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Php10,000 PC Build Guide 2016

Not everyone can afford a high-end PC. For some people, a nominal upgrade could be the best affordable option. Here we have 2 build guides — one for AMD and another for Intel. Both builds are expected to give you decent gaming performance but don’t expect maxing out settings out of the box.

With the builds that we provided, we made an estimate that you can play casual games such as Dota 2 and CS:GO on atleast 720p on low/medium settings. Getting a dedicated/discrete graphics card, however, should solve this problem.

Build 1 (Intel):

Part Name Price
CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 2,700
GPU: Integrated N/A
MOBO: ECS H110M-C3D 2,450
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single 1600 CL9 1,200
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB 2,290
CASE + PSU: Tecware Mono w/600 PSU 1,100


In our first build, we utilize an Intel Pentium G4400 accompanied with 4GB of ram, and a 1TB WD hard drive. Despite the lack of a dedicated GPU, the Pentium G4400’s integrated graphics card is sufficient enough to play Dota 2 and CS:GO on mixed low/medium settings at 720p alone. This is a good spot to start upgrading in the future.

The downside of this build is that despite the high clock-speed (3.3GHz) of the Pentium G4400, the processor doesn’t feature hyper-threading. Hyper-threading is a feature of Intel’s “Core” processors (excluding the majority of i5 desktop processors) on which each core acts as if it was 2. In today’s games, the majority of them (especially AAA games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider) would require at all 4 cores, due to multi-core processing.

In my opinion, get at least an i3 to get a better overall performance. Intel’s entry level Skylake i3 known as the i3-6100 is very fast with a clock-speed of 3.7GHz, although because of the budget restrictions we can’t fit it here.

Nevertheless, the Intel Pentium G4400 is more than enough in playing Dota 2 and CS:GO on mixed low/medium settings at 720p and is also capable in playing AAA games such as GTA V, Shadow of Mordor and such. If you want to bump up gaming performance, just a get dedicated graphics card (preferably at least a GTX950), and expect this to be a more than capable enough entry-level gaming PC. You might’ve noticed that we only used a single 4gb ram, that’s because I prefer you to upgrade long term. Buying a 2×2 RAM, while despite having better performance, is useless long term. With a 4GB single stick, you can just buy another 4GB to make it 8GB.

Below we have provided game benchmarks of the Intel Pentium G4400 with and without a dedicated graphics card.

G4400 game benchmarks (videos):



Build 2 (AMD):

Part Name Price
CPU: AMD Kaveri A8-7600 3,500
GPU: Integrated N/A
MOBO: MSI A68HM-E33 2,250
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single 1600 CL9 1,200
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB 2,290
CASE + PSU: Tecware Mono w/600 PSU 1,100


Compared to the Intel build that we provided, this one is technically “older” given that we used the AMD Kaveri A8-7600 which was released back in 2014. Nevertheless the AMD Kaveri A8-7600 is still a beast in gaming without the need of a dedicated graphics card.

The AMD A8-7600 is quad-core processor running at 3.1GHz. Despite not having any hyper-threading at all (since that is Intel’s technology), it is still a good processor since it has 4 cores and has high clock speed (3.1GHz).

Take note however that the APU is more focused on gaming without a dedicated graphics card unlike the Intel build above, it is still better to get a dedicated graphics card.

Getting an AMD graphics card in the future would be the best option as the APU supports dual-graphics configuration, which means when paired with a dedicated AMD graphics card, it utilizes both the graphics cores of the APU and the GPU itself, delivering higher frame-rates as a result. Same as the one above, you might’ve noticed that we only used a single 4gb ram. That’s because I prefer you to upgrade long term. Buying a 2×2 RAM, while despite having better performance, is useless long term. With a 4GB single stick, you can just buy another 4GB to make it 8GB.

Gaming benchmarks of the AMD A8-7600 (videos):

Once again, these two builds have one thing on their mind; to provide a decent gaming performance for casual online games such as Dota 2 and CS:GO in low/medium mixed settings at 720p, while offering a good standpoint for upgrading.

DO NOT EXPECT this to max out any AAA game on Ultra Settings at 4k. A Php10k build can’t provide gaming performance like that. We hope this guide helps you build your own RIG around Php10,000.


This article was written by Pete Deyto. A Tech-Enthusiast of all sorts, he is the Business Development Officer of Veer Technologies and Reality+, and the Corporate Relations Manager of VR Philippines. He is currently taking up B.S. Computer Science at the University of Santo Tomas.

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67 Responses

  1. fyi says:

    pag gagamitin nyo yung iGPU gawin nyong dual channel yung ram may 30 – 40% improvement sa gpu performance pag running in dual channel ram yung system unit, bobo naman gumawa nito

    • Abe Olandres says:

      Can you provide your suggested build under Php10k? So we’ll know if it’s better than our setup.

    • Pwet says:

      Hahaha makabobo. Halatang di nagbabasa ng benchmarks si kuya.

      To correct him?sa APU build go for 2133 hz na ram. Or 2400 kung may makikita kayo mura. Regarding single vs dual channel?negligible ang difference. So kung may plan kayo to increase the ram in the future then go for the single stick then just add later with the same speed.

    • just sayin' says:

      i think he’s stating/implying in a non-constructive manner is that instead of using a single stick 4gb of ram, the build would benefit more from a 2x2gb ram setup which is about the same price. the name-calling is just uncalled for. SMH

    • Alps Lynx says:

      @ FYI wag naman yung word na “bobo” may mali ba sa build nya? wala diba? wala din syang sinabing gagamitin nya iGPU nya. alam natin na malaki ang improvement ng mga APU kung naka dual channel ang RAM, dapat share mo nalang yung kaalaman mong mas ok ang dual channel RAM kesa sabihan mo sya ng “bobo” which is wala namang mali sa build nya. tsk tsk tsk 100% pinoy.

      @ sir ABE
      P10,340 po yung sa AMD Build

      Enigma Technologies

      3,450 A8 KAVERI 7600 3.1Ghz QUAD CORE
      2,295 GIGABYTE GA-F2A68HM-S1
      1,050 ATX CASING W/ PSU
      2,240 WD 1TB SATA3 BLUE


      P10,823 add ka pa ng isa pang KINGSTON 4GB HYPER-X FURY 1866MHz para mas lalong mag improve

    • fyi says:

      ALPS LYNX hahaha! isa ka rin na bobo naka sulat na nga sa build nya na “GPU:Integrated N/A” sa build nya eh binasa mo ba yung post nya? oh kulang ka sa reading skills? iGPU (Integrated Graphics Processing Unit) buti nga ngayon alam mo na ang ibig sabihin ng igpu dahil sakin at alam mo narin ang tungkol sa enigma nang dahil na naman sakin. FYI marami pang store na mas mura at may shipping na stores mag tanong ka lang.

    • nue says:

      bago muna magmura tingnan mo muna ang benchmark, pangalawa yung BUDGET, pangatlo, magbigay ka ng specs na mas maganda at pasok sa budget para magkaalaman sino ang mas bobo :-)

    • fyi says:

      @NUE mag basa ka, kailangan bang i reply pa sayo? nandyan na nga di mo pa makita, hahaba lang lalo yung comment section. Spoon feeding gusto mo?

    • FYI SOB says:

      well wag ka agad mag jujudge na bobo ung nag plan ng build na to, sabihan mo sya ng bobo kung purong tama ung sinabe mo .. dual channel 30%-40% improvement? nag jojoke ka?! mas bobo ka pa ata ee wala pa ngang 10% ung improvement sa framerate ee.. oo may improvement pero ano? 3FPS? … not a yugatech member pero grabe kase mag joke to si FYI ee lols ..

    • di sulit pera nyo try nyo.ipon muna, mgdagdag ng budget atleast get an i3 6th gen ito kahit ala dedicated video card palag palag naman sa dota2 LOL cs go with smooth gameplay 60+ fps, masakit sa mata at nakakahilo yung build nya na 30fps sa game. performance wise talo sa build ni yugatech sayang 10k mo.ipon konti pa.

      suggestion build;
      Skylake Processor i3 6100 ?5,450.00
      ASRock H110M-HDV ASRock H110M-HDV Micro-ATX ?3,070.00
      corsair LPX DDR42400mhz 8GB P1980 — 4gb less 1k
      seagate 1 tera 7200rpm P2450 — 500gb less 450 -500
      case tecware mono witch cpu P1100

      total 14050 or Php 12550

      pag tight sa budget from the above build magbawas ka ng memory gawin mong 4gb so less PHp1000 and gawin mo n lng 500gb hdd less Php450-500 = more or less Php12550. still a lot better performance kesa sa build ni yugatech for additional 2.5k

      pag sobrang tight tlga alang pandagdag better get a second hand unit .. @10k you can find unit or build = i3 2nd 3rd 4th gen sytem unit with dedicated video card or even an i5 2nd/3rd gen unit.. i saw one from jeffdata i5 3rd gen unit for 8k .

    • FYI says:

      SCARLETT B1TCH Agree ako sayo (fist bump) di ka makaka sabay sa mga games sa 30-below fps.Eto version ko sa build mo para sa mga malalapit sa mga branch ng enigs. yung IGPU ng i3 6100 is faster than the IGPU of the latest A10 ng amd. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html

      INTEL CORE I3 6100 3.7GHZ LGA 1151 Skylake 5,550
      ECS H110M4-C3D 2,775
      KINGSTON 4GB DDR4 PC2133MHz 900
      KINGSTON 4GB DDR4 PC2133MHz 900
      GAMING CASE with PSU 1,100

    • FYI says:

      Very important na mag dual channel kayo pag gagamitin nyo yung igpu/on die gpu/integrated graphics card. Paki open nalang mga links sa baba para makita nyo yung difference ng dual channel vs single channel sa gaming pag gagamitin yung IGPU. I check nyo rin yung build ko sa ibaba baka di nyo pa nakikita. Mas magandang mag research kayo ng maige bago nyo gastusin ang pinag hirapan nyong pera.


      @FYI SOB wag ka nang sumawsaw wala ka namang ibubuga eh, chupe!

    • FYI says:

      OPS! mali pala ako sa IGPU ng i3 6100 vs sa A10 ng amd mas malakas pala yung IGPU ng A10-7890K pero around 7k + yung price ng A10-7890K

    • Alps Lynx says:

      @FYI magaling ka nga walang duda. may mga basehan mga sinasabi mo, base sa experience mo man or hindi. tanong ko lang. Lumaki kaba sa ISKWATER? Mas excited ka na yata kay ABE eh. hahaha.

  2. Clayton says:

    I started my build on A8 7600 and spend almost the same as what is posted above. It’s decent at 1366 x 768 resolution gameplay at medium to low. You need to do dual channel to utilize the best on APU. Although now im utilizing GTX 750 along with it ignoring the built in r7.

  3. XYC says:

    can you do some stuff to me??

  4. More of these please and also including the links for the local stores (promos even) each components are available would be very very helpful.

  5. sailalimngtulay says:

    aber magsuggest ka nga ng 10,000 pesos or below na PC build na may dual channel churva kasi ikaw na ang magaling!

    • fyi says:

      Guide is based on this pricelist, you will find better price on other stores especially in Manila area.

      This build can play dota 2 on:
      1080p max/ULTRA settings

      Intel CELERON G1840 1,750
      EMAXX IH81LT 1,825
      gt730 1gb gddr5 64bit 2,490 – priority component
      kingston 4gb 804
      western sata blue 2,240
      case with psu 1,100
      this is same with my personal pc but with older cpu Intel Celeron G550 and i get the same performance.

      This build can play dota 2
      in 1080p low settings
      in 720p+ max settings

      INTEL PENTIUM G4400 2750
      ECS H110M4-C3D 1151,DDR4 2,775
      KINGSTON 4GB DDR4 PC2133MHz 900
      KINGSTON 4GB DDR4 PC2133MHz 900
      1tb western sata blue 2,240
      case with psu 1,100

      This build can play dota 2
      in 1080p low settings
      in 1600×900 max settings

      AMD KAVERI A8 7600 3.1GHz 3,450
      EMAXX EMX-A70FM2HD+ICAFE 2,025
      4GB DDR3 PC12800/1600 638
      4GB DDR3 PC12800/1600 638
      1tb western sata blue 2,240
      case with psu 1,100

      If you use IGPU make sure to use dual channel ram on your system unit. You can get at least 10% improvement on CPU side and 30 – 40% improvement on GPU side compared to single channel. Faster ram makes difference too but not as much as with dual channel vs single channel. I would rather pay 209 pesos more to play games on max settings then pay a few hundred less for a 720p low settings.

    • Alps Lynx says:

      Ganyan sana ang comment mo kanina very informative. Kesa yung kanina na may “bobo”. Grow Up kid.

    • fyi says:

      I am making them better, they could do better but they are just lazy. Too excited to post something halfway done.

  6. Karl Collantes says:

    Good post. Please do more of these.

  7. Gian says:

    Would suggest to get 1151 Asrock H110M-HDV DDR4 motherboard instead (P2850) and Gskill 4gb DDR4 (P1150) instead. That way, you won’t have to change to DDR4 motherboard in the future.

  8. Kaz says:

    To separate yourself from the rest, I’d suggest you do a build complete with peripherals, or at least identify them.

  9. JM says:

    Can you post naman the cheapest build to get maximized if not near max graphics for most games?

  10. Budget Gaming too for Php 20k

  11. Something is wrong with the math here the total for the AMD build is coming up to 10340, so it doesn’t meet the under 10k budget here.

  12. Bat Dude says:

    Good post more of these abe :) 20k tier 30k tier?

    Good Job.

    Don’t mind the people talking about dual channel.
    because they can do it even with same budget so it’s actually more of personal preference (it does improve but it’s somehow often situational and not always effective)
    but hey I checked the listing and in build 2 you can buy 2x2gb ddr3 for the same price(listed in the post) just different manufacturer.

  13. Jsnzldy says:

    Please make more of these for different price ranges ????. 20k, 30k, 40k ????

  14. RAZ says:

    for 40-50k gaming set up pls

  15. animefreak says:

    Sir, How about a build sheet recommendation for a HTPC box (that can be hooked to a LED TV via HDMI) that can play 4K and the new anime (hi10p) and h.265 formats without stuttering :)

  16. PEACE says:

    This is a good post. Tempted to build one instead of buying a new phone.

  17. LAN_7inches says:

    For more Building tips, click this –> http://ow.ly/DuxE301txRt

  18. Justine Dominic G Naguit says:

    tanong lang po wala po kasi akong alam sa computer.
    magkano po aabutin kapag bumuo po ako ng cpu na kaya ung dark souls 3?
    thanks po sa sagot

  19. gloomnomad says:

    Thanks for this!

  20. FYI says:

    Kung minsan na aawa ako sa mga nag papa build ng pc sa mga store’s kasi naman hindi praktikal mga nirerecommend nilang build. Bibigyan nila ng core i7 cpu tapos paparisan ng r7 240 na video card, napapa facepalm tuloy ako.

  21. James says:

    Ang sarap talaga mag basa sa mga comment dito, may matututunan din. Hahaha

  22. Newbie says:

    pwede na ba to for NBA 2k16?

  23. NewBae says:

    Mga boss pwede po bang magpatulong gusto ko po kasi bumili ng graphics para sa pc ko na to ano po ba ang mga pwedeng graphics card para dito http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=c01889666 please po pa help gusto ko po maglaro ng mga games na hindi lag.

  24. NewBae says:

    Hindi ko pa po kasi kayang bumili ng bagong pc kaya upgrade nlang

  25. Csy says:

    Hi anu build ba maganda around 20k pesos .. good for video editing softwares like adobe premiere at after fx. Thanks!

  26. michael casa says:

    eto talagang mga pinoy, pag nka anonymous name sa internet parang sila na yung pinaka marunong. bat hindi nlang keu mag suggest kesa puro nlng bash.

    ang iba nmn tao dito, lage nlng grammar at paragraph construction pinagtuunan pansin. gay / small dick people lang ang nag titrip ng ganito. mag share na lang nga keu ng mga nalalaman.

  27. thanks again for this :D

  28. Sean Eredia says:

    magkano ba GPU? 500gb nlng ksi bilin mong HDD tas 1k bili mo ng GPU TAPOS ANG PRBLEMA!

  29. Mac says:

    Bibili ako pc bukas, and i found out n maganda unh suggestions ni @fyi kaya lang u g presyo mo sir iba sa presyo sa enigma, like KINGSTON 4GB DDR4 PC2133MHz na 900 eh 1176 sa store. And one more thing his suggestions is only for cpu correct? Wala pa jan ang monitor, mouse, keyboard so that means kahit 10 aabutin ang pag build ng cpu, plus the expenses para sa iba pang haedware aabot din ng 13k

  30. king says:

    if you WANT the intel build which is good but lacks gaming performance make it cheaper without sacrificing performance
    2.buy 2 pcs of ddr3 2gb ram merong mura na 2nd hand in RJBP computer trading fb page 450 each
    3.case and psu combo may 900 pesos ung ang gamit ko nabili ko sa gilmore may mas mura pa walang room for cable manage ment sa jeff data pc fb page 180 pesos no psu pero makakakita ka ng 400 pesos na psu
    4. 500 gigs na hdd ok na un sa mga games movies ect pero kung may budget ka wag na un
    5.lahat ng natipid mo pambili mo ng gpu if brand new gusto mo gt 730 is a good card around 2500 pero pag 2nd hand gtx 530 or merong gt 730 na 2nd hand 2000 lang

    di yan lalampas ng13k pag madiskarte ka kaya yan 11k good luck sainyo promise diskarte lang katapat

  31. king says:

    ok rin bumili ng set from RJBP computer trading 3300 lang complete set na core 2 duo oo old cpu to pero pag gaming madalas 2 cores ang kailangan then upgrade mo nalang ung set nila atleast 10 k mo meron ka ng gaming set basta ung pu mo dapat is hindi lalmpas ng gtx 750 para walang bottleneck

  32. king says:

    ok rin bumili ng set from RJBP computer trading 3300 lang complete set na core 2 duo oo old cpu to pero pag gaming madalas 2 cores ang kailangan then upgrade mo nalang ung set nila atleast 10 k mo meron ka ng gaming set basta ung pu mo dapat is hindi lalmpas ng gtx 750 para walang bottleneck pwede gt 730

  33. Sean says:

    Nakita ko post nato 10 months ago… Coincidentally, yaan din ang nabili kong spec, pwera sa Case at psu at ram.
    Ang tanong ko ay OK lng ba and 1,5v ddr3 sa board na yan even tho the board officially support DDR3L which i think is 1.35v? Sabi ng mga tinanungan ko sa computer shops ok lng daw… Agree ba kayo?

  34. poldo says:

    where can i buy the 2nd build?

  35. SpookyGost says:

    Looking for a gaming desktop for 200k

  36. boogz says:

    maghahanap ako nang gaming desktop budget ko 10k, ung medyo ok po sana,

  37. TsupoipoT says:

    I GOt a Question bakit d kasama ung power supply d2?

  38. TsupipoT says:

    Pede po bang paki lagay kong saan ko mabibili itong mga parts na2

    • wilson says:

      sa gilmore sir umabot bali ng 14k ksma monitor 8gig ram amd a87600 sa fidilitek sa taas ng pc express mura sa kanila

  39. TLO Gaming says:

    ito mga boss check nyo din under 10,000 php budget lang yan for dota 2 gumagana rn cs go and gta v

  40. summer says:

    mga lodi recommended pc build po with a budget price para malaro ang nba2k18 gta5 the crew slamat..

  41. King says:

    WAG PANSININ ANG gumagamit ng word na “BOBO” matatalino kasing tao sila kaya nagsasalita sila palagi bobo , wag pansinin ang pansinin natin ang may sense na comment

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