Lenovo X300 vs. Macbook Air

Lenovo X300 vs. Macbook Air

We interrupt the serious string of posts with a little bit of entertainment and parody. This time, folks from Lenovo are pitting their X300 versus the Macbook Air. See video after the jump.


The guys from Lenovo sure does know how to make a point. I’m sure Apple will fire back with their own version, or at least some of the fanboys.

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20 Responses

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Yohoo! Thinkpad! The best!

  2. Tim says:

    The MacBook Air is grossly overrated.

  3. Rolly says:

    People who keep trying to mock the MB Air doesn’t really understand the niche that it created for ultra portables – only Apple can do that.

    I have nothing against the Thinkpad but these guys are like comparing oranges to apples.

    It is overrated for people who wishes to use it differently than the intended use – a ‘secondary’ portable notebook…

  4. Tim says:

    “A secondary portable notebook” is precisely why it’s overrated. Why do people get laptops in the first place? For portablity. That’s why there are desktops if you don’t need to go portable. Why get a second notebook if there’s already one that can do all the things you need to do on the go without being bulky (in the case of ultraportables)?

    Also, the single USB port defeats the MacBook Air’s so called portability. With all the attachments you need, you end up lugging around a lot of other stuff, then connect each of them, then disconnect them after, instead of having all of those things in a single unit.

    And PHP160,000 plus for a “secondary notebook”? Come on.

  5. mae says:

    now that’s what I call competition haha ganda, ang saya! :P

  6. Nat says:

    Ok mas maliit, granted. May optical drive, granted. Pero shucks ang ngetpa ng itsura. Sorry guys but the Macbook Air rocks.

  7. Yeah, its really cool to carry a macbook air than a fugly black brick.

  8. ralph says:

    waheheh very nice

  9. lapatap yuser says:

    MB Air = you have the money and gives you pogi points.

  10. manu says:

    I still want MacBook Air…Astigas!

  11. Rolly says:

    Comment 4: Tim – My point being, the niche of the MB Air tells the world that being portable doesn’t necessarily need those ‘extra’ peripherals/devices. Apple doesn’t force you to buy MB Air, it is for those folks that needs the portability of MB Air that will buy them and I’m sure you’re not one of them.

    You can tell me all you want that you need these and that but you should know the difference between a primary portable (a Lenovo X300) and a secondary portable matched with an iMac/PC Desktop (an MB Air). Now I don’t need to convince you that you don’t need the extra peripherals because I guess your needs require you to get only one computer for everything you do.

    The MB Air is for those that doesn’t need the power of a desktop (burning DVDs, etc) when you have a primary desktop, but needs only the essentials.

    And excuse me, the price of PHP 160K is probably the maxed-out version. An MB Air starts at the price range of less than 80K ($1799) while the Lenovo is at $2899. As I’ve said, don’t compare oranges to apples.

  12. SNyggast says:

    not to mention the X30O weighs almost the same as mb air and the battery last up to 8 hours “longer.” mb air battery lasts just 1.5 hours. you can’t even finish a movie. Also how’s that portable when you have to be near a power outlet?

    then again, mac is all about the outside, the sleek design. thinkpads is about elagance and practicality, that is if you can afford it.

  13. BrianB says:

    The X300 is actually pricier and no option for regular SSD, and it runs VIsta. Still, wish OS X could run on a Lenovo.

  14. BrianB says:

    I mean for regular HDD.

  15. snyygast says:

    SATA HDD option is coming this month.

  16. Reuben Bernard says:

    Haha. Nice video. MB Air still the best. More laptops to come

  17. marion says:

    If I had to choose between these two, I’d get the X300. I’d rather have 3 USB ports, an optical drive, and all the other things present in the Lenovo than get a pretty Apple. But in reality, of course I can’t get one because both are really expensive :))

  18. pogi points indeed…sana they added more usb ports :)

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