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How much is a link on your blog worth?

Juts how much is that link on your blog or website really worth? Text Link Ads (aff) launched this nifty Link Worth Calculator for their publisher-members.

Depends really on a lot of factors and the people who are interested to advertise on your site.

  • Traffic of your website – the lower the Alexa ranking, the higher the price.
  • Link popularity of your website – the more links (and more quality links), the higher the price.
  • Theme of your website – there is more demand for some themes than others.
  • Number of links to be sold – the fewer the number of links on a page, the higher the price.
  • Sitewide or single page placement – “sitewide” vs. on a single page of your website (slightly more value given to links that appear sitewide).
  • Location on the page – more value when the links are placed in an area where they have the best chance of being clicked.

Link Worth Calculator

These are just rough estimates though but kinda fun too. However, if you sign-up on TLA for their link advertising campaign, you could potentially earn that much.

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6 Responses

  1. kutitots says:

    demmet. bad trip naman to, PAYPAL lang ang payment option :(

  2. yuga says:


    You can actually request for a check once you’re approve. They make exceptions. I got my check last week via registered mail.

  3. kutitots says:

    Abe, pano yun? Piliin ko muna “Paypal” and wait to be approved or pwede ko select na yung “check” dun sa application palang?

  4. yuga says:

    Piliin mo na yung check sa application form.

  5. Fdail says:

    Not bad, it really can occur

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