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OLPC 2.0: 2nd Generation XO Laptop Unveiled

The One Laptop Per Child Foundation just unveiled the next generation of XO Laptops and looks like it’s an interesting upgrade to the previous one. OLPC founder Nicholas Negrponte reveals the new design of the OLPC in a press conference.

The XO-2 laptop will come in dual touch-screens and pegged at $75, a far more cheaper price than the $188 a piece the original original one turned out to be.


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Will this next version gather more steam? I think they should have focused more on the price rather than the design. Who knows what will the kids use them for?

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  3. otoy reyes says:

    wow! what a kick ass design :)

  4. Guys! Everex Cloudbook is already locally available. Saw one in Asianic Megamall. :-)

  5. Andre says:

    they hooked up with microsoft i think

  6. reks says:

    are the other functionalities from the first XO retained? (ad-hoc networking, black and white mode)

  7. andre says:

    i don’t think OLPC will live to see this design come out. there’s too much internal turmoil in the project. i’ll be surprised if they would still be around by next year.

  8. DJ says:

    I thought the OLPC project is dying.

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