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YugaTech Recap for the Year 2007

A number of bloggers have published a year-ender recap of what had transpired in the Philippine blogosphere for the year 2007. I will not repeat what they’ve posted as I think they make a better summary than I do. I’ll just do my own recap of the year.

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And when I mean recap, it’s just a really quick and short summary of what has transpired in my own little corner of the webosphere:

  • Spearheaded two (of the many) major blog-related events for 2007 — Blog Parteeh! and the Philippine Blog Awards. We were planning to have two more but the stress and the controversies we’re overwhelming I thought 2 was one more than I could muster in such a public arena.
  • Had my very first junket as a blogger, thanks to Nokia for inviting me to the Nokia: Go Play event in Singapore. First time to really witness a media junket. Oh, the one with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s Caravan during the election campaign was also an eye-opener.
  • And don’t get me started with that TV feature on Mel & Joey. It was both a blessing and a curse. I had to get me a separate phone and private number so I can live in peace. IMO, my guesting on ANC with Manolo’s The Explainer was way more interesting.
  • Another round of globe-trotting — from Singapore, to Penang, Malaysia, then Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan and lastly to Cologne and Dresden, Germany. These were all a mix of fun, gut-wrenching and traumatic experiences (the airport ordeals).
  • We finally launched the BBN (Bayanihan Blog Network) with Connie, Sasha, Rico and AnP. BBN is an independent, all-Filipino new media network.
  • Made my very first sale of a website. Wasn’t much but t’was in the six figures. Had other offers for other blogs. They were irresistible offers but I declined.
  • I was invited to join a new start-up company, IMV Solutions, the group behind the SEMCON. Thanks to partners Marc Macalua, Anton Shekker and Norelyn Babiera. This is my 3rd SEC-registered company. Had my very first one when I was 25.
  • I had over 20 talks and seminars. If you count it by the days, it’s actually more. So that’s around 2 talks per month. Incidentally, doing talks has also become a major source of income for me this year. And I still have that Ilonggo twang.
  • My endorsement deal with Auction.PH also made my year. T’was surreal.
  • Lastly, surviving a libel case. Actually, I have another one right now (again!).
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I thought 2007 was the longest blogging year ever, at least for me. Hope the 2008 presents a better one.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 years ago

pano mag magpadala ng letter sa mel and joey kasi may ginwa ako love story gusto ko padla for valentines show of mel and joey??

13 years ago

pano mag padala ng kwento sa mel and joey???

14 years ago

kapuso (mel & joey)
kapamilya (anc)
na nmn ha?

14 years ago


what an exciting year for you! i’m so proud! i wish you all the best… don’t lose the ilonggo twang though, it’s part of your… school boy charm? mystery? hehehe, for sure it’s what makes you-ga!


14 years ago

Hope u can share us how to avoid libelous articles in blogs. :)

Ria Jose
14 years ago


Congratulations on the great year! :)

14 years ago

Twas a great year,indeed! Happy new year kabayan! Wishing you more success in 2008!

14 years ago

Happy new year kabayan! Wishing you more success in 2008!

14 years ago

Truly a busy but blessed year for you Abe! Congratulations and more power to you. Btw, don’t worry about the Ilonggo twang coz girls find it sexy. Trust me! Hehe ;)

14 years ago

this man is bigtime!

14 years ago

Another case!? Omigosh. May you have more readers and less spam this new year!

Happy blogging!

14 years ago

happy new year abe and happy new blogging adventures for 2008!

Reuben Bernard
Reuben Bernard
14 years ago

Have a nice year of blogging ahead. go Pinoy!

Manuel Viloria
14 years ago

Congratulations, Abe! I particularly enjoyed your talks. Teka… what Ilonggo accent? :-)

Noemi Dado
14 years ago

What a long year it was. It paved the way for a lot of blogger events too. Too more great and happy adventures (With less contrroversies)

Dark Knight
14 years ago

Hi Abe. Are you sure everything you said happened in just a year? :)

Amazing really.

14 years ago

thanks master… here comes 2008… ooh no another case?!

14 years ago

Congrats for those feats Abe..the mishaps you can always learn from. Happy New Year and a fruitful 2008 for you!! Salamat for being my trusted webhost and coming to the rescue in times of need:)

14 years ago

“Actually, I have another one right now (again!). ” Na naman?

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