Liberty Telecoms doing free WiMax trials?

Liberty Telecoms doing free WiMax trials?

A tip from a reader shares that Liberty Telecoms is gearing up to be introduced commercially this November providing WiMax connectivity to cities of Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati and Quezon City.

An announcement from this website says the telco is giving out free 2-month trials starting this month.


If you are from Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati and Quezon City please leave your name, wireline and mobile number to: [email protected] or call us @ (02) 346.0921 and 0922.853.4880.

We already have 3G, WiFi and fixed DSL in Metro manila so introducing WiMax as an alternative is a welcomed idea. I am not really sure how true this trial service is but you can always call that number above to verify. Thanks to Arvee for the tip.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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49 Responses

  1. Cutemoboy says:

    inTRESTING… Lets Get it on Liberty! its time to show your Power to the 3 Giant mobile carrier Smart,globe,sun..

  2. I’ll definitely look into this! Thanks for the tip Sir Yuga!

  3. Brian_B says:

    Grabe hindi kasama Ortigas Center?

  4. Erin says:

    @Cutemoboy: and watch how it gets gobbled up by the giant carriers. Red Mobile anyone? :)


  5. Mrs.TechWiz says:

    sana David beating the Goliaths in the making ito! At sana maganda ang service talaga, at di ako nagtyatyaga sa peste kong broadband provider!

  6. Hot Napster says:

    Its the next big thing in broadband industry!

  7. anonymous says:

    SUN conquered the mobile industry. I guess it’s high time for Liberty to become the next big thing. after all, it’s a SAN MIGUEL CORP. hehe rock on!

  8. Reggie says:

    i signed up for the free 2-month trial. still waiting for them to get back to me about it

  9. Oni says:

    eerrr website not found

  10. Miguel says:

    San Mig Tel!

    They should’ve got a real website, though…

  11. luiboowee says:

    Baka kasama naman ang Ortigas. Kasi some area of Ortigas is part of Quezon City and borderline ito ng Mandaluyong and Pasig. So baka makasagap pa rin ang Ortigas center ng Liberty.

  12. Baliw says:

    Nakikita ko na kung panu nila gagawan ng promo ito…

    Get a chance to win 1 hour free internet on your WiMax prepaid account! Just a buy any san miguel beer product at tingnan under the tansan for the free top-up/loading pin number!

    Maraming magiging lasenggo na websurfer. Paktay tayo dyan.

    Pre, tagay pa, di pa tapos torrent downloads ko e.

  13. Miguel says:

    their main page…

    says they are looking for dealers. but they discriminate – only 35 years old and below ?!

  14. Also Starring says:

    Don’t get all excited on all “free trials” of the world. Don’t hold your breath, it is WiMax only.

    Even Americans seem to let WiMax go and start focusing on LTE and everything else in real 4G.

    This technology is passe, even though the two large ones are working on same technology. The last little one, well, its not part of this competition anyway.

    Good luck!

  15. Also Starring says:

    Ah almost forgot:

    “We are looking for Netizens, internet savvy or computer geek individuals [35 years old and below]”

    And then they do not have proper web site and use Gmail address!!!!? How internet savvy or professional is that?

    35 years old and below? And only they are supposed to be seasoned business men as well as internet savvy computer geeks? In USA they would face massive law suits for the age discrimination. Also they seem not to understand internet or business at all.

    Again, good luck.

  16. jill says:

    Another one to rant about.

  17. Paul Pisig says:

    I don’t get it. Miguel was right. Why get a free account instead of a real website? We’re talking about BILLIONS of Philippine Peso-investment of SMC and here are their “supposed” marketing people, cutting cost on promotions. I just really don’t get it.

    Something is wrong in the picture. Or MAYBE that the owner of the is NOT connected with SMC at all. Just my two cents though.

  18. nanayMo says:

    How ’bout this for some interesting reading, from their site
    (quotes, supplied)

    “The company said it will primarily focus on providing fixed broadband internet and voice service to premium households and small-and-medium enterprises and complement it with a mobile broadband offering.

    In particular, Liberty Telecoms is hoping to provide high bandwidth for upper and middle class households, SMEs and high-end mobile users.”

    Actually, I find this snobbish pitch a turnoff.

  19. Paul Pisig says:

    I have a clarification on my earlier post. I was pertaining to the owner of the free site ( and NOT the owner(s) of :p

  20. Marky says:

    Hey hey calm down. :D

    First of all, this page ISN’T SMC nor Liberty’s official website. This is maintained by a Sales Agent (I’m not sure though if this agent came from a contractor).

    And yes, WiMax isn’t new to the US in fact they already have 4G and is starting to develop LTE Advanced technology which would deliver upto 100Mbps wireless data transfer. But this is Philippines, everything is delayed, especially in terms of wireless connections. From crappy HSDPA providers to limited WiMax capability (Globe WiMax offers only upto 1Mbps download speed while in the US, they can offer upto 40Mbps).

    Let’s just hope this new service provider manages to bring us such speeds and reliability and top off all other telco’s limits and capabilities.

  21. Jhay says:

    Why don’t they try it out in the provinces? Like here in Cavite. It will be a good alternative to the hit-and-miss mobile internet services currently in offer.

  22. Stepph says:

    I’m hoping this new ISP would set new standards on broadband technology, especially on reliability and customer service. If not, kawawa naman ang Pilipinas, “Choose your own poison” nalang talaga.

  23. kinto92 says:

    Naku naman hirap ng wireless technology sa pinas, they’re all premature (broadband, HSDPA, 3G, WiMax) Wired DSL padin FTW

  24. kinto92 says:

    Naku naman hirap ng wireless technology sa pinas, they’re all premature (broadband, HSDPA, 3G, WiMax) Wired DSL padin FTW

  25. is pasig not covered yet for the trials? I applied for globe wimax but unfortunately not installed yet not sure why.

  26. elmer says:

    Hoping a nationwide roll over…bakud liberty telecoms…hulat me diri sa mindanao

  27. hwynx says:

    dont worry mga tol they are working on that. At sigurado sooner makakarating rin jan sa mindanao ang service nila.

  28. bioman_47 says:

    Yup i have the trial na… shaw, ok ang cgnal.. you cna contact her if you want…

  29. Lab Rat says:

    I am not from those cities mentioned (Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati and Quezon City, but still within Metro Manila)but I get a 256KBPS connection in my area and I am on my 6th day of a better connection than those stupid plug-ins. Can’t tell where I’m from because I want to be the first one to offer it here.

  30. buggoy says:

    i’m from Pasig, tried out the signal kahit wala naman sa mentioned cities…surprise! surprise!!! i got 1Mbps, at least the whole day i was using it….

  31. nocturnal says:

    if u want a free wimax trial just send your name, address and contact number to: [email protected]

    applies to residents of mandaluyong, makati, san juan and quezon city. the company is still on its birth phase so hopefully soon the whole country will be covered =)

  32. Bio Girl says:

    @labrat – but you’re stil within Metro Manila? I guess they’ll cover the whole of MM really soon?

    I’ve been waiting for my application but just got a text, that’s all. mabilis ba talaga? compared to plug-ins, it should really be better, but compared to DSL? magkano kaya monthly fee?

  33. ilove4g says:

    just got a unit and its fast compared to pldt, globe and smart, havent tried sun.

    for interested
    to avail the FREE 2 month trial and who are living around makati, mandaluyong, san juan and quezon city please message me at

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    prepare valid ids and proof of billing!


    never miss out the fun!

  34. gadgeteer says:

    I am currently one of those testing out the Liberty Wimax service free of charge. So far, the speed has been pretty good, considering the fact that it is still not fully rolled out yet.

  35. Lab Rat says:

    @Bio Girl: sorry for the late reply…I live in Paranaque City 30 mins away from makati, and they told me it won’t work in my place because their base station is in Makati (Lolz)…but it did! and after a month of free usage, all lights are green, steady, I got up to 536Kbps speed, was able to play Mafia Wars and Farmville without difficulties, Skype with video connection was somewhat ok, Vonage phone signal was not so good, line was choppy when I called New Jersey, everything was somehow fine until a few days back…that’s when my Modem went kaput. I don’t know how it happened but the Wimax modem just stopped functioning. I can sell anything but I will be honest and tell no BS to those I will offer this product. Days before the Liberty official launch (the 27th I guess), Bayantel and PLDT already have various tarpolines all over the Metro introducing new and cheaper internet packages. I hope that Liberty Telecom’s monthly fee is cheaper than their competitors.

  36. buggoy says:

    It’s out! It’s Out! Liberty is coming out with its plan!!! my friend is a sales agent and said they are ready to go…waiting for the speed and plan na lang. i hope she calls soon!

  37. Introducing Wi-Tribe, brought to you by Liberty Broadcasting Network, Incorporated, a partnership between San Miguel Corporation,
    the largest food, beverage, and packaging company in Southeast Asia and QTel Group, a global telecommunication giant.

    A partnership that brings to us the future of broadband technology today.


    4G is the preferred broadband technology worldwide that gives you the richer, pleasurable internet experience you deserve.

    Wi-Tribe uses 4G beacause it’s the future of broadband the entire world is moving towards.

    With 4G, wi-tribe delivers wired speeds without the wires. It’s completely portable so you can enjoy it at home, in your office, or your favorite hang out.

    Just plug it and go online -it’s that simple!

    Experience the future of Broadband in the Philippines. Visit for more info

  38. dane says:

    see if you could still maintain your speed for many subscribers……

  39. Wi-Max User says:

    @Wi-Tribe Sales agent;

    Re: Just plug it and go online -it’s that simple! It’s not that simple, unlike plug-ins since the modem runs on electricity. I doubt if you can use it at some food chains or restos, you may but you’ll be charged for electricity usage, at Starbucks, electricity usage is free, but they have Wi-Fi.

    My insights and on Wimax of Liberty Telecoms so far:

    1. After a months use, the Modem stopped functioning, the guys at the Liberty Telecom shop won’t even replace my unit, and need to do some investigating and have no idea when they are done investigating. I hope that future clients won’t get the same problems.

    2. There were times when there was no signal, the best signal is during night time.

    3. Speed varied from 200plus kbps to 500plus kbps, but they claim it’s much higher ‘coz of the so-called 4G technology.

    4. There were also times that you get dc. And sometimes, the whole day you’ll have no connection at all.

    To sum it up for those who plan to get Wi-Max:

    Internet connection: mediocre at best.

    Wimax Modem’s dependability: feels like they’re made by CDR King.

    Price: Php 998/Month…not competitive since you can get better and more reliable connection from SmartBro, PLDT, Globe with better packages…these 3 come with landline phones, Liberty Telecom does not…Sky Broadband and Bayantel has the same internet speed as Liberty (512kbps) but is much cheaper.

    Advantages: Portable (provided there is a plug for the WiMax adaptor.)

  40. Wi-Max Free Trial User says:

    I’m planning to continue w/ the plan if at least they have a lower plan like P600 or below. But they only have 1 plan which is 998 @ 1mbps. It will only target those people who needs a larger amount of bandwidth. But for most people who only use facebook, youtube or chat, it is not practical to pay 998/mo for 1mbps connection. Like me who has “plan 1299 w/ Telephone line” that has enough bandwidth(512kbps) using a wireless router shared by 2 computers that satisfy my daily needs. That will save at-least P6,000.00 in a year.

    I wish I could somehow get P600 @512kbps. But for now I’ll stick on what I have.


  41. gary says:

    hello sobrang lakas ng signal d2 sa amin q.c. along aurora blvd., pero nung ko sa project 4 near QMMC as in wala signal

  42. Digger says:

    As an agent of Liberty I had a chance to use the 4G Wimax over the trial period and to be fair with Liberty it was not representative of its published 1Mbps speed since it was still a period of network adjustments.

    After the commercial launch in the last week of January, the 1 Mbps speed that I was expecting managed to be still in the range of between 256 to 512 Kbps and inconsistent. My expectation that after the commercial launch, the network is already efficient but to my disappointment the network is still unstable, and compounding the problem is the 3GB volume limit that we were informed is applicable to the 998 postpaid plan.

    Further, Liberty informed us that there will be 150 sites that will be active and ready to use in metro manila by commercial launch but as of this date less than half or only 60 is active and very unstable. The signals in indicated areas of coverage flactuates from 5 bars to 2 bars to no signal at all.

    Having this 2 situations of a limited and unstable network coverage coupled with a 3GB volume limit on the postpaid plan will only make it doubly hard for agents like me to sell Liberty’s postpaid plan.

    I have already lost several prospective clients because of the unstable signals and the volume limit.

    Its about time that Liberty get it’s act together before it gets bulldozed by competitors.

  43. kigs says:

    san ako pwede mag apply at kanino ako pwedeng mag inquire sa offer


  44. magichild says:

    @kigs you can get in touch with me .. im an SA of wimax, txt me 09085672175, the availability of wi-max still depends on your area since they are only new and is currently expanding on locations but rest assured that if your areas are covered you will have 1mbps speed at 4G.

  45. pretty says:

    I think some people who will used it will get higher speed right now, but i doubt if fast internet connection will be maintained when many subscriber is using the network at the same time.

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