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Is there a Pinoy A-List?

The Filipino Librarian asks “Is there a Pinoy A-list?”

I actually asked the same question to Marc in our last beer-drinking session. He mentions that a much better measure for that would be “social currency” and discusses the same in his old entry on “Trust is King“.

Howver, I would like to address here some of the points Vonjobi raised:

1) Pinoy Top Blogs. That project merely counts unique traffic on a monthly basis and compares that to others in the list. That’s all it does and nothing more. It has categorization to rank traffic stats among different fields – personal, political, tech, entertainment. But does the question “If you’re an A-list, does that means you get a lot of traffic?” However, traffic does not equate to regular readers. Traffic is just an icing on the cake.

2) Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs. This measure is just patterned from Technorati’s Top 100 Popular Blogs in the blogosphere (biggest blogs in the blogosphere, as measured by unique links in the last six months). This list is based on how popular your blog among bloggers and I think that is a close-to-good measure for an A-list.

The points above actually refers to two forms of popularity – the first being popular among internet users which finds the blog thru search engines and the second one refers to popularity among bloggers (because they link to your blog) and forms the basis for most people to refer to as the basis for A-list.

These two criteria is still just half of it though. Marc adds that social currency is still the key factor here: Blog success in my dictionary would mean being able to influence and mobilize people. A successful blogger would be able to persuade people to consider or even adopt his/her bias on a particular topic. He/she would be someone who people will link to automatically. That’s probably the most basic definition of a successful blogger.

And Von, “I think it would not look good if I also include my own blog to them lists since I am the one who updates them.”

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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7 Responses

  1. mparaz says:

    Yeah, Yugatech, Pinoy Tech Blog and some other important ones are missing from Pinoy Top Blogs. I should be sure to add them for the next round of aggregation.

    Besides that, the Pinoy Megite cluster seems to be doing OK.

  2. vonjobi says:

    no criticism was implied. it was really just me thinking aloud. i guess i wouldn’t include my blog, too, if i were doing the updating of the lists. and that’s why i said you were being modest =)

    but the question remains: what’s an A-list? then again, maybe it’s not as important a question here in the philippines, where blogging is just taking off. the more important question for me is this: what makes a blog “pinoy”?

  3. mparaz says:

    There’s another metric to build on #2. How many people actually quote you and link back, as opposed to just including you on their blogroll. At the moment, Technorati can’t tell the difference.

    On what makes a blog Pinoy: I guess, if it’s something uniquely about Pinoy culture. My own blog, for instance, barely qualifies as a Pinoy blog.

  4. yuga says:

    @ von

    was just echoing you, actually (better it come from me). And yes, I think the Philippine blogosphere is too small to come up with such list.

    Migs is on the money with “what makes a blog Pinoy”. There are Filipinos that blog about totally foreign topics while there are foreigners that blog about the Philippines.

    I guess in the end, if our goal is to capture a screenshot of the “philippine blogging scene”, I think we should be focusing more of “about the Philippines” rather than “by the Filipinos”.

  5. vonjobi says:

    tracking back…

    Blogs as Filipiniana, Part I

    Some suggestions have been made through the comments on my post, Random Takes and Ambot Ah! I’d like to suggest the following definition…

  6. evelin says:

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  7. Vivian Wood says:

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