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Almost lost a Performancing Ad

Around last week, I was doing an audit of all my ad inventories here on my blog and apart from thinking of reformatting Adsense ads, I thought it would also be time to remove the TLA affiliate links and the Performancing Network Ads.

My TLA affiliates stopped converting last month so I guess everyone I could possibly refer had signed up already. The other obvious one to remove would have been the Performancing Network ads. Never got one since they launched it a few months back.

Now, imagine my surprise when i got a notice to approve a pending ad from Performancing, my first sale ever from this network.

Had I had the chance to work further on my blog last week, I would have already removed that and consequently lost the sale.

So, what did I learn from this little encounter?

  • Maximize, then minimize. Use as many appropriate ad campaigns in your blog as possible without compromising too much real estate. Then, shave off the ones that are converting the least one at a time.
  • Check out thy neighbor. Look at similar blogs in your niche if they are getting ads on that same campaign or ad network. Also compare the traffic and see if they’ve had any luck with the ad network. More or less, either you have too many competition on that arena or advertisers aren’t interested or available for your niche.
  • Take a second breathe. Reconsider if you really want to remove that non-converting ad this soon. I usually give 2 to 3 months leeway for new ad networks.

I also sometimes look at it as a design element (the ads, I mean) that when blend nicely with your design could actually enhance user experience.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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8 Responses

  1. Mike Abundo says:

    They pay via PayPal. How do you get paid?

  2. Kiven says:

    w00t!. We got the same advertiser sir abe, pero yeah i wonder if they will go xoom…

  3. Kates says:

    Yeah, they pay via paypal. How do you get paid?

  4. SELaplana says:

    Yes Sir Abe, and that’s what i did in my blog. Since kumikita ako sa Adbrite at AMAZON kaysa TLA, Performancing at iba pa, kaya nanatiling buhay ang Adbrite at AMAZON sa blog ko with Adsense of course.

  5. yuga says:

    Just like what we did with TLA, I think contcating them about this payment issue would resolve the problem. Prolly they could also send it in via registered mail too.

  6. Miguel says:

    I wanted to join too… hope they allow cheques.

    By the way, they are having some trouble keeping Metrics running. Too bad, it’s quite nice even if it’s lightweight.

  7. gen says:

    is it allowed by Adsense to have adsense and performancing at the same time?how about adbrite?

  8. Dave Starr says:

    A good point, Abe about the benefits of ads to readers. In one of my little blogs my main subject is GPS vehicle tracking systems. Darn few people ever visit to read my clumsy prose, but hundreds do to find out about systems they may be considering using in their business.

    A substantial number of readers leave via AdSense Link units, mainly because it’s a convenient way for them to go right to a page with many more links on the subject they were searching for and only that subject.

    My thought is, don’t be ashamed of ads, make them useful to the reader.

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