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Thanks to our sponsors

Just making space to extend my thanks to our sponsors:

TextLinkAds : for the opportunity to earn more revenues for my blogs without compromising a lot of real estate space and usability. Revenues from link ads and post-level text ads are growing by the month.

Text Link Brokers : a good marketplace for link advertising and compliments well with TLA.

Ikobo : an international remittance service who have been with us for quite some time now.

AdAuction : a fairly new affiliate program by Auction.ph for bloggers and website owners. Read my official endorsement for AdAuction here.

Remit2Home: another newly launched online remittance service similar to Xoom.

The same goes to Google AdSense, ReviewMe and Feedburner Ad Network.

Over at PTB, I’d like to thank our annual advertisers there too:

The Blog Herald – your international destination for fresh blog news and features.

Architel – an IT outsourcing company looking for work-from-home Filipino engineers

Cigar Outlet – smokes anyone?

Bellenza – the wedding specialists

If you’re interested in advertising in any of our blogs here or on our blog network, just contact me. ;)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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3 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    All good Sponsors Abe… Although the smoking one isn’t exactly to my taste… To each his own I guess..

  2. Erik says:

    wow. this is like an acceptance speech for winning something. heheh.

  3. Unison says:

    ìàòî÷íîå ìîëî÷êî íåðâíîé ñèñòåìû
    óïîòðåáëåíèå â ïèùó íàòóðàëüíûõ
    Øèðîêîå óïîòðåáëåíèå ðàôèíèðîâàííûõ

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