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It’s the Apple iPad!

[ Updated: Read our full iPad Review ] So it’s a tablet PC and Steve Jobs calls it the iPad. Think 6 times the size of the iPod Touch. Kinda funny name though. What say you?

The Apple iPad specs:
9.7″ display screen @ 1024×768 pixels
16Gb to 64GB Flash Drive
1GHz Apple A4 Chip
Bluetooth 2.1
WiFi 802.11n
3G optional (uses new micro-SIM)
10 hours battery life

This device is really thin at 0.5″ or 13.4mm. Weighs just 1.5lbs too. The device is basically an enlarged iPhone with more processing power so they’re able to add more features like iBook, iWorks, and better browsing and gaming experience.

So that’s why they bought that PA Semiconductor back in 2008. That could have been their ticket to the 1GHz Apple A4 Chip (Qualcomm is also doing the SnapDragon 1GHz which now powers the Google Nexus One).

The iPad can run all iPhone Apps out of the box, although full screen will kinda be pixelated due to pixel-doubling. Price starts at $499. Twice the price of an iPod Touch. Not bad!

iPad WiFi 16GB: $499
iPad WiFi 32GB: $599
iPad WiFi 64GB: $699

iPad WiFi+3G 16GB: $629
iPad WiFi+3G 16GB: $729
iPad WiFi+3G 16GB: $829

We’ll have to wait 60 days more for this to be available worldwide and 90 days for the 3G model.

Then again the name iPad really does smell. I fear Steve will rename the iPod Touch as the iPad Mini. *heh*

So, who’s buying one?

[ Updated: Read our full iPad Review ]

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

146 Responses

  1. Avatar for Pupathi Sadagopan Pupathi Sadagopan says:

    Wow! What a device…I like it very much!

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  3. Avatar for Jeff Blue E. Rodolfo Jeff Blue E. Rodolfo says:

    Hi, I just wanna ask when is Ipad 3 and Iphone 5 coming out here in the Philippines? I need an exact date.If I`m going to purchase it in USA would the price more cheaper than the price here in the Philippines once it`ll come out in the market? Please answer. Thank you! :)

  4. Avatar for MT MT says:

    During iPad’s birth, its use was questioned.
    Look around now, it became one of the most loved device today.:-)

  5. Avatar for Great PDF Great PDF says:

    This gadget will be a “must” for profs and students alike.

  6. Avatar for erwin erwin says:

    i like it!so much..

  7. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    How much is the cheapest iPad 32GB WIFI+3G, and where to buy (store)? I want one as a X-Mas present for myself hehehe.

  8. Avatar for Pat Pat says:

    Where can I buy iPad here in the Philippines?

  9. Avatar for bitoy bitoy says:

    Boss Abe! kelan ba yan darating dito sa pinas?

  10. Avatar for Truebluemd Truebluemd says:

    I finally bought an iPad after many weeks of going back and forth to the Apple store. Before, I thought of the iPad as a hypertrophied iPod touch. It still is, but with more functionality. Aside from being an e-book reader, gaming console, digital picture frame, and being able to surf the web, check emails, watch movies and TV, listen to the internet radio and you iPod music, and social networking, it offers more. In fact, more and more medical schools here in the US use this not only as, say, their atlas for anatomy, but also transcripts of medical notes (pdf and doc files). If you have so many pdf and doc files and books like me, this is a good gadget for you especially for those professionals who do not want to carry so many things. I use these functional apps for my work: Pages and Goodreader, to name a few. I got the 64GB wifi + 3G for $830 (of course, plus tax of 10%). My first choice was a 16GB wifi-only model, but Best Buy only has this top of the line model. What compelled me to purchase this gadgetry? I wanted to get rid of my Nokia Booklet 3G.

    I love reading stuff – be it educational or otherwise. Reading my books on my iphone4 strains my eyes too much. I’d rather have the full experience of an e-book reader. It is also ideal for reading/ watching the news. By the way, months before, I was supposed to buy the Amazon Kindle. Good thing I did NOT buy it. I was contemplating on buying a Sony, Nook, or a Kindle. All of them disappointed me because they’re all TOO slow. Mind you, I really went to Barnes and Noble to try the Nook. Nook’s nice but is really slow and is known for its “hiccup” moments. I went to Best Buy to try out the Sony E-reader. It is slow as well. But with the iPad, the experience is totally different (it’s amazingly very responsive and fast especially on wifi). Does it cause eye-strain when reading? No, because you can adjust the screen brightness and the display (Sephia, Black, or White) to make it softer and more pleasant to the eyes while reading. I also use this to read the Bible (you have to download it from Amazon) be it in Church or at home.

    What are the cons? Undeniably, cost for most. There is no built-in camera. You have to buy an Apple adapter for you to be able to use your camera. No SD slot, but Apple sells a separate adapter for the SD card slot. The iBookstore App is inferior to Amazon Kindle App for the ipad and iphone. I use the Kindle app more because they have more variety.

    I tried to find the meaning in the alleged and seemingly “useless” device for some. In my opinion, this computer is very functional. In fact, I use my iphone4 less and less. The fact that this computer tablet is gaining ground in US universities, churches, and the business world, Apple and third-party developers will try to make it more and more purposeful.

  11. Avatar for klaydze klaydze says:

    ano pagkakaiba ni ipad wifi vs ipad wifi + 3G? Thanks

  12. Avatar for chowchowcute chowchowcute says:

    It will be almost the same, according to Steve Jobs International iPads cost more because of the US tax

  13. Avatar for Pat Pat says:

    I’m wondering how much is the iPad if it’s available here already. Right now, it’s overpriced.

  14. Avatar for Alain Alain says:

    Hi I’m selling iPad for 34k only. =D contact me if you want one. 092239*****

  15. Avatar for Emil Villafria Emil Villafria says:

    is this iPAD can run applcation made in visual basic 6 or visual studio 2008? we would like to test this iPAD hopefully it could come here this month in the Phil.

  16. Avatar for Jena Jena says:

    Ha! i think this device is useless.. somewhat the same as the archos 9 but i think this is cooler.. not to mention more popular than archos. anyway, i’d rather buy a tablet than buy this.. although it’s very thin, light, cool design, etc, yata yata yata, this and that, as a student, this is useless. Can you even install other applications here aside from the apple apps?? id rather stick to my pavilion..

  17. Avatar for Jena Jena says:

    Ha! i think this device is useless.. somewhat the same as the archos 9 but i think this is cooler.. not to mention more popular than archos. anyway, i’d rather buy a tablet than buy this.. although it’s very thin, light, cool design, etc, yata yata yata, this and that, as a student, this is useless. Can you even install other applications here aside from the apple apps?? id rather stick with my pavilion..

  18. Avatar for Jena Jena says:

    Ha! i think this device is useless.. somewhat the same as the archos 9 but i think this is cooler.. not to mention more popular than archos. anyway, i’d rather buy a tablet than buy this.. although it’s very thin, light, cool design, etc, yata yata yata, this and that, as a student, this is useless. Can you even install other applications here aside from the apple apps?? id rather stick with my pavillion..

  19. Avatar for andi andi says:

    greatgadgetshop selling at P50k!! it’s so overpriced naman. We asked a friend to buy it for us and we paid lang 33thou. Of course, you have to look for someone coming home from the U.S.

  20. Avatar for Sam Sam says:

    Ipads are available npo dito sa Pinas via Great Gadget Shop http://greatgadgetshop.com

    Free delivery within Metro Manila. COD or credit card installment po (bpi under SI program.

  21. Avatar for Ryan Ang Ryan Ang says:


    yes, and it makes a compelling reason to finally buy one. except that it will be released for the iPad by Fall so around Sept-Oct.

    One can buy the hardware now though and just wait for the release of the update. I’ve heard local stores might carry it around May-June :)

  22. Avatar for fieldsheer fieldsheer says:

    Tax: before iphone os4 came out those are the two examples where you CAN actually multitask. If you have a iphone or touch you would know that you can listen to music while doing pretty much anything else, mail, safari, games and many other apps.

    that was all BEFORE iphone OS4

    Now that is out, complete multitasking is ALL possible.

    its all VERY much happening

  23. Avatar for lito lito says:

    hu! sana wait ko nalang ipad to be ship in the philippines bago ako bumili ng ipod touch. i call it nalang ipod mini touch.

  24. Avatar for Tax Tax says:

    Was looking forward to use this as a GPS device and music player at the same time, or reading books and listening at the same time.

    Not happening

  25. Avatar for Emerson Emerson says:

    wait for Microsoft to come up with their own version, definitely would be a seller… hehehe

    Apple’s product are avant garde but when it comes to marketability and after sales. don’t expect too much… what really matters is the flexibility of a product… adaptability is the key not technology… technology is just a by-product of adaptability

  26. Avatar for fieldsheer fieldsheer says:

    uh jun, if you read my post i said “The ipad on the other hand CAN be an e-reader but its much much more than that. .”

    but you’re right, lets do a search just like you said.





    If you’re still not convinced try this as well,


  27. Avatar for Jun Jun says:

    fieldsheer, the ipad is an e-book reader but offers more than other e-book readers out there.

    check this http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=32201&tag=nl.e539

    I can’t believe you said the comparison is not between ipad and kindle, if you just type “ipad vs…” in any search engine, you would be surprise that amazon’s kindle would always be mentioned. It’s because the real techies think that the closest competitors are ipad and kindle (though there’s about a dozen more gadget ipad is being compared too.)


  28. Avatar for fieldsheer fieldsheer says:

    uh, jun, no the comparison is not between the ipad and the kindle. The kindle has a specific purpose and it achieves it very very well. The ipad on the other hand CAN be an e-reader but its much much more than that.

    Only real techies know that you can’t compare the two and only real techies will go out and buy both.

    end of discussion.

  29. Avatar for edward edward says:

    shit it has no camera pero mganda nman

  30. Avatar for lito lito says:

    i thought ipad ay isa lang gadget na hindi ganon katindi ng pagkagawa. have one if the price is not like the iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! frustrating iphone to filipino users.

  31. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    i really…really…really… like this!! “ipad”=/

  32. Avatar for khang khang says:

    I wonder when will this be available dito sa Philippines?

  33. Avatar for jun jun says:

    This is a lot better than Amazon’s Kindle. The comparison is not between ipod and ipad, but rather ipad and kindle. If you love to read or watch video on the run,,, this one is for you…

  34. Avatar for choosypinony choosypinony says:

    apples products are definitely geared towards applications sales and not on the hardware itself. so what applications best bring it off the ground to revenue-haven?

  35. Avatar for rrah constantino rrah constantino says:

    ipad is soo expensive!!

  36. Avatar for tmg tmg says:

    just when we thought it was gonna be called the “islate” since the domain name was reserved, they came out with ipad instead…

  37. Avatar for jologs jologs says:

    i hope this ipad thing here can have any application to turn pdf to ebooks or any…..

  38. Avatar for WebGeek Philippines WebGeek Philippines says:

    nag enjoy ako nung pinanuod ko live stream ng prescon nyan sakto birthday ko pa, hmmm sana makabili ako nyan haha

  39. Avatar for Mikee Maestro Mikee Maestro says:

    tnx for this article. I wud definitely gonna buy this product! I renamed my iphone 3g as “ipad 3g” hekhek! Cant wait!

  40. Avatar for renz niefes renz niefes says:

    I just have bought my ipod touch 3rd generation and the first thing that came into my mind is, i wish the screen is bigger. And that wish came true. Welcome to the woeld ipad!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  41. Avatar for renz renz says:

    I just have bought my ipod touch 3rd generation and the first thing that came into my mind is, i wish the screen is bigger. And that wish came true. Welcome to the woeld ipad!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  42. Avatar for Joshua Masangcay Joshua Masangcay says:

    I’m just waiting for it to have a camera and flash in safari

  43. Avatar for Joshua Masangcay Joshua Masangcay says:

    I’m waiting for it to have flash and a front camera perhaps and GPS


  44. Avatar for nonoy nonoy says:

    i tot iPad was just a coined word just for fun…i watched it way back then in the madtv…now it’s a tech stuff! hahha…brilliant steve jobs!

    anyway, im gonna earn money for this…i’ll surely get one for my self…i wanna have the one with 3g and wifi…excited.

  45. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    “Maybe you’re just poor?”

    just keep telling yourself that bub

  46. Avatar for JESUS H CHRIST JESUS H CHRIST says:

    What the hell? I love I-pad. I love its features and I believe APPLE will work on adjusting its specs just like what they did on their recent products. I also don’t compare its features on a laptop… so fuck this. I’m buying it. Maybe you’re just poor? hahaha

  47. Avatar for dot dot says:

    IBM started with the Pad names, remember their laptops, “ThinkPad”. Sa game console, Nintendo Wii, pero naging mabenta. Wala siguro sa pangalan yan.

  48. Avatar for Gorilla Gorilla says:

    #1 Maybe the real “iSlate” is still under development?

    #2 or maybe the “ipad” is the first stepping stone to become “islate”?

    Let us see how apple evolve this kind of technology. Maybe they have a plan?

    Btw, please count me in to those numbers who will “NOT” buy this “ipad”

  49. Avatar for Eka Eka says:

    Tempting but it’s still in it’s awkward stage. I’ll wait and see how this innovation progresses. I don’t mind the name that much, although parang barok na iPod ang tunog… hehehe I honestly thought this was joke when I first heard about it because of it’s name.

  50. Avatar for L.R. L.R. says:

    matatawa lang ako sa mga taong bibili nyan… pang porma lang yan eh. Not all apple products must be a success… itong iPad pwede ba wag nang ipilit! ala namang silbi

    imagine bitbit mo yan while listening to itunes hahaha

    peace! :)

  51. Avatar for Marky Marky says:

    It’s an Amazon Kindle + media player. Nothing much

  52. Avatar for The Teknisyan The Teknisyan says:

    I agree with Yuga… what’s to hate with ipad aside from the name. faster, better and just give it a few weeks or months… developers will come out with a very very good apps that will make you want to say… “I want that!!!!”.

    Remember.. apple is a hardware company and uses software as a leverage. This can be a new platform that they are bringing out, so developers can create that apps for touch screens that cannot be created on iphone or itouch.

    What I don’t like aside from the name, is the bezel, its too large. ;) They should have atleast.. made it a little smaller.

    And I thought the name would be iSlate… good thing is doesn’t have wings!!! heheheh


  53. Avatar for Gorilla Gorilla says:

    you guys might be interested with this article.

    What’s missing from the Apple Ipad?

    Here is the page where you can see the tech specs of ipad.

    I was expecting more with this new product of apple, ipad. But then after reading the article and the specs. I’ve realized that my iPhone 3.1 (1st gen) is still good! Why do I buy this oversize iTouch?!

  54. Avatar for Gorilla Gorilla says:

    you guys might want to read this.

    What’s missing from the Apple Ipad?

  55. Avatar for kancer kancer says:

    just an OVERSIZED ipod touch nothing more

    what a disappointing product from apple, and might i say, one of the few

  56. Avatar for Guyrony Guyrony says:

    And I thought the speculated ISlate was a bad name already. Hehe…

  57. Avatar for xxm xxm says:

    not interested, this is just total waste of money

  58. Avatar for kumagpoko kumagpoko says:

    netbook > ipad

  59. Avatar for hehe hehe says:

    dami na naman nito ma u uto si pareng steve jobs…

  60. Avatar for Eve Eve says:

    i agree, should have been OSX

  61. Avatar for Andew Mercado Andew Mercado says:

    Forget the iPad. Projection Touchscreens Are Coming Soon. link: http://bit.ly/aWxeeH

  62. Avatar for Ram Ram says:

    I’d like it though, if they’ve just chosen OSX over iPhone OS :|

  63. Avatar for Ram Ram says:

    The name sound’s like it was derived from a sanitary napkin :D

  64. Avatar for mousephotato mousephotato says:

    For sure they have the version 2 of that lahat ng hinahanap ng tao dun makikita.. ganyan naman ang business technique ni Apple they dont give full blown features kahit pwede naman. They give it little by little.

    Ipad if you will compare your technology to Kindle or Nook yes I will vote for you… for netbook… I dont think so.

  65. Avatar for Andew Mercado Andew Mercado says:

    So, the next gen. iphone will probably run on 1GHz Apple A4 Chip, meaning no AMOLED screen, no dual core? oic, Apple really on their own world. I think apple is trying to leverage on popularity of iphone/ipod touch 100,000+ apps to its new ipad because Apple mentioned during the press release that iphone/ipod apps are compatible with this new ipad. Good business strategy though. I don’t know but I’m always reluctant to buy 1st generation product. I always wait for upgrades and price adjustments. Perhaps, apple’s competitors will offer better choices like HP Slate for example that runs on windows 7 with touch capabilities.

  66. Avatar for idookee idookee says:

    Pretty disappointing coming from apple, too much bezel for me (kinda looks like a digital picture frame), running Iphone OS 3.2??????, no multi-tasking, no cam, geez, the archos 9 comes out way nicer than this.

    just my 2 cents.

  67. Avatar for Starshadow Rivaulx Starshadow Rivaulx says:

    Well…it’s Apple. One thing I’ve observed with Apple, never *ever* be an early-adopter of the technology. Wait till the software upgrades and hardware modifications come out; especially wait for the apps to come out, then that’s the time to get in on the fun and games.

    Because seriously? Who wants to invest in first-gen technology that your phone or current laptop can do better for now?

    Not that I’d ever buy an Apple – too rich for my blood, and my tastes run to the simple, like Linux Mint (laptop) and Windows XP (netbook). Then again, I could win the Lotto and cheerfully eat all my words, y/y?

  68. Avatar for braindead braindead says:

    my 3gs wins bigtime!

  69. Avatar for Jason Jason says:

    I’ll still get it despite the comments above.

    Geez. If people want a PC experience go get a laptop pc :p

  70. Avatar for Adrian Adrian says:

    pag labas sa singapore bili ako agad :)

  71. Avatar for Funny Pinoy Facebook Fan Pages Funny Pinoy Facebook Fan Pages says:

    Its an epic fail for me. I was hoping for a scaled-down Mac and not a scaled-up iPod Touch. Even if it can play HD, how much HD video can you squeeze in a tiny storage?

    But the iPod had its own criticisms when it came out around 10 years ago. Lets wait and see what will happen to the iPad.

  72. Avatar for Kuyog Kuyog says:

    Too expensive for the feature set and specs. No multi-task? No cam? No native VGA? No external card storage? No USB? No voice mode on the 3G model? WTF?!? No thanks…. I’ll just wait for the Chinese knock-offs to come out.

  73. Avatar for iTechMe iTechMe says:

    THe iPad is a very “iDisappointment” for me!

    haha i was expecting far more different!

    the iPad is essentially an Ipod Touch with 10 inches screen! I’m very disappointed at Mr. JObs! haha

  74. Avatar for ryan ang ryan ang says:


    there is already a Microsoft Tablet.. (other than the tablet notebooks it offers) the HP Slate as showcased last CES

  75. Avatar for ayi ayi says:

    I’am waiting for the microsoft courier..and what microsoft can offer…

  76. Avatar for Carlo Dimaandal Carlo Dimaandal says:

    big ass iPhone. Love the fact theat it runs iPhone apps. Another boost for the App Store.

  77. Avatar for jomar Hilario jomar Hilario says:

    If megavideo uses HTML5 instead of Flash, I’m getting one. HAHAHAHA. Not for me though, I’m going to give it as a gift.

  78. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Just reminiscing:

    There was a time that the 30GB iPod Photo costs Php32,000.

  79. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    “Netbook don’t cut it because of load times”

    Try using netbook with an SSD installed instead of and HDD.

  80. Avatar for rica rica says:

    in case my ipod touch stops working, i’d probably still buy another ipod touch and not an ipad, same specs in a smaller form :) and cheaper!

    if you have an itouch or iphone, i don’t know why you’d wanna buy this one

  81. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    The specs (if you can call them that) are up:

  82. Avatar for Tryme Tryme says:

    Definitely excited about this. Been using an iPod touch for 2 plus years now and have been wanting something with the same experience but with a larger screen for a while now. My iPod touch (aka mini pad ugh) is great for net browsing and gaming around the house and especially in bed, but the screen is small. Netbook don’t cut it because of load times and they can be clunky. Respectfully, I think a lot of you guys are missing the point- it’s not meant to be a computer per se, but a great way to browse, read etc. with a tap of an icon. Haven’t seen that kind of ui on anything but the iPod touch- so I think it’s great.

  83. Avatar for L.R. L.R. says:

    Not getting one Hello…that is why laptop screens should be closed and even tablet PCs with swivel screens need to be closed for protection… Apple should be ready in the large amt of cracked screens for repair haha. good luck!

  84. Avatar for anonymous anonymous says:

    matagal na yang i-pad na yan dito sa pinas. di ba that’s how we pinoys pronounce the i-pod? i-pad nano, i-pad touch! hahaha

  85. Avatar for kill3rfill3r kill3rfill3r says:

    the name sucks pero ung price tag nya pwede na.

  86. Avatar for durantula durantula says:

    Leo’s correct. I’ve been reading its features and netbooks “do have some” of it din. And sabi nga, you can’t multitask on this tablet. Might as well wait for the iPad upgrade or ver 2 of it. Baka mas may bagong feature na lalabas.

  87. Avatar for mousephotato mousephotato says:

    what a very nice digital picture frame.

    It willl not take off… I think…

  88. Avatar for ryan ryan says:

    I listened to the live presentation this morning. Although it’s not that impressive the iBook feature is very interesting. The price point is also a big surprise.

    I’m sure it’ll arrive here in the Philippines in the 25,000 price point (16GB,Wifi, no 3G). From what I read, it should arrive March or April.

    I’ll just stick to the iPod Touch or the 5800XM (hehehe).

  89. Avatar for PowerTXT PowerTXT says:

    Here’s a pic of the microsim

    you can just cut an ordinary SIM to the needed size and it should work.

  90. Avatar for Ronnie Ronnie says:

    nice digital photo frame! :p

  91. Avatar for Leo Leo says:

    If I can afford that price, i’d go for a netbook instead. Multi-tasking, gaming, internet, and much more applications available.

  92. Avatar for Noel Nuguid Noel Nuguid says:

    I think I’ll pass. Or will until an update arrives. for now. a tablet pc is a better choice for me.


  93. Avatar for Leo Leo says:

    With that price, they could have included a built-in GPS, am/fm radio, camera, usb drive. Otherwise, it is just an oversized iPod.

  94. Avatar for Pedro Pedro says:

    hahaha IPad… i thought it was IPirated, from china…

    but i think i would like to have this in the future… :p

  95. Avatar for ed ed says:

    I think no matter how many detractors this device have, it would still sell big. Heck im sure they would try it themselves. :-)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  96. Avatar for rcsaint rcsaint says:

    Wait til you experience the real thing….malayo pa ang march…Ipad is all about experience…that’s why i’d rather not make a comment or comparison…except wow!

  97. Avatar for Reel Advice Reel Advice says:

    Sucky name and sucky features for a tablet but as a reader against the likes of the Kindle then maybe this would be a killer.

    What bugs me the most though is the lack of multitasking – I would really love to read and to chat at the same time but can it do it? Hell no!

  98. Avatar for Edgar Edgar says:

    Mr. Jobs didn’t know that to some cultures, these words are pronounced identically. Kinda’ unimaginative. iPad, really!

  99. Avatar for ryan ang ryan ang says:

    This is definitely interesting. what limits this device though is the OS. Using iPhone OS 3.2 will definitely be a blow on this device.

    well while I was watching the video, I was at awe at this device, I was thinking yea I think I can own one of these, until I read hands on reviews from blogs. No multitasking can really be a downer. Meaning bawal mag twitter, mag facebook at messenger all at the same time. Haha and most probably the browser won’t be the true blue safari that it is, so no flash support which evidenced by the event itself. May part dun na dinemo ni Steve Jobs na part ng website na hindi nag load (which is yung flash part ng site).

    Here’s my ideal tablet.
    -720 multitouch capacitive
    -full desktop OS
    -thin bezel, thin profile
    -nice selection of ports, card reader
    -ample storage
    -great battery

    Taiwanese manufacturers please hear my prayers :P or kung meron makahack ng iPad.

  100. Avatar for Gregory Ong Gregory Ong says:

    Nice Apple, but at that price I think the Lenovo x100 would be a more wiser investment for me. Not unless I’d win the lottery soon then I’ll get two ipads.

  101. Avatar for ukay ukay says:

    The Ipad vs. a Stone http://i.imgur.com/5vREa.png

  102. Avatar for RJ RJ says:

    Hhmm.. just an observation.. ilang editions na ang nai-release ng Apple sa iPod/Touch/Phone,.., at ngayon naman iPad.. Pero di pa rin nila nilalagyan ng Multi-tasking features ang product nila.. eh ang Android phones nga meron.. yun lang Android walang multi-touch.. hindi kaya agreement ng dalawang company eto? na sadyang di maglagay ng multi-tasking features ang iPhone/Touch/Pod at di maglagay ng multi-touch feature ang Android?? Kasi kaya naman nilang idagdag yung feature na yun kung tutuusin.

  103. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:

    hehe parang Tagalog version ng iPod. The HP slate sounds sexier.

  104. Avatar for mjddl mjddl says:

    basically, it just a super-sized iPod touch.. nothing out of the ordinary

  105. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    “How about a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and a retractable stand behind the iPad.. ”

    That beats the point of the iPad (which by the way I still don’t get)… and with those attachments, it’s a very expensive (and crippled/locked) netbook LOL!

  106. Avatar for Jon Jon says:

    IMO, it is useless. Netbooks/laptops can easily outdo this “iPad”. Yup, the name is really baaad.

    Too pricey. I suppose Apple fanboys / fangirls are the only ones who would buy this. Well, maybe the filthy rich too. LOL.

  107. Avatar for loadex loadex says:

    patented ba yung design?.. kung hindi, then taiwanese pc maker can design same model.. using Windows.

    How about a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and a retractable stand behind the iPad.. so parang netbook na din siya.

    Maiiwan nalang sa desk ay yung keyboard and mouse pag aalis office. On the car or resto use the screen to navigate. Pag balik office o house, auto connect na mga keyboard at mouse ulit. That would be true portability.

  108. Avatar for thanx thanx says:

    phenomenal Browsing experience… “Steve Jobs” said.

  109. Avatar for pop_beans pop_beans says:

    ipad – parang pirated na ipod

  110. Avatar for Dan The Beast Dan The Beast says:

    i wanna call it iLet (ibookLet)

  111. Avatar for Jazon Jazon says:

    I think it would be better to wait for other tablet PC manufacturers. I want a ARM based one.

  112. Avatar for juliet juliet says:

    The name iPad reminds me of my gradeschool Padpaper. Hmmm … the features seem promising but the price is simply outrageous. Well, that’s part of carrying the “Apple”. ;)

  113. Avatar for Bob Reyes Bob Reyes says:

    This gadget will be a “must” for profs and students alike.

  114. Avatar for daddy joey daddy joey says:


  115. Avatar for superdan superdan says:

    too expensive. but then again, it bears the label of apple right? on the specs side, it’s kind of lacking though. i’d rather pay for a brand new ps3. just my two cents though.

  116. Avatar for bursky bursky says:

    kelan lalabas ang iPad maxi and iPad with wings? :P

    ewan ko, i can’t feel the ‘wow’ in this. even the latest iPod shuffle made me say ‘wow’ then ‘eh?’ after seeing it had no buttons. but still, it had a ‘wow’ for the size. iPad? wala. it looked like one of those digital frames sold in CDRking…

  117. Avatar for pav83 pav83 says:

    the screen size makes it look like it’s from the stone age. Epic fail.

  118. Avatar for PaoJ PaoJ says:

    The lack of multitasking and flash support sounds like a deal breaker. It’s priced the same as a high end 10″ netbook.

  119. Avatar for Nonoy Nonoy says:

    Yeah, no multitasking is a big downer. and the name sucks! :)

  120. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    Hmm for the first time hinde lahat boto sa bagong release ng Apple ah. Gives me an idea for a post :D

  121. Avatar for genius genius says:

    i think this product was designed on the weaknesses of laptops/netbooks rather than to compete on the superior qualities/functionality of the latter. laptops are still the gadget to use for working. this product was designed for reading ebooks, leisurely browsing the internet, and playing games, in which a lot of people do while lying down or sitting in a couch, especially at home. imagine doing that with your laptop or netbook. at home, i see my kids using their laptops just anywhere they feel comfortable but it so awkward seeing them with laptop coolers and small tables in their bed or in the couch with all the wires hanging out. it’s so un-cool…but with this gadget…wow..you’re totally free! that is why i think a lot of people would still want this gadget. it caters to a particular niche in the market that laptops/netbooks/smartphones can’t delightfully satisfy.

  122. Avatar for Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Akala ko imitation ng iPod dahil sa name haha :))

  123. Avatar for blitzkrieg blitzkrieg says:

    I keep asking myself how is this an amazing device? It doesn’t do anything that our laptops or cellphones can’t do. Heck, our cellphones and laptops can do more. Battery life is good, but not stunning. It doesn’t even multi-task or do Flash. If I want to read digital books, I would go for far superior alternatives to this like the Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, or Amazon’s Kindle, or Sony’s Reader.

    It’s excessive hype. It’s as simple as that. I hope the reason some of you say it’s amazing is because you find real and practical use for it in the future, and not merely blind allegiance to anything Apple. :P

  124. Avatar for regsh regsh says:

    The pricing seems to be a catch but the specs and functionality lacks excitement.

  125. Avatar for luiboowee luiboowee says:

    the name? it reminds me of SNL’s iPod parody, hahaha.

  126. Avatar for rcsaint rcsaint says:

    I watched the video….wooowwww!!….what an incredible experience it will be! I want one!

  127. Avatar for laptoplover laptoplover says:

    the screen looks good and the proclaimed battery life does sound promising.

    no multi-tasking is such a bummer. ability to use skype would’ve been great but there is no webcam. no flash player, don’t know if it will even play facebook apps.

    i would definitely wait for its competitors like the hp slate to go out and then decide which one to buy. i would really want one with a full-blown OS like Windows 7 to be the device’s working environment.

  128. Avatar for MannyV MannyV says:

    Hehehe… I wonder if a Pinoy is part of the marketing/brand group of Apple that came up with the name iPad.

    Maybe the next products will be iPone and iTats? :-)

  129. Avatar for Jhay Jhay says:

    I thought the name was just a joke, but here it is. LOL

    This would go down in history as the enlarged iPod…err iPad? hahaha

  130. Avatar for Bogcess Bogcess says:

    Sana mag-march na! Can’t wait.

  131. Avatar for archerwin archerwin says:

    What a lame new product from Apple! No multi-tasking? Does it mean that I can’t read an ebook and play music at the same time w/ this device? No Flash – they can get away w/ it w/ the small devices like the ipod touch and iphone, but for a 9.7″ device w/ no flash… No camera, how big is a camera? even the iphone has it! :(

    Hope it sinks the ipod touch prices, i’ll just get once of those cute devices. atleast it will fit in my pocket :)

  132. Avatar for Ardz Ardz says:

    The Vaio P looks sexier than this!

  133. Avatar for berkano berkano says:

    NO multitasking. 4:3 and not widescreen. Sounds like a Maxi pad…

  134. Avatar for c.cruz c.cruz says:

    imagine that with a keyboard like the one iphone has. its like typing on a flat surface. in iphone its bearable cause you use your thumbs. but how about all your fingers. hmmmm.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  135. Avatar for Arnold Gamboa Arnold Gamboa says:

    Why don’t we just buy a magnifying glass for the iPhone. It cheaper :D

  136. Avatar for Paula Paula says:

    Meh I was way and I mean way way overexcited and I’m a bit disappointed.

  137. Avatar for francis francis says:

    I want one asap!!!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  138. Avatar for Juneau Juneau says:

    Its too early to tell if i’ll buy one. but i think the price is great. Lets see if competitors can come up with a better product than this. was hoping for a PDF/Ebook Reader + HD Portable Media Player. Was a little disappointed though!

  139. Avatar for Arnold Arnold says:

    Yup. Price is definitely a factor.

  140. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    No flash/multi-tasking/non-approved apple apps? Its pretty, nice UI and all, but too locked up for my taste. –> This reddit comment sums up what I feel for the device

  141. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    Not sure if I’ll get one. The price is great though.

  142. Avatar for Marvin Paul Catalan Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    anung itsura ng micro sim?

  143. Avatar for TechPinas TechPinas says:

    I’m really, totally, definitely, 100% excited about this product! :)

    Kudos to Apple for always coming up with AMAZING stuff!

    For those who are interested, check out TechPinas.com for pertinent videos and images. :)

  144. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    The server is overloaded with this news. Hope it’s traffic. But who’d use the iPad?

  145. Avatar for CarloBlogg Online 3.0 CarloBlogg Online 3.0 says:

    as if nasurprise ako, haha! but still I blogged about this one :D hanep hitsura ng IPad; IPod Touch on steroids! yeyeh! :D

  146. Avatar for Arnold Arnold says:

    LOL! I was smiling when I found out about it ->> iPad? What a sucky name for an Apple product.

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