Diablo 3 prompts gamers to re-evaluate their ISPs

Diablo 3 prompts gamers to re-evaluate their ISPs

On May 15, gamers from all over the country (and the rest of the world) will be glued to their PC screens for the grand opening of the Diablo 3 servers. Everyone is eager and so are we.

And yes, we know, everything’s been prepared — a newly upgraded PC, a brand new gaming mouse and keyboard, a large monitor, a headset or speakers and Red Bull.

Everyone’s pre-ordered a copy and installed it before hand. The checklist is all crossed-out — except one.


Will your ISP stand the test of time? During the trial run last April, a lot of people complained about how slow the their ISPs were. Sometimes it lags, sometimes it disconnects. Worse if it cuts you off completely during the heat of the battle.

This may have prompted a lot of gamers and enthusiasts to actually re-evaluate their current ISP subscriptions. Turns out that some type of connections are not good for online gaming such as Diablo 3. One of the most frequent mentions I read about is cable internet and I would not be surprised if fixed wireless and even WiMax suffers from the same fate (mostly, latency problems).

I’d like to throw out a quick survey and see if people out there who are waiting for Diablo 3 are satisfied with their ISP’s performance.

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32 Responses

  1. hardinero says:

    During the beta test weekend ok naman on my end. yung ibang disconnections dun caused lang ng server ng blizzard since it was also a stress test. After magstablize na lahat, I didnt have any problems at all.

    Btw, I’m based here in Singapore. Subscribed to Starhub’s broadband internet at 16mbps plan. Ewan ko kung counted ako baka sa Pinas lang survey nyo yugs. hehehe

    • Jok says:

      If star hub ka 16mbps mo is within singapore if outside sin yun diablo servers it drops to 2mbps. Yung sky connection ko is 3mbps sa pinas thru and thru to us. Meron akong tpg sa aus. 5 Mbps thru and thru din. Buti d nyo kino omplain Ang star hub. Sabagay sa ad sa dyaryo NASA fine print yun.

    • hardinero says:

      @jok well basically may three server regions di ba namely: The Americas, Europe at Asia at pwede ka lumipat kada region pero di transferrable ang hero kada region. Sa beta test lahat nagconnect sa American server and since wala naman ako naexperience na lag except for one dc which I assume server based so I guess pag nagconnect ako sa Asian server sa launch day wala naman problema.

      I hope, hehehe. Basta ang importante sa akin walang lag at smooth. Ayoko na isipin masyado technical details na isp related unless mapansin ko na pangit yung connection.

    • Jok says:

      Parang mas Mura sa us compared to Asia. Even in sing it’s like 90 sgd or Meron laying Alam mas Mura. Dito 3100 pesos, Us Mga 60usd. Ginagatasan Tayo.

  2. JM says:

    yes, very satisfied indeed, I am subscribe to PLDT myDSL plan 999 which has a speed of 1mbps and getting around 13ms of ping if I ping the pldt site. Around 53ms if I pinged google.com

    In my experience to other games I don’t experience any lags or hiccups in using my current ISP. Another thing is that I will get a speed boost by 50% by the end of this month :)

  3. Oh says:

    I use PLDT 1995 and my connection however fast, just keeps disconnecting. I cant wait to hear from the angry folks when D3 gets out

  4. sonny says:

    I played the beta last April and wala namang problem yung coop. I get 200 ping pero ok naman ang laro, wala namang lag or delays kahit sa coop.

  5. Migz says:

    I used globe 995 1mbps and diablo3 runs smoothly, im from bacolod.

    • John says:

      I reckon we have the same plan but my speeds are atrocious.

    • Arvee says:

      I have the same plan and I was only disconnected once during the 2nd day of the test, though I’m not sure if it’s caused by Battle.net’s server.

      My friend who’s subscribed to SkyBroadband said he experienced a lot of random lags and delays, making D3 almost unplayable.

    • Migz says:

      ha!. too bad. maybe its because of your hardware? just maybe, im using
      i5 2600k,
      palit gt440 and 8gb of ram

      and yes the battlenet server was the only reason why i got disconnected from the game

    • showbiz says:

      You are lucky that globe internet is Ok in Bacolod. I also have that same 1Mbps subscription in tondo but I could hardly play Dota online.

  6. tristan james says:

    It is better to have a stable connection na sa paglalaro nitong Diablo III pra nman ma enjoy natin ung larong ito na walang lag. . .

  7. lawrencemark57 says:

    forgive me for my ignorance, pero possible paring magamit ang game na to na offline mode, meaning, walang net connection, gaya ng old diablo II diba?

    • Arvee says:

      Nope, official release/updates of Diablo 3 won’t have offline mode.

      And I doubt na magkakaroon kahit ma-crack ang D3. Cracks for private servers siguro magkakaroon.

  8. jhepoyski says:

    hmmm nasa ping at jitter to mag dedepende afaik. kasi mabilis or ultraspeed nga connection mo pero panay packet loss naman bali wala din, pldtdsl ever since stable sakin in terms of online gaming.

  9. Omar says:

    I can play DCU Online on my ISP, and I am subscribed to a 512 mbps plan (cable internet here in pangasinan). I am yet to get my copy of Diablo III. If my DCUO is stable, does this mean I can have a stable gameplay with Diablo III?

  10. Rune-chan says:

    This yuga-post is just making my resolve to get Torchlight 2 over Diablo 3 a whole lot stronger.

  11. Tyrion says:

    If I can play SC2 smoothly on my ISP, does it follow that I won’t have a problem running Diablo 3 as well?

    • hardinero says:

      yes! I also have a starcraft 2 account with blizz. Pag okay ang SC2 most likely ok na rin ang D3 sa services ng isp mo.

  12. ryl says:

    siguro lahat ng Filipino iiwanan ang paglalaro ng dota. I mean na parang kokonti na lang ang lalaro ng dota. mga kabataan siguro ang maadik sa Diablo 3. by the way, will Diablo 3 will works on:
    acer aspire 4750g
    i3-2310M 2.1ghz
    geforce gt540m
    2gb ddr3
    ram is 2gb also
    and the direct x is DX11

    • hardinero says:

      I would say NO. Iba na setup ng Diablo 3 ngayon kumpara sa Diablo 2 last time. Madali magpakaadik last time (2nd year HS ako nung nilabas yung D2 di ko alam gano katagal sumunod yung expansion) basically dahil may built in LAN option sa game. So once napirata na at may cracked version na yung laro wala na pakialam sa mga diablo updates masyado importate solo mode at LAN mode. Basically libre lahat walang hassle may item at skill editor pa! haha

      Pero ngayon iba na yung setup, may lumabas man na cracked version I dont think na maappreciate agad ng mga kabataan to lalo na yung out of school youth na teenager (currently mga adik ng dota) since mahirap yung setup. Given wala sila budget para bumili ng genuine copy plus the fact na lagi rin naman sa computer shop naglalaro plus walang LAN ang D3 (bnet based lahat) so walang madaling makapagaadik dito. Kahit pa may crack na lumabas tatamarin pa rin mga yan. Walang pvp, co-op mode. Puro single player solo mode. In short ang Diablo 3 hindi pang-masa. Kailangan mo ng internet, matinong pc, at genuine copy ng game to fully enjoy it.

      In the end aangat pa rin ang dota at kung ano anong free to play game na easily accessible sa mga elem at HS students. College students pwede pa siguro. IMO overall eto ha.

  13. gaassgolberg says:
  14. juicyjor says:

    feeling ko maglalabas din sila ng prepaid nito tulad ng SC2. which is good for computer shops.

  15. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Meh. Never played Diablo 2. Diablo 3 seemed rather interesting until I learned it was online-only. Sure, cracks will be developed for that but that already soured Blizzard for me.

    Interestingly, it seems that it isn’t really “giving players an experience” or even piracy that pushed them to kill offline mode. It’s their new auction house – apparently, they take a cut on everything sold by players. Seems like an idea straight out of the boardroom and just really has no place for a game for real gamers.

  16. ping says:

    as far as isp connection is concerned, ito yung mga na test namin sa mga barkada ko: (beta)

    pldt (from plan [email protected] kbps): 100-200ms playable, smooth siya kahit co-op (anytime)
    pldt (plan1299 1mbps): 30-50ms lang
    bayantel/sky 1mbps: 300-400ms, minsan umaabot 1k-2k (t.sora QC area) nakakaasar gamitin.
    smartbro: (deparo,caloocan area) 10-500ms minsan aabot ng 1k or dc lalo na pag gabi.
    globelines 1mbps(sa sister ko): 100-200ms, playable
    globetattoo: di ko na test nung beta to.

    LATENCY ang pinaguusapan dito. Since napatunayan na kahit 384kbps playable siya. Yung bayantel/skybroadband may problem sa latency, search sa forums nila dati na itong problema (sa mga WOW players).

  17. darK says:

    Hi, Im using SUN broadband wireless. Will I still able to play using this internet connection? Anyone who has beta tested tried this setup?

    • Delta Kilo says:

      Hi Sir Abe,

      This is my first time to comment on one of your blog posts but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time.

      Hi darK,

      I’m using Sun Broadband to play Diablo 3. Works fine kahit coop. Sa may Marikina kami. Not sure if users from other areas can play D3 din. I’d love to hear the comments of other users.

    • Edwin says:

      hey there, i’m also using sun broadband wireless
      plan 899. i’m also wondering kung wala bang lag pag naglaro ng D3? sayang kasi kung bibili ako ng installer tapos hindi ko din malalaro ng maayos…i’m from mandaluyong…sino ba may experience dito playing D3 using the said ISP? feedback naman. thank you in advance

  18. James says:

    It’s all about peering and not too much of bandwidth. I wrote about how PLDT is the worst offender when it comes to peering to countries around our region.


    Globe seems to be most consistent when it comes to having good latency with servers around Singapore, but further out I haven’t tested yet

  19. DX20 says:

    Paano kasi, ang trying hard ng pilipino. They try to live a first world lifestyle kung ano uso sa US, gagayahin nila. Di nman nila alam na iba ang technology dito — bulok. Di nga ako bumili eh dahil sa real money trade. For sure walang gagasto na unggoy dito. Masisira lang ang magandang games tulad ng mw3 at battlefield 3. Kasi kadalasan hacker pinoy.

  20. Interesting post. Does anyone feel like Diablo3 is losing it’s player base? I think it is slowly dropping down atleast the rate of Auction House items.

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