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Inno3D outs GeForce GTX 470 & GTX480

Inno3D yesterday showed us their new flagship graphics card — the GeForce GTX 470/480, their fastest GPUs so far (and also claims as currently the fastest in the world).

The numbers will speak for themselves and the GeForce GTX 480 has some pretty stats to its credit.

Inno3D GeForce GTX 480
700MHz core speed
480 shader processors @ 1,401MHz
384-bit interface
1.5GB GDDR5 RAM @ 1,848MHz

Being the top of the line video card, the GTX480 does not come cheap. Expect it to be selling north of Php25,000 in stores.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, the GTX470 is next in line.

Inno3D GeForce GTX 470
607MHz core speed
448 shader processors @ 1,215MHz
320-bit interface
1.28GB GDDR5 RAM @ 1,674MHz

The GTX470 has a price point of at least Php15,000 in stores.

The GTX480 takes about 3 slot spaces in the PC while the GTX470 takes 2 slot spaces. Both cards has the blessings of nVidia’s CUDA, 3D Vision and PhysX technologies as well as support for Microsoft’s DirectX 11.

Disclosure: The GTX470 box in the photos above is the prize I won during their raffle at the Inno3D prescon. It will find its way to my PC, replacing the old GTX275.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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36 Responses

  1. Lezuric says:

    Gezz!!! I wish I could have one! men this is really great!

  2. techiebiox says:

    is this more better than the NVIDIA quadro??

  3. Spidey says:

    Saw it the flesh…

    Just few minutes ago at Yugatech’s HQ!

  4. jabo says:

    spell video card?!

  5. yuga says:

    @jabo: p-h-p-2-5-0-0-0, video card! :D

  6. VeeBoi says:

    Sir Yuga pa-raffle mo din ung GTX275 mo hehe :P

  7. Jim says:

    Sir Abe, iparaffle niyo GTX275 card niyo. hehe

  8. Fleeb says:

    That expensive card’s hot and draws much power. It may be fast, but not really efficient.

  9. lolipown says:

    Now if only it didn’t chow on power that much…

  10. itechme says:

    it’s very expensive!

    pede na yan pang DOTA and PvZ haha

  11. Jhay says:

    25k to play DOTA and Farmville? :P

    With this card in your rig, you better prepare to upgrade your power supply and cooling system as well.

    I’ve read in forums that this card can run really hot.

  12. Jercouzen says:

    I’ve looooong been a member of the green team. Waited like forever for this to come out. Sadly, this is one big disappointment from Nvidia. It’s 6 months late and overpriced.

    Though this might be worth buying when the prices go down, or when more tessalation-heavy DX11 titles come out, coz that is where Fermi excels.

    Will look forward to the next Fermi derivative/die shrink though. Still green team at heart. lol. :D


    Quadros are geared towards professional 3D apps where it offers hardware acceleration. They are not optimized for gaming and are far, far more expensive.

  13. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    *waits for a decent GPU with low power consumption

  14. Joshua says:

    Nah.. if imabee buyin that card it won’t be in pesos..

  15. fr0stbyte says:

    Here’s the problem with the new GTXs.. They run too hot! I’d stick with Radeons. Issue rin kasi dito kung mas mabilis ang lifespan dahil sa excess heat.

  16. Jercouzen says:

    Yup. Huge die = huge TDP.

    Better to wait for a die-shrink for this one. Reminds me of the G80.. lol.

  17. Tuldok says:

    It’s fast, and it’s hot.

    Expect it to strain the heck out of your cooling system ^^

  18. Jercouzen says:

    The shroud leads hot air out. So the worry wouldn’t be accumulation of heat inside the case, but rather feeding the card itself with enough air. Most cases don’t have air intake at the lower portion of the side panel. Some that do, don’t have it at the right spot, which in this case, should be closer to the front, to align with the GTX480/470 intake.

  19. [-erick-] says:

    I hope i can overclock this one in time for DCE (Davao Cyber Expo 2010) on july.


    performance vs performance this is the best single gpu on the market.

  20. Jercouzen says:

    Performance vs Performance? Comparing the same metric against itself?

    Anyway, that’s a quad-SLI screenshot you just posted. The GTX480 trails behind a 5870 in vantage, so the title of best single GPU is still a touch and go matter. It’s mostly engine/renderer affected.

    Maybe out of the box, the GTX480 can perform better as a single card for some titles, but considering the price, power consumption, and heat (oh my god the heat!)it’s closer to a dual 5850 in crossfire (which performs better too) than a single-GPU 5870 (which still kicks its ass in some cases).

    Don’t get me wrong though. I’m sure nvidia did the architecture on this one right. They just made it on the wrong silicon process. They need a die shrink fast, or they will lose out even more.

  21. [-erick-] says:

    yep, that’s a gtx295 sli. i have used that setup last dce09.

    Hope i can do 480 or a 5970 for dce10.


    quote – “When you get right down to it the GTX 480 offers up better performance than the HD 5870. That’s the expectation the world had for this card. In 44 out of 48 tests run the GTX 480 delivered a higher level of performance, a pretty stout performance. In the four tests that it did not outright win, two showed performance equal to the HD 5870 and the two it lost were not by a large margin. With those kind of performance results I have to say that NVIDIA delivered a card that did what it was meant to do, deliver a higher level of performance. This was more evident in the newer games and DirectX 11 game and benchmark results where the GTX 480 cleaned house.”

    thats why i said perf vs perf; hands down 5870 are more cheaper, cooler and use less juice.

    if you factor in price,heat,power consumption 5870 wins hands down. :)

    There are already a few 480’s in TPC… am just waiting on the fence…

    either way; its up to the readers if they are willing to part their moola on this green release.

  22. Jercouzen says:

    Their superior tessalator is the GF100s real weapon against the ATI 5k series. When more DX11 titles come out, then the GF100s will probably show its real value. And yeah, it’s up to the buyers whether they want to spend it on the green or red team. Those who want raw performance on a single card may want to go green. Those who favor efficiency and value may want to opt for red.

    What I really want is for the GF100s to push the red team prices down (which may not take place for a few weeks, given nvidia isn’t really in the same price segment – yet).

    That, and well, what I said a few times – a die shrink. If they can get the TDP down on that thing, I don’t care if it’s 25,000 pesos, I will buy that in a heartbeat. lol.

  23. [-erick-] says:

    too true; i hope they do release a 480 v2 with lesser heat, juice consumption.

    if not i will wait though for more dx11 titles before taking the plunge.

    8600gt -> gtx280 (watercooled) -> gtx295 -> gtx5xx


  24. Mark X says:

    Just my personal feedback on the 480. I got a 480 at 25,100 pesos and tried it on my PC. Yup it’s kinda hot so I added fan and upgraded my power supply which I was really going to. I was nor expecting anything because but when I started using it, I never got this kind of performance at all. I is very, very good. I am impressed. I am not tech savy or even that geeky but I just thrilled that NVIDIA has put out this product. I used to have the ATI Radeon cards and I think they are still great but now I am an NVIDIA fan.

  25. Jercouzen says:

    I’ve been a green team fan since GeForce 256.. lol

    And I still am. But not to the extent as to jump blindly at anything they dish out. So right now, waiting is the more logical choice for me, wait for more DX11, or wait for a die shrink.

    Being a high-end parts consumer for many years, I think I’m already immune to the hype. Unless you don’t really care about how you spend your money (or you got too much and don’t know how else to waste it), you’ll be astonished time and again on how your investment quickly loses value.

    It’s an all too familiar story. We rush to buy the best the market has to offer. Production ramps up, demands die down. In six months your $499 USD investment has depreciated to the $250 segment.

    I still don’t mind spending big. But I try to make sure that what I buy is useful in the long run. If the product doesn’t seem up to the task, I’d rather buy something with better performance vs price, then upgrade when the need arises. This way, I stand to lose less money even if I upgrade twice the number of times compared to getting the very top end.

  26. JJ says:

    Just a thought! There are a number of consumers who has the money to spend it so let them. It is our right as a consumer to choose whatever we want. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. I feel that the point is well made but it is actually an individuals decision or preference on what to buy. Peace!

  27. Felix says:

    Well yeah! If it losses value that may be but it is still the buyers choice. One can always settle for the best buy. But people has the option to get what they want too.

  28. Jack Daniels says:

    I just installed an inno3d GTX 470 on my i5 650 rig and am a bit worried about temperatures. Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on a Hawk, so I made do with the single fan version.

    At stock speeds, the fan kept the GPU at around 88°C, maximum resolution texture settings with 2x supersampling. I tried adjusting the fan speed manually using Nvidia’s device performance panel, and the GPU’s core temp rose to 92°C.

    I noticed that on auto, the fan speed varied according to the heat generated. The higher the temp, the faster the fan speed. This was not the case when I attempted to increase the fan speed manually.

    I would think that 88°C is a bit too much. Or is it? I don’t like to mess with the hardware and I generally keep things on stock (or auto). What would be the optimum temp at full load on a GTX 470?

    Sorry for the long post. I tried to get in as much detail as possible so you guys could offer relevant opinions and — hopefully — advice.



  29. [-erick-] says:

    when you do use the “Manual” fan speed control, i set it to 100% (it does run loud) but my other 5 perf fans dishing out 100% fan speed so… not so much issue on the noise.

    You better use the “auto” if you can’t watch the temps. (specially when gaming on full screen) unless you got the g15/g19 keyboard’s.

    those temps are average on a 470/480’s.

    I am currently [email protected] (folding) on a 295 (single pcb) will swap with a friend for his sammy and put it under water for DCE2010.

    what i have learned from fellow folders who uses 470/480’s are around 85-90c; You have to watch your temps when it reaches 95 and above (coz this temps are dangerously close) to burn out of those babies.


  30. Jack Daniels says:


    And, as per your advice, I’ve kept the fan on auto. I’ve been told that — as you had pointed out — temps of 85°C and 90°C are to expected of the 470.

    I tried playing Arma 2 on high settings, though, and my GPU temps jumped around erratically. At one point, it skyrocketed to over 100°C for around two seconds before dropping back to below 90°C.

    The thing is, I would not have noticed the surge in temps had it not been for the graph on the Argus monitor I’ve installed. The gameplay was actually smooth. Be that as it may, I never tried playing that game on high settings again.

    I’m considering setting up two 470s in SLI. How would one go about managing the heat on such a system? (By the way, I’ve replaced my i5 650 with an i5 750 — another heat-generating mother–.)

    Would appreciate advice. Thanks.

  31. [-erick-] says:

    If you can put those babies under water that would be the best. Full load on those gpu’s will be kept at 40-45c to 65c-70c depends on the ambient temps. I have no AC so my ambient temps around 30-35c, for a wcs gtx280 was (40 idle, 45c load) even at [email protected] (folding at home) for 3days it never reached over 50c I am in the process of getting mine (the gpu blocks are in transit from the us)

    If you are planning air cooling please post your mobo so we can calculate if its a single/dual/tri pci slot difference



    Will post here when i have finished setting up a wcs for a friends rig

    i7 980x
    evga tri sli classified
    corsair 800D

  32. johnross says:

    mga tol saan mabibili ang gtx 480 sa manila.or sa north province kasi gusto ko bumili nyan.wla kasi ako mahanap na ati 5970

  33. [-erick-] says:

    @john meron marami sa TPC ;) search mo na lang duoon.

    Try to get the evga 480’s 40’c under water ;)

  34. raphael says:

    wow. ok na ok ah. sarap mag edit ng videos nito at maglaro ng games..

    sana medyo mababa na ng konti yung price nito.

    thanks sa post yuga.

  35. Arvin Roland says:

    Sorry guys,.,I just got my hand to this product at 14,200 php and it’s so cool, runs smoothly, and with the Antec DF85 casing, the heat is gone with it’s 7 fans

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