MeasureMap Stats

MeasureMap Stats

Since I started tracking my blog using MeasureMap last November 9, I’ve been able to see stat figures and information I never imagined I could gather (presented readily in a format that’s easily digestible) using any other tracking system before.

Here are some data which I found interesting (data is from Nov. 9 – 22 only):


  • My top ten posts drew 8,835 unique visitors or 59% of my total traffic for that time frame.
  • Of the 331 posts in my blog, 327 posts have been visited at least once between 11/9 to 11/22. That means 98.8% of my posts are still getting hits even if they’re buried in the archives.
  • 13% of the total visitors are repeat visitors.
  • The highest number of comments in a day was 17 and the lowest is 4 with an average of 10.5 comments per day.
  • 26% of the visitors are using Firefox, 70% IE, 2% Safari and 2% for the rest.
  • 59% of visitors are form the Philippines, 22% from the US, 3% from Canada, 3% UK, 1% Australia. Traffic comes from 102 countries in total.
  • Highest average visit count in a day is 56 uniques at 4PM and lowest is 22 at 7AM. The average unique per day is 1,063
  • 1,213 new links in brought in 1,819 unique visitors while 827 new links out were followed by 2,562 visitors. So I’m giving away more non-SE referrals than I am getting them.

(SE – search engine)

I’ve been juggling about 4 analytics system actually – MapStats/LinkLog, Google Analytics, StatsCounter and MeasureMap. Each one have their own strengths and weaknesses, like Google Analytics being too huge/bulky and Statscounter being too small or limited. I don’t see dropping anyone of them anytime soon, though.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. Tita Nene says:

    Hi Yuga,

    I have been visiting your blog for a few weeks now…thanks for all the info, I found your site through the link from Batjay…. siguro ako yon 1% doon sa unique visitors mo…….from Australia.

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