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Archos Android tablets delayed due to Froyo

Just been informed by the local distributor of Archos that the launching of all 5 Android tablets and media players have been pushed back to first week of December.

We previously reported that the units will be ready by November. The delay is primarily due to their last-minute effort to have all units upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Click on image for full view.


We’ve also been given an update as to the final suggested retail price of the units. See table below for pricing schedule:

We’ve also been informed that there will be limited units to be shipped in so those who are decided to get one should make a no-down-payment reservations (just email [email protected]).

We’ll be getting a first hands-on with the Archos 101 later today so watch out for that too.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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41 Responses

  1. Jucato says:

    Hi! Thanks for the heads up.

    I’ve been debating whether I’ll be getting a Cherry Mobile Android device or an Archos this Christmas. The Archos 70 seems like a better (and more affordable) device than the CM Superion. But since they’re quite new products from “new” (as in new to local market) brands, I’m concerned about support services. My questions about Archos are:

    1. Will they have a walk-in store/kiosk in malls? Or do you have to order online and have it delivered?

    2. Does Archos have a local support/repair center?

    Thanks for this great site to keep Filipinos updated in the latest tech news. :)

    (BTW, my first post here in this site too :P)

  2. wilde says:

    Yup, I also got an email last week informing us for the delay.

    But I’m willing to wait. Anyway, wala pa naman ung 13th month pay eh. :)

    Yuga, if you don’t mind, we wanna see how’s the appearance when these tablets are hooked sa hdtv via hdmi.


  3. payaman says:

    kukuha ako nitong archo70, regalo ko sa sarili ko sa pasko. :-)

  4. anonymous says:

    The new prices are higher than what they sent me when I made a reservation. Are they trying to drive the prices up due to high demand and lack of units? I’m having second thoughts. I might just purchase the Galaxy tab instead should they continue to play around with the price. This price change is very irritating. Really, would the P500 difference spell a big difference in their bottom line? Peso is getting stronger in the holiday season so there is no justification for the increase.

  5. islacom philippines says:

    i would love to get the Archos 70 with 250gb HDD
    it would be perfect for watching videos on different formats
    just download.
    I also liked the battery on this device
    a good buy also because of its reasonable price.

    I still love my iPad 3G. but this is a great sidekick!


    First time to try android if ever I’ll push through in buying the 7inch device.


  6. rotero says:

    is this archo related to the ereader?

  7. Bullet says:

    I have been waiting for the archos tablets to arrive that since the last week of October, I’ve been calling v-technologies,inc.,the exclusive distributor to ask when these archos would finally land on the Philippine shore…I just have this little concern about which unit I should buy. I want archos 70 w/250gig coz of the memory, but I also want archos 101 coz of the resolution.I am fond of downloading applications and watching movies/videos. Can you help me decide which archos would be most useful to me?Can you feature a comparison of the two in terms of usefulness (for people like me who loves surfing the internet, downloading and watching videos).Thanks.I’d really appreciate it if you could enlighten me.

  8. islacom singapore says:

    Archos 70 250gb looks very good

    for watching movies.

    I would like to have one this december


  9. leninmac says:

    Hi Yuga,I’m also interested in buying the Archos 70. I already spoke with the Operations Manager of VTech. I just have a question, Can you use the expandable memory card for apps or is it purely for multimedia storage (similar to Blackberry devices)? Thanks. ;)

  10. providence says:


    Froyo supports applications in the SD card. Pre-Froyo also supports but you need to “Root” your device and apply a few hacks to get it working.

    im using Archos 5 IT 32GB that I got from V-Tech.
    Its really good, no more converting videos unlike in iPod Touch. Also my unit supports subtitles, and MKV file format.

  11. Jay says:

    @ Jucato

    “The Archos 70 seems like a better (and more affordable) device than the CM Superion”

    The Cherry Mobile Superion is also a phone. There was nothing in Technical specs posted above that tells us that the Archos has mobile phone capability.

    Does it have, Yuga?

  12. geogetski says:


    the archos 70 doesn’t have phone features but the upside is the better battery life and processor + the added internal ssd or hdd depending on which model you get :)

    imo archos 70 250gb will be the best buy with that capacity it would be a mobile media station wherever you go :)

  13. payaman says:

    will android devices perform well with HDD? baka mas mabagal e, ska madaling msira kapag naalog. hehe.. kaya 8gb flash version na lang ang pinareserve ko.

  14. cosmic says:

    pwede ba toh sa powerpoint presentation?


  15. Jucato says:

    @Jay: It is indeed cheaper if you consider the 250GB HDD option.

    My only hesitation about the HDD option is because of moving parts and probably heat generated vs. SSD storage.

    Another question, will Android Market be available here, or only Archos’ own market?

  16. payaman says:

    arrrrggh!!!! someone from archos texted me this morning! archos70 will be available tomorrow or by saturday!!!

    wala pa akong pambayad! hehehe

  17. payaman says:

    yung kausap ko hindi alam ang RAM. 1Ghz ang sagot nya sa tanong ko

  18. Chu says:

    @cosmic i think if you install documents to go or thinkfree, powerpoint, word, excel can be read and edited.

    Here’s the link I used to install google marketplace.


  19. payaman says:

    hi chu, do you personally own an android archos?

  20. Chu says:

    yes, but not the new one. Archos 5 IT 32gb.

  21. covi says:

    I bought the archos 101 with android 2.1 in Singapore earlier this week. The website says the upgrade will come tomorrow (Nov 12!).

    I must say that you get a good deal for the price. The tablet is very thin and the build is solid. The pixel density and viewing angle is passable. I also sideloaded google marketplace effortlessly. The tech specs doesnt specify it, but I think it only has 256MB of RAM. Theres a USB and microUSB slot that can act as a slave, ie you can use any plug and play device like mouse and keyboard. And with the HDMI plug, I can output the screen to my LCD TV while playing Angrey Birds!

  22. payaman says:

    how’s the UI and APPS experience, given that it has only 256Mb of RAM?

  23. Logan123 says:

    To those who already bought this unit (101 or 70). Is it true that despite having a webcam, you can’t perform videocalling either via ym or skype? I’ve read in another in another blog that you can’t. If that’s the case, what’s the purpose of having an front vga camera? ;(

  24. payaman says:

    wala pa daw yun archos.. eccchhos lang pala yun nagtext sa akin. baka daw last week ng november.

  25. leninmac says:


    It’s actually first week of december not last week of november according to the vtech operations manager kaya lng you need to reserve in advance.

  26. kharen says:

    Hi Can you please reserve 1 for me..
    Archos 70 250gb .. thanks

  27. karlo says:

    i purchased the a70 it 8gb last Nov. 6 in Singapore. very impressive device indeed. i’m a loyal archos user. every pmp i’ve owned was an archos.

    @ Logan123
    i have not tried using skype or ym. the front camera is for video calls via fring. personally tested it and it works.

    @ payaman
    overall system speed is very impressive. kahit 256mb sya, i never noticed any hang-ups. i recommend getting the 8gb flash version. i used to own a generation5 a5 imt (250gb, hhd based). flash based unit are really something, faster to boot, gives you better peace of mind because of no moving parts and only sips on your unit’s battery instead of slurping it! :)

  28. payaman says:

    thanks karlo.

    kahapon nabaliw naman ako sa galaxy tab! hahaha

    i originally want an android phone and a tablet, then yesterday i suddenly thought of having galaxy tab to have it 2 in 1. kaso nakita ko yun galaxy tab sa glorietta, medyo malaki, mahirap sya gamitin as a PHONE..ayun, balik ako sa archos70. hehe

  29. payaman says:

    karlo, pwede bang saksakan ng usb thumb drive yang a70?

  30. covi says:

    256MB is good enough RAM as long as you dont have too many apps installed and running at the same time. With Froyo, you can install apps at the SD card. What I do is save the apk (installer) file on my SD card and install those non-frequent apps only when needed.

    the UI is like a stock android. archos didn’t put a lot of additional layer on top of it.

    you can use the USB as host, ie for any plug and play device. Ive tested it with flash drives, mouse and a wireless keyboard.

    YM and skype for android doesnt have video calling (yet). Try Fring instead.

  31. payaman says:

    wow! i’m getting more and more excited for my a70 to come! come come come to papa! hehehe

    pls recommend a good forum/blog site for archos70 tips/tweaks/recommended apps.

    thanks. :-D

  32. Concerned says:


    how much did you buy the a70 for and where to buy in singapore?

    much appreciated. thanks

  33. Concerned says:


    how much did you buy the a101 for and where to buy in singapore? do you know price of the a70?

    much appreciated. thanks

  34. watcher says:

    Plz.. tell me where I can buy an archos 70 in the philippines. I really really want to buy it. I’ve searched it in greenhill. Nothing I could find.

    [email protected]

  35. watcher says:

    Plz.. tell me where I can buy an archos 70 in the philippines, not 7 home tablet. I really really want to buy it. I’ve searched it in greenhill. Nothing I could find.

    [email protected]

  36. covi says:

    check the stores at Funan. There’s at least 3-4 stores selling them. The standard price for the Archos 101 8GB is SGD 499 and SGD 599 for the 16GB version. You can bargain as low as SGD 580 for the 16GB. And best of all, you get GST refund at the airport!

  37. KiLLeRKaMaTiS says:

    Archos philipines confirmed that archos 101 will be available @ the 3rd week of December.. :(

    I want one now!! hehe!

  38. NineSwordz says:

    Target: Archos 70 8gb! XD

  39. macau says:

    ei hope me skype and ym for video calls na for archos70

  40. the payment is via paypal when you order online?? San location sa pinas??

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