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You can now find us over at GMANews.tv

Last month, I had a quick chat with GMANews.tv EIC Howie Severino (after guesting on News to Go here ) and we discussed about some sort of collaboration between their news site and YugaTech. We ended up with a limited syndication agreement which is now in effect.

You can now find some of our selected articles (mostly gadget reviews and commentary) at the Technology section of GMANews.tv.

It’s just a start and once this is ironed out, we might do something more in the future. This allows YugaTech to reach the millions of readers of GMANews.tv and allow us to further strengthen the brand.

Big thanks to Howie and TJ Dimacali of GMANews for bringing this up to speed.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

39 Responses

  1. Avatar for daniel daniel says:

    KAPAMILYA ! (ako) hahaahahaha

  2. Avatar for Jonaflormicfren Jonaflormicfren says:

    It’s another leap. Great!

  3. Avatar for Glenn Ong Glenn Ong says:

    Nice one, Abe! But why GMA? Lol!

  4. Avatar for variouztrickz variouztrickz says:

    Congrutulation sir abe!

  5. Avatar for jhepoyski jhepoyski says:

    sabi na last week ata yun nung nakita reviews from yugatech. nice!

  6. Avatar for Messie Messie says:

    Nice! Congrats boss abe! =D

  7. Avatar for Darius Darius says:

    Another Good Job for Sir Abe!..

  8. Avatar for Vin Vin says:


  9. Avatar for Rom Rom says:

    congrats sir abe! btw, very nice tablet roundup on News to Go! :)

  10. Avatar for SpiderHam SpiderHam says:

    Another milestone for yugatech.

  11. Avatar for kyle kyle says:

    epic win! congratulations!

  12. Avatar for Arvee Arvee says:

    Whether GMA or ABS-CBN, ang importante this collaboration will enable sir Yuga to get his hands on more devices = wider reach, more reviews and tech updates. Congrats sir! And I’ll also be looking forward to your own show sa GMA News TV. Or kahit once a week segment lang sa 24 Oras. (ehem Mr. Howie! haha)

    (PS. Jologs talaga ang telenovelas ng GMA. Pero their news and public affairs owns ABS’ big time. Just by watching an episode of 24 Oras and TV Patrol, compare and you’ll see kung sino ang mas bias sa current administration)

  13. Avatar for jamby jamby says:

    curious….are you paid for this sir abe??

  14. Avatar for codeARM_aljen codeARM_aljen says:

    Sir abe!, nga pala speaking of tech show nga pala. How bout mag submit ka ng proposal ng isang technology and gadget show sa gmaNEWStv channel nila. Sa toto0 lang, sa net 25 pa ako nan0od ng ganun eh. This is the right timing para sa isang technews & reviews etc. Malaki na ang NEED and MaRKET sa gadget and technews n0t just for the teenagers and techie pero lalo na sa mga negosyanteng Pinoy (entrepinoys) para makasunod sa global scene. What do you think? Maybe sir abe and Jerry lio ang pwedeng host and a hot chick! Pwede?! . . . . .pwede! Haha.

    • Avatar for codeARM_aljen codeARM_aljen says:

      Sorry mali type ko, Mr. Jerry Liao po yun. Sorry sir Jerry. So. . .its the Jerry and Abe show latest technews and reviews! . . .TAH DAHHHN! Syempre with the techie hot chick, uhmm Solenn will do. Ahahahb. Ayos toh!

  15. Avatar for ManilaShopper ManilaShopper says:

    Congratulations both to YugaTech and GMANews.tv

  16. Avatar for codeARM_aljen codeARM_aljen says:

    Great news for both yugatech and gmanews.tv. Ok toh. . . As for yugatech, mas dadami ang mari reach ng site natoh, and for gmanews.tv readers, mas makikilala nila mga gadgets nila ng lubusan and use it to its fullest potential. GET READY FOR THE BIG DATA TRAffic. . . Hehehe.

  17. Avatar for Jonaflormicfren Jonaflormicfren says:

    Every effort has corresponding reward. You deserved it.

  18. Avatar for deuts deuts says:

    I just watched that show right now, and…. Ilonggo ka guid ya! hehehe

  19. Avatar for Online TrafficSchool Online TrafficSchool says:


  20. Avatar for 21 21 says:

    Sana lang abe, everyday, there’s a review.

  21. Avatar for Martin Martin says:

    tech show at GMA News TV, please?

  22. Avatar for Ederic Ederic says:

    Congrats sa panibagong partnership with GMA News Online, Abe! :-)

  23. Avatar for sonicvipz sonicvipz says:

    Congrats Abe! Sana sa GMA NEWS TV din magkaron ka ng ‘review’ show. :)

  24. Avatar for Yogs Yogs says:

    Congratulations, Abe!

  25. Avatar for lawrence lawrence says:

    not bad. mas innovative kasi sa taste ko ang GMA. at hello, mas credible ang News Department ng GMA, I think they are the most trusted sa local scene.

    ABS? Bias much.

  26. Avatar for Blocker Blocker says:

    NICE! Sana magkaroon din kayo ng show sa GMA News TV, or magkaroon ng segment sa Pop Talk ni Tonypet Gaba… hehe.

  27. Avatar for roiji roiji says:


  28. Avatar for chinitoguy chinitoguy says:

    I still prefer ABS-CBN over GMA.Sana sa ABS-CBN nalang kayo nakipagcollaborate. I’m a little disappointed. I’m a big fan of ABS-CBN kasi.

    • Avatar for garz garz says:

      I’m an ABS fan as well – when it comes to acting and quality shows. But when it comes to journalism, especially documentaries I go with GMA. :)

    • Avatar for frenchy frenchy says:

      kapag ganun ehdi GMA fans naman ang na-disappoint. ok na iyan. :)

      Congrats Yugatech!

    • Avatar for Pinoy Persuasion Pinoy Persuasion says:

      GMA Network is a better choice, Abe! GMA is the only Pinoy network which got silver in the 32nd Telly Awards in NY, concrete proof that its shows are of quality than ABS. Its two free-to-air news programs, 24 Oras and Saksi also won bronzes, while TV Patrol and Bandila didn’t!

      Not to mention that GMA is now no.1 nationwide as per AGB Nutam, which has has a total sample size of 2,005 homes compared to the lower sample size of 1,370 utilized by Kantar Media. AGB has more subscribers like TV5 and Solar TV while ABS-CBN is the only TV entity paying Kantar for its surveys.

      Congrats ABE!

    • Avatar for codeARM_aljen codeARM_aljen says:

      Mukang totoo pagdating sa drama quality shows, channel 2 akoh. Pero pagdating sa public affair shows, 7 akoh. Napabayaan ng management ng Dos ang public affairs shows nila sa free tv. Or should i say na exhaust na nila mga tao nila sa dami ng shows bawat isang host, mer0ng. ANC, 23, DZMMteleradyo, tapost channel 2, yung karamihan din sa magagaling nilang tao eh outside the c0untry nila for their TFC. Napabayaan na nila ang freeTV news Program kc naka c0ncentrate sila sa global market nah. Ahead sila sa GMA.

    • Avatar for jigz jigz says:

      fyi to Persuasion:

      ABS-CBN do not participate in such award giving bodies. Kaya nananalo GMA sa mga ganyan kasi sila lang naman sumasali dyan dito sa Pilipinas.

    • Avatar for Pinoy Persuasion Pinoy Persuasion says:

      @codeARM: ABS-CBN did participate in that event, in fact they won as well, mga bronzes nga lang, walang silver, and mga shows ng cable channels nila nanalo, not free-to-air. And to add, mas experimental ang soaps ng GMA like Amaya and Encantadia way back, unlike mga formulaic dramas ng ABS-CBN.

  29. Avatar for killrfillr killrfillr says:

    congrats sir!

  30. Avatar for wites wites says:

    congrats pre! ^^

  31. Avatar for Jin Jin says:

    Congrats Sir Abe! =)

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