will opt for the Fujifilm XE1 or something else.

The rest of the 76% also wanted a laptop, a Kindle, a gaming console and even an internet connection.

Aside from gadgets, fashion wear and some other commodities made the list, such as shoes, books and trips. As of the 5 things that people don’t want to receive, apparently, nobody said that they didn’t want a piece of technology; ironically, while some people want clothes, a lot also didn’t want clothes – 38% didn’t want them.

The results should at least give you folks an idea what type of gifts to get your friend and love ones this December. That’s 3 out of 4 times, you’re right on target with a gadget.

Speaking of which, if you’re on a hurry and still scouting for one, we recommend heading off to the nearest SM Cyberzone where you can find almost everything. If you don’t have a budget, we have some pretty nice gadget giveaway here from them.

What about you? Are you part of the majority that want gadgets? Or would you rather not receive gadgets as gifts?


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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13 Responses

  1. edisson says:

    I’m with the 76% though it’s impossible to be given to me as a gift so I’ll just save and buy it with my own money.

  2. Digest says:

    I don’t want gadgets. I like PC + Internet.

  3. Richard says:

    There is discrepancy between data presented and the pie graph for the 50 to 59 y/o category.

  4. Norman says:

    I want NOTE II :(

  5. The 40-49 y/os are probably the people who already have the gadgets and doesn’t want anymore.

  6. mike says:

    100 people is not a big enough sample size to have a conclusive survey. not enough to represent the majority of the population (“most filipinos”). sabay may plug ng sm cyberzone. hahaha wtf!

  7. chopotka says:

    I agree, most Pinoys want a new gadget this Holiday season, ang problema walang pambili! LOL

    Still waiting for Nexus 4 to be sold locally, putik na Google, nakauwi na at lahat yun brother ko pabalik ng UK, sold out pa din status! Kimstore’s price naman is too expensive.

  8. marvin says:

    most people think that gadgets show their social status. for me that’s BS! i know a lot of people burn their whole savings pagdating ng december so that they can buy THE gadget. and sasabihin nila investment daw… i guess they don’t know what investment means… gadgets are not investments! hay nako… i’d rather put my money somewhere else. for example if you placed your 50k in a bank’s balanced fund 2 years ago mga around 60k na siya ngayon but if you bought an iphone 4 two years ago magkano nalang value nyan ngayon. less than half!

  9. Mica says:

    Sometimes I wonder how different this graph would be once the 20-30s reach their 50s. Haha!

  10. Fraking says:

    Ironically?! I did not see the irony in that

  11. r41 says:

    “and even an internet connection.”

    I LOL’d at first and then felt pity afterwards. Such is the sad state of our country…

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