Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband: Unlimited for Php999!

Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband: Unlimited for Php999!


Got a tip that the recently announced Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband service will be priced at Php999 per month with unlimited usage. Sun Cellular’s 3G will use a similar USB dongle. This is so far the cheapest and only unlimited 3G provider in the Philippines. However, since Sun Cellular has just started rolling out their HSDPA network, 3G coverage will be limited to several areas in Metro Manila.

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262 Responses

  1. herbert says:

    Ayos ‘to ah. Malapit lang kami sa cellsite ng Sun.

  2. BigBird says:

    Saan ba may 3G signal na SUN my phone only detect 2G EDGE eh? I never encountered pa a 3G SUN signal?

  3. USB dongle powered unlimited 3G-based internet. Interesting for people on the Go.

  4. Lyle, RN says:

    I love how Sun Cellular shakes up the industry with its “Unlimited” offerings.

    This is competition working for the benefit of the end user.

  5. Dave Starr says:

    Since they will not even provide the service, why not offer it at 888 a month … heck 777 a month is even better. I’d happily pay much more than 999 a month for an internet service provider who actually _provided_ service. (anyone from SmartBro reading this?).

    A long time ago a rich but kind of shady car salesman buddy taught me this tactic …as long as you don’t actually have to _deliver_ you can sell for almost any price and make a nice profit. *sigh*

  6. blozoom! says:

    ISP = internet service promised

  7. john says:

    gusto ko rin yan…aoko na sa smartbro…misleading yung charging nila subrang mahal pala smartbro kaya sa sun na lang ako

  8. katexter says:

    Here’s a picture of the Sun mobile broadband flat rate promo.

  9. Will this rate also be applicable if you were to use your 3G/HSDPA phone instead of the usb dongle?

  10. I hope you’re right, cause you know what, I just talked to the guys from Sun like less than two weeks ago and they told me they won’t push this service out any time soon.

    If it’s 999 I’ll sign up tomorrow.

  11. jhay says:

    Looks interesting indeed. Unlimited for P999? It’s no surprise since it’s from Sun Mobile. ;)

  12. LiNTEK says:

    Nice product from SUN, I might as well try it.

  13. mocs says:

    i’ ll wait for it in the Visayas, and jump in a heart bet! This is what we need.

  14. Erin says:

    We are near a cell-site in nueva ecija which is up to now unreachable from landline telephones. smartbro doesnt service the area either. i think ill wait for this to be actually rolled out and service other parts of the country.

    @katexter: thanks for the pic. they say they are waiving the usb modem? i hope that shakes the other telcos into following suit.


  15. BigBird says:

    Can they offer a quality service for 999 or else its also a waste of money!?

  16. bisoy says:

    i bet sun’s network traffic would still worsen with this promo.

  17. Gee Please says:

    And now let’s pause for a break and think about at which time will the Sun Network cover 3G country-wide…

  18. katexter says:

    Sun’s corporate site now also has details for a 1.4Mbps unlimited plan for P1,999. I’m paying P1,699 for my BayanDSL with the same speed. I wonder if I can get the same speed with wireless?

  19. this would seem like a great deal, if only i could trust sun to deliver on its promised service. don’t think i can right now though.

    probably one of those services where i’ll wait a bit to see what the early adopters think, and if sun can provide the infrastructure necessary to make the service decent.

  20. jonathan says:

    magkano un prepaid kit para sa mga sun internet malakas ba cignal nya… kahit saan or sellected place lang ang pwedeng
    paggamitan ng internet ng prepaid kit ng sun….

  21. ico says:

    ayos to pero sana d sya kasing bagal ng 3g ng smart na mas mabagal pa sa isp

  22. phriasne says:

    you know what the bottom line is? speed..service (bro!)

    well, if sun could provide this.. well, maybe its a golden age for them…

    (smart 3g is slower than dial up in areas.. poofff..)

  23. Katz says:

    Anyone who have tried this service already? SmartBro and Globelines S**K.

  24. bernadeth says:

    all of you should first understand the terms and condition before signing in to this promo.. its unlimited hours but not unlimited data usage, this you should consider.. for those who loves bit torrent, sad to say but its allowed…

  25. gerry cruz says:

    pano yan tiga malayong nayon ako kaya b niyang magrecive at deliver ng msg.. pls reply

  26. spencer sy says:

    pls visit for our package but if your somewhere near binondo area pls drop by sunshop binondo san fernando st cor sto cristo st we have a live demo unit where you can test for your self our broadband and il me more willing to help you out on signing up or you may reach us at 2448719 thanks

  27. milo1972 says:

    i recently signed up for this service. one thing i can say this is the best wireless broadband so far for me. i use to have smartbro prepaid the connection is very slow. used up my prepaid load so fast and can’t track it on their web connect subscriber site. also dealing with smart customer service rep is a pain in the butt.

    adding to the speed of sun broadband, i can listen to internet radio broadcast without the signal being chopped up. you tube run smoothly. i could upload photos to my facebook account.

    of which i can’t do with smartbro prepaid service that i had.

    i like to commend to sun for this. cheers guys!

  28. Jam says:

    Sounds like a great one, however they will require the applicant to submit a proof of income. It also has a lock-in period of 2 years.

  29. Hackerz says:

    before you avail this seervice, verify first if your location is 100% full in this kind of service, sun have list of locations with there respective signal percentage.

  30. i will suggest that to my mom to change our internet because our line were too slow.
    thanks for the info.
    i like your blog.

  31. knds says:

    got my sun cellular broadband just today, i even have a review on my site and a speedtest done, crossing my fingers that the speed i have is not just for tonight. hehehheh

  32. niel says:

    Is there a way to share Sun 3G?

  33. Ryfs says:

    well, i already have the sun wireless broadband. for P799/month. P999 = handset + broadband. P799 = broadband only.

    So far, ok naman, mabilis. siguro kailangan may idea or knowledgeable ka lang about buying desktop or laptop, di porke mura eh bili ka kaagad. depende rin naman kasi sa processor ng computer yun. and of course depende din sa location mo para maka connect sa internet. sakin mas importante ang processor, memory and hard drive space rather than porma ng computer. cute nga, ang bagal bagal naman.

    it doesnt matter kung smartbro, globelines, sun o kung ano ano pa provider nyo. siguro magtatalo nalang sa presyo ng provider yun. sakin di problema ang connection ko sa sun broadband. problema ko tong laptop kong topakin. 3 years na rin to sakin, 2nd hand pa binili. so expect nalang talaga na may konting sira.

    magdedemo naman sila eh, then you have choice kung mag push thru kaba to avail the service or not. so may chance pa mag backout before ka mag sign up. yung nagdemo yung taga sun sa laptop ko dito sa area ko, full signal naman and mabilis browsing kaya di na ako nag dalawang isip to avail the service. and upfront sinabi naman nila na depende sa location yung service kahit within metro manila, not cover ng signal lahat. sana nationwide nato. P799? not bad naman for a month na unlimited diba?

  34. randy says:

    pede b mgamit s router yn?rj45 kc ung connector nun kelangan pb ng adapter? female usb to male rj45 adapter?

  35. mayu says:

    pwede rin naman ung 799 na promo tapos wala ng lock in period babayad lng ng 2,500 para sa modem anytime pwede ipa cut tyaka anytime pwede ipakabit
    ok sakin un kaso my only concern is ung quality ng service kung mabilis ba sa location namin sa may west ave ako near trinoma QC
    gs2 ko sana tlga kaso ayaw ko magbayad ng 2500 kung mabagal naman pla dba i just want to make sure

    may refund ba pag di ko nagustuhan ung product?

  36. charina says:

    ok sana ang broadband nila n unlimited kaso ang problem within metro manila lang ito available sana pati sa pampanga magkaroon sila at sana ibaba pa ang modem na 2.5k. wait pa ako baka ibaba pa nila ang ang modem price

  37. grace says:

    hi! i just want to ask kung reliable ba and sun broadband dito sa may vito cruz manila area and around muntinlupa area?

  38. patrick says:

    im patrick tech suport ng sun broadband… bout the cover area.. punuin muna namin ung 1k cell site ng nvr den mg start n kme outside metro… by feb cguro full blast na kme sa metro.. bsta pg ng avail kau we make sure n meron coverage sa area nyu.. maybe u can contact me for thr info if u havr an coverage sa area.. just taxt or call me where u are located para m check ko tpos demo ako sa area nyu.. pg convince kau pde ko kau i service dalan ko kau ng appli at disscuss ko sau mga kelangan para d kau maistorbo ako door to door ako hanggang mkabitan kau.. sa pioneer sun shop nga pala ako.. 09229533795 number ko… anu pa iniintay subscribe na.. isa pa pala w8 for the blast off ng sun cell network 2009 is our target to blast our net so kung mag subscribe kau sa sun broadband d kau mg sisi sa future..

    maybe meron mga problema kau neencounter but we promis pag nag blas n kme wla n mgiging problema… mura na… sulit pa….

  39. whaleman says:

    ^ patrick, kelan full blast ng suncell na broadband?? kasi i have my sun broadbandwireless since december 2008, malakas cya sa umpisa (120kbps ung mga downloads ko) pero everyday it seemed to me na bumabagal cya, wala naman masabi ung mga csr ng suncell kungdi they’re doing their best daw. pero unacceptable na talga ung speed ng broadband, ( if dati 120kbps ung downloads ko sa mga files ko, ngaun 5kpbs nalang!!) wala naman mali sa setup ko..

  40. Sem says: using sun wireless… sabi nila 400kbps pero palagi ko nakukuha 236 kbps lang.. i,m using it 4 about a month isang beses p lang ako nag burst ng 7mpbs at wla pang 1 hour… sna nmn ayusin ng sun broadband nila… all i can say is ambagal!!!! hirap kahit mag friendster ka p mag messenger ka… im from malabon and im using a laptop asus centrino core2duo…

  41. another sun user says:

    Here’s good news! SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS now offers Unlimited Broadband Internet service for as low as P649/month with speeds of up to 2Mbps. 3 ways to avail of Sun Broadband Wireless:

    1) Existing Sun postpaid subscribers add only P649/month to your existing Plan. That’s P150 discount/month on your broadband subscription. This offer is also available to new Sun Postpaid subscribers. Great offer!!!
    2) For those who prefer to only get the Sun Broadband Wireless service, pay only P799/month. Just submit your Valid Identification (SSS, Diver’s License, PRC Card, etc), Proof of Billing and Proof of Income (2 months credit card bills, existing internet subscription bill, and postpaid subscription bill of Globe/Smart/Addict can be used as proof of billing and income.) Other bills like Meralco, Manila Water, Cable TV bills, PLDT/Innove/Bayantel bills can also be used depending with the bill amount.
    3) EASY BROADBAND!!! Now this is the easiest way to get an Internet Broadband service instantly. Just pay P2,500 as modem fee and P799 for the advance MSF and present your Valid ID with address (driver’s license, company ID with address, etc) If there’s no address on your ID, just submit a billing statement (doesn’t have to be under your name) where Sun can send the bills to.

    For any inquiries, you may call 333 on your Sun phone, dial 3953333 using a landline or visit the nearest THE SUN SHOP outlet.

    Sun Broadband Wireless is adding more and more 3.5G cellsites in Quezon City, Makati, Mandaluyong, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Bicutan, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Marikina, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Cainta and Antipolo. So this means faster internet service using HSDPA! If you’re using a 3G phone, turn on the UMTS/3G network feature under Network Settings and manually search the network to check if you have Sun Cellular 3G signal at your place. In places not covered by Sun’s 3G service yet like Cebu, Davao, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, etc there’s the EDGE service that offers about 256kbps, not bad for just P649/month.

    This service competes directly versus Globe Visibility, Smart Broadband and PLDT WeRoam that charges at least P1,500/month for unlimited internet.

  42. another sun user says:

    To get the best speed with Sun Broadband Wireless:

    While diconnected from the service, go to –> TOOLS –> OPTIONS –> NETWORK –> NETWORK TYPE –> select WCDMA ONLY…. This way you get connected via HSDPA at ultra-fast speeds of up to 2Mbps…

  43. sun postpaid user says:

    Kailan ba kayu mag put-up ng 3.5G cellsites dito sa Cebu? Kawawa naman kami dito sa Cebu hindi namin ma-avail yung 3.5G….

    Any plans for Cebu?

  44. Mabilis at mas mura ang Sun Wireless broadband compared sa Smart and Globe. Worth the money.

  45. nelts16 says:

    To guys out there who are still undecided which internet provider to choose… I suggest you choose Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW). With a speed of up to 2mbps, P799/month, No Lock-in Period, very affordable & handy. For Inquiries, Application & Free Demo in your house you may reach me @ 09228455076

  46. zerah says:

    we are planning to have net connection and the one we’re having right now is Smart3G which T-O-T-A-L-L-Y sucks!!! I’m considering to have sun. I wonder if location namin ay abot nito…sana oo. at bakit may mga nagrereklamo din na mabagal

  47. zerah says:

    since nagkaroon ka ba maayos pa din baq hanggang ngayon

  48. smart says:

    i can access the internet, although slow, through my computer with my nokia 6630 using smart sim. can i do the same with a regular sun cellular sim? may sun signal naman sa amin

  49. Think Tank says:

    Don’t be misguided about wireless broadband or wireless internet offers. 3.5G, HSDPA, UMTS, Canopy, GPRS or whatever they call it.. All of them are wireless. They are technically faster than wired DSL.

    In fairness to the wireless players, I don’t have to mention who is the best but here are some technical facts:

    1. Fixed Smartbro is powered by USA’s Motorola Canopy System with a top speed of 14Mbps.

    2. Globe Wireless, PLDT WeRoam, Sun Wireless, Smartbro Prepaid were made possible by 3.5G HSDPA/UMTS technology using either China’s ZTE or Huawei modems with top speeds of 3.6 Mbps.

    But why these providers failed to provide their customers the SPEED when their equipment specifications are even lot faster than what they have advertised. Do you think these guys are lying? Absolutely not. They may just have missed these words in their advertisements.

    “… maximum speed may be achieved if the subscriber is in front of the service tower and the weather is sunny day.”

    The problem is obvious. They can’t build towers everywhere! And the solution, powerful antenna and these Roughclaw guys built them. See for yourself who is lying.

    I got one. Good day everyone.

  50. eric says:

    this stuff is cool! sobra ang bilis pag gamit mo ay wcdma 7.2 mbps ang speed ang bilis talaga…
    lakas ng signal sa pasig ng sun, kaya cool… mabilis mag download walang sinabi yung smart at globe…

  51. Tanya says:

    I’ve got my regular globe dsl plan at home, pldtdsl corporate dsl at the office, but the sun wireless broadband is so awesome, i had to get one!!!

    What really struck me was during the demo, download speed itself is surprisingly fast, no line glitches, and internet is unlimited. The price is affordable (most especially for the bundled plans). Of course, as expected, there is that usual lock in period. I just hope the service would not deteriorate. crossin’ my fingers here =)

  52. marlowe says:

    sana meron na rin dito sa zamboanga..hmmmm…

  53. tom says:

    mabilis nga sana SUN pag browsing at mura ,pero d nman makapag online game.KAKAINIS..ayusin nyo nman SUN ung service nyo para d mag ayawan subscribers nyo

  54. ronin says:

    Been planning to get one unfortunately, it’s not yet available in my area (as of the last the time I checked with their office). However, I’ve also been hearing a lot of complaints like very slow connection speed, connection “throttling” (eg. can not download using torrents, cannot use video chat service, cannot play online games, etc.) because of the “fair internet usage” clause in their service contract (or something like that.)

    I’m not too concerned with the torrents download or online games but I am very much concerned with video chat.

    Anybody encountered this problem?

  55. miles says:

    interested ako to find out if its possible to connect my sunbroadband modem to my PC ( windows xp) then meron kc akong laptop (2nd unit) na gusto ko rin sana i-connect sa internet simultaneously sabay sa PC ko. Usually kc nag oonline games ako sa PC, since mas mataas video card ko dun, then yung laptop naman ginagamit ng sister ko. Meron po ba kayo alam pano to connect my Linksys WRT54G wireless router with my Sun Broadband USB? Thanks!

  56. tom says:

    nakakapaglaro na ko online dito sa SUN kaso off peak hrs..12:30 onwards na ko lang magpupuyat pa ko para makalaro

  57. RR says:

    alam nyo ba kung pano e configure ang sim nitong broadband sa smart para magamit sa internet pag ilagay sa cellphone? Gusto ko sana ilipat ang sim sa cellphone saka mag internet don para mobile at di na kilangan mag bootup ng laptap while travelling. Any idea? thanks.

  58. RR says:

    yong smart unlimited internet pala ilagay sa cellphone at don nako mag internet. May idea kau kung pano e configure ang cellphone? thanks.

  59. JayPee says:

    I have tried this wireless broadband. Yeah, mabilis siya, maximum speed niya is 2 mbps, and nung tinry namin ung download and upload speed, lumabas is 1400 kbps (download) 800 kbps(upload}. At mas lalong mabilis siya if malapit ka sa cellsite ng sun! Yung promo nila na Php 999 a month is trully unlimited and 3.5G connection not 3G like smartbro, plus with free handset pa siya na may monthly unlimited text/call sun to sun and 250 internetwork texts! I suggest sa kukuha ng ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Promo nila, Yung Nokia 5000 ang kunin niyong handset kasi bagong labas na phone siya with 1.3 megapixel camera! So for 999 a month, may wireless 3.5G broadband ka na, may free phone ka pa na laging unlimited texts/calls sun-sun!!!!!! It’s worth it sobra!

  60. sun_slow_afterwards says:

    grabe tlg ang sun umpisa lng mgnda afterwards ambgal na DL rate 3-5kb/s lage pa aq na ddisconnect…browsing n nga lng ay YM interrupted pa QC area ako mgnda ang signal full pro gn2 xa ambagal…sna lng may money back e2 like bayantel…bad3p di 22o ang 2mbps… para lng e2 sa mga nagbabalak mag subs.. ayoko lng ma2lad kau saken sna nga merong sumikat na blog sa pandaraya ng SUN.. nagbabayad tau ng maaus…tpos di aus ang service… wla pa qng 1mo gn2 na bad3ptlg…

  61. tom says:

    tama sa simula lang maganda SUN.after 1 or 2 weeks napakabagal na.mga mandaraya

  62. oliver says:

    bakit di maka download ng mga movies sa sun , pero sa browsing mabilis naman , mahilig kasi ako magdownload ng mga movies, meron ba configuration dapat baguhin tyty

  63. wimax b? says:

    ooops easy lang kayo sa dito sa offer ng sun dahil tinanong ko ito ng maigi sa kanila. i inquired kung anong terms pag-biglang nasira yung modem na binigay nila while i’m subscribing at ang sagot sakin i need to buy the modem for 4.5K
    Aba! teka lang! subscriber ako diba, so dapat palitan nila yung modem para mag-bayad ako monthly pero hindi po ganun…tsk…tsk…tsk!

  64. jomer says:

    kakabili ko lang problemado me sobrang bagal amp

  65. sun_slow_afterwards says:

    tama kau lage na aqng DC lalo may araw…at kung di nmn DC eh…lage mbgal..balak q nga magtanong kay tulfo regarding dis one..nandaraya cla di lng ako un ginaganito nila…1mo plng aq sobrang hassle na…cguro mppcut q e2 kpg lmapit aq kay tulfo..try q rin mag reklamo sa dti …

  66. sun_slow_afterwards says:

    @winmaax tama ba 4.5k eh 1.8k n lng ang modem nila garapal na yan …grabe

  67. vnus says:

    klan kau magkakaroon ng promo for sun broadband wireless for prepaid..kc mahal parin compared sa net cafe..please

  68. sun_slow_afterwards says:

    @vnus magccc k lng

  69. sweet_sniper16 says:

    ,anu ba yan!!! bgal nman ng activation nio….sbi after 24 hours pwd ng mgm8 pro wla pa dn….ggggggrrrrrrrr………………….

  70. mervie says:

    hi vnus, ask ko lng kung interested p u kumuha ng sun broadband n wireless? tnx!!!!

  71. tom says:

    in fairness sa SUN ok na ngayon signal nya at mabilis talaga browsing.di tulad dati nawawala gaming lang sa peak hrs DC lagi.kaya naglalaro ako pag off peak na.pero ok na rin sakin to.sana ok na nga tong SUN hndi ningas kugon lang..

  72. sun_slow_afterwards says:

    @tom san area mo??

  73. sheena says:

    damn! kabad3p! i’m actually using this “sun wireless broadband” which is “CHEAP” maganda sana… pero meh mga “ORAS” and “LIMITATIONS” haaaaay…. i think it’s because of the 3g signal lng pero lagi bang ganun ung signaL?… damN!!!!

  74. anonymous says:


  75. keropi says:

    i can’t pLay my F***** onLine GamE!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr!!!! nagDDC LAGI!!!!!!!!!!!! ANU BA TOH?!!!!!!!!!! LINGAS KUGON NAMAN!!!! pa asyos nmn poh ne2ng inyong SUN WIRELESS BROADBAND!!!!!!F*** SON OF A B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. tom says:

    area ko dito sa north caloocan going san jose del monte bulacan..sabi kasi may malapit na sun cellsite samin,kaya ok nman browsing at pag speedtest ok din.may times na nawawalan sgnal at need to refresh yung page pero saglit lang at ok n naman.sulit na sa 799 mnthly.di tulad ng globe wireless ko dati na sobrang bagal at mahal pa..

  77. markrenn says:

    does anybody know if this can be used for FTP?

  78. Sun broadband use in many computers (CheAP Price!) says:

    Share your SBW in many computers in just 84 pesos!

    email me @ ([email protected])


    damn fcking SUN always DC and cant download torrents ….dont buy this SWB ..ako nagccc sna nag wired n lng ako….

  80. kidoer says:

    waaaah… bad trip tlaga itong SUN. dati nakakapag DL pa ko sa torrent kahit na 40kbps lang pero ngayon swerte na kung may 1kbps… puro browsing nlang wala na iba silbi. fcuk (brand ng isang apparel company).. wahehehe

  81. Rob says:

    I’m using sun wireless right now d2 sa Taguig. Mabilis yung download almost 250 kb/s ang average ko. Pero mabagal and web surfing hindi ko alam kung bakit kasi sa smartbro canopy 50kb/s lang download ko pero mas mabilis cya mag load ng websites. Ang problema din sa sun mahirap mag connect sa YM at almost zero ang torrent kung umaga.

  82. Ben says:

    My Gf is using Sun broadband near BCDA Wildcat in Tuguig and has lots dc when using postpay usb modem. Does anyone know reason lots dc especially when using ym and skype? Laptop P4 1.4ghz 799 unlimited. Windows XP Pro

  83. ner says:

    before you buy or say anything, be literate. Wireless broadband depends on your location. Some will experience the best speed, and some will have the worst. Wireless is not perfect. There are lots of interruptions for wireless unlike wired. There are lots of things to consider. It also depends on the cell site you are connecting to – if it is capable of 3.5g or could be slower and also the number of subscribers connected to it.

    Yes, i think sun cellular’s wireless broadband is better than other network’s wireless broadband.

  84. johnxarce says:

    meron ka nyan sa plaridel bulacan?

  85. Suntan says:

    I wont recommend sun cellular if you live in Barangka Drive near the barangay hall. grabe speed ko 10kbps! nakailang tawag na ako sa CS nila wala daw problem sa area namin. hay naku

  86. noelpereda says:

    is it compatible with a wireless router? i got a des tiny cable internet and it didnt work with therouter. i’m planning to dump it in favor of sun.

  87. noel p. pereda says:

    i tried e-mailing [email protected] regarding sun broadband sharing but the mail bounced back!!!

  88. Mr.Pennis says:

    mga tite!! Ok lang ba mag Sun kapag sa taguig ako nakatira??? ano bang Internet Broadband na yung pinakamalpit sa taguig???
    kasi sa ngayon Smart Broadband ako sobrang bagal talaga.. minsan pag magdodownload ako 700bytes/s lang
    at kapag mag susurf ako sa internet bago lumitaw ang website aabutin mna ng 5Mins ganun kabagal…
    may balak ako magpalit…

    ano ung pinakmabilis sa tatlo?
    Sun broadband, myDSL or Sky broadband?

  89. nyong says:

    tulong lang po pano ba ang format ng pag loload sa sun kung sub dealer ka? salamat po…..

  90. Emong V. Tarnum says:

    putang inang sun cellular ‘to,
    ang lakas ng loob na mag offer ng bagong service, eh yung signal nila sa voice calls palpak pa rin!!! leche kayo… maawa naman kayo sa mga CSR’s ninyo!!! lagi na lang minumura ng subscribers…

  91. jayvee says:

    may time na bumabagal internet….. pero malapit samen un site, d2 sa talipapa caloocan GSIS

  92. Annie says:

    Before you guys complain, please note that LOCATION is a primary consideration. That means that some providers will be fast in some areas/cities, while others will suck. Choose the one that works in your area. There’s plenty of forums out there discussing performance benchmarks by location. Do your homework first.

    As for me, I’ve been using Sun Broadband (post-paid) in Pasay for a week now. Browsing is fast, but torrents are slow in the daytime. Why? The agent told me that Sun deliberately restricts file-sharing bandwidth during peak areas to prioritize browsing. Torrent speeds pick up at dawn, though, so I suggest leaving your downloads overnight. It reaches 150-200kbps at dawn, but only 20kbps during daytime.

    It’s been pretty good so far. If it sours, I’ll drop the line (no lock-in period).

  93. I agree with Annie. Pwede ba, basahin nyo muna ang FINE PRINT. May nakasulat dun na “Fair Usage Policy”. In case most people don’t know, Sun Cellular restricts torrent downloading so that the bandwith can be easily shared by all subscribers in any vicinity. If you want to by-pass that, then try working around a virtual portal or VPN or figure out what particular ports of your torrent downloader is best fit for it. You just need to be a little bit more patient.

    That’s the difference with SMART BRO. Mabagal nga sya but in terms of torrent downloading, wala syang restrictions so it picks up to 60kbps download speeds.

    Besides, it’s a known fact among online gamers that wireless internet is not the best for network gaming. You are best to stick with hardline or DSL.

    Anyway, as far as uploading through Multiply and other accounts, mabilis naman sya.

  94. marlowemarlowe says:

    very well-said mr.pencil…

    gaming entails a lot of torrential speed… games yan eh.. mabilis… gamit-utok naman… tsk!

    so if u guys are bursting into madness with sun’s service, might as well change network, what could u expect from an affordable offer… excellent, perfect service? again, gamit-utok naman…

    Bsta overall, myDSL pa rin (for wired); Sun Broadband (for wireless)… best choices of most people for now… ^_^

  95. elvis says:

    re: gamit utok

    i’m from cainta, rizal pero ang gamit kong E160 HSDPA USB stick ay usad pagong… good thing, yong monthly php799 lang ang kinuha ko kaya hindi ako nakatali sa SUN… kaya kahit gamitan ko ng “utok” ay wala talaga, pagong na nga, pagod na pagod pa at parang may hila pang isa ring pagong na lupaypay na… alam mo yon, nakakabanas lang sa BAGAL. am not a gamer, mind you… TSK..TSK…TSK…

  96. Techmaster says:

    Hi to all if you have concern or iquiries about Sun Broadband feel free to post a comment i will make a reply when i read it >>>> This is your techmaster from North Edsa Branch.

  97. randl arrieta 3 says:

    supposedly sbw is now offering up to 3mbs pero sa totoo lang download speed is usually less than 50kbs. never pang umabot sa 200+. yung sa neighbourhood internet cafe namin umabot 200+ dl speed, turns out pldt dsl ang gamit nila na 1mbs lang. tho i’m sure there are other users out there who have complaints against both pldt and globe as well. the thing is, in the philippines, di na unusual sa mga telco companies to promise the moon only to turn around and kick u right up ur ar-e with their crappy service. isn’t there supposed to be truth in advertising?
    kung sa usa, a highly litigious society, pa gawin nila to, tagal na silang nadala sa cleaners!

  98. Martee says:

    hahaha!!! Sunbroadband gamit ko..
    Bagyo pa to ah.. bagyong Ferya..
    Ayos dba?! Nsa Bicutan pla ako..

    [email protected]

  99. Martee says:

    Rechecked after the storm..

    PARANG DSL noh?! ;P

  100. Martee says:

    Rechecked after the storm..


  101. 3monthUser says:

    I am VERY disappointed with it. It’s MORE THAN AWEFUL!!! It has never even reached 1mbps. C5 to Ortigas Area.

  102. 3monthUser says:

    Ok ok… so there’s a fine print… but I can’t even send yahoo mails day/night… SUN needs improvement BIGTIME. I don’t think it’s worth the savings.

  103. Martee says:

    a friendly advice..
    don’t blame it to SUN!!!
    thank you SUN BROADBAND! ;P

  104. Martee says:

    im sad to those people.. lol.. ;D

  105. Martee says:
    FYI: and today PAGASA raises the storm signal to 2..

  106. Diamond says:

    I have extremely good computer specs. But it’s true that download speed is pretty slow. Don’t expect to watch movies, download something from your emails. This is only good for casual browsing and that’s all. I am hoping the WINDS satellite is already ok in the Philippines and WINDS sure will be far better than any could offer.

  107. Techmaster says:

    To all users of Sun Broadband who encountered slow connection in their area please send me your contact info so we can in touch with your concern(NAME ADDRESSS CONTACT NO)THANKS AND ENJOY SURFING THE NET UNDER THE SUN>>>

  108. why says:

    I got a sad billing experience with this. Sun came with a statement of account billing me for a period that starts 16 days before I actually applied. Not only that, I was also billed a monthly service fee *aside* from the required advance monthly service fee I paid during application.

  109. marco says:

    i stumbled on this site searching for solution, it’s been ?2weeks upload speed is very poor
    i use a mac btw

    sent sun feedback form

  110. annalette giroy says:

    to the management of sun broadband wireless,
    since the time i bought my easy broadband modem NEVER ko naappreciate ang service ng broadband NAPAKABAGAL d fact n covered ang location k. mura nga pero skit pa rin ng ulo ang connection k. i hope u could do something regarding this matter.

  111. astrogwapito says:

    Guys, mabilis ba ang connection kapag dito sa Dominga, Buendia Taft? ayos ang offer pero duda sa service..pero ayos din naman kung susubukan. ano ba talaga?

  112. marlowe says:

    Re: ELVIS

    sorry to hear that… i guess u need to possess PC/laptop with better specs than u are using now.. I myself is from CAINTA,RIZAL… and i have no probls using my SBW at all… Tak note, im a gamer… Pity u! :D

  113. Jake says:

    ANy feed User from Mandaluyong! coz i was planning to apply! pls help!

  114. Jake says:

    I went to suncell office in park square one they have this trial laptop to test the speed! well im not satisfied with the speed! ANy feed from User in Mandaluyong barangka ibaba! coz i was planning to apply 999 plan. pls help! I hope we have a better signal in place .


  115. rhed says:

    i don’t like sun broadband OK at first week is so damn good but after that not worth. wanna know why i need to disconnect after a sec i connect its keeping me connected but i dont see any speed to my upload and download its been a month now my connection like this

  116. rhed says:

    even am near at their cell site but still its not good if i can give it back to them i will

  117. rhed says:

    to all the blogger here ask until when will stay the high sped i bet just for a week or 2. and it well get to worst disconnect then connect coz even u will see that ur conneted to 3g and having blue light then check the statistic der is no speed at all good luck to all guys who but this product and to others planing to have this no don’t

  118. ph124 says:

    any comments if ok ang SBW sa Manila area(tondo)..planning to get one sana…sobrang palpak ng globe broadband dito, hambagal, makupad pa sa hikaing pagong…hope to hear from the suntech’s in this blog…TIA!

  119. Louie says:

    ok na ok e2… tested in makati and las pinas… meron na topak minsan (yung pa DC DC and minsan babagal) pero madalang lang naman… sad nga lang blocked yung mga listen ports ng torrent… hanggang 100-120 kbps lang pinakamataas na DL per torrent and as low as 1kbps T_T… pero all else nakakapag GG client and online games naman aq… update ng antivirus…

  120. Diamond says:

    100% agree with rhed here. I am very near (2 minutes slow walking) to a site here. But speed = much slower than any. Never get this. You’ll be very sorry.

  121. marlowemarlowe says:

    bka tower yan ng mobile ha. check pls =)

  122. Diamond says:

    No, the sunshop here is also about 3 minutes walk away from my place. This service really sucks like hell.

    It was really good on the first week….after that…expect speed lower than dial up.

  123. pao says:

    hay ang Sun. the internet connection is poor. the tech support is poor. i’ll agree with Diamond, never get this, you’ll be sorry. it’s good as long as the service works. pag nasira na at kailangan mo na ng support related sa network (my pc specs are great and i’ve reformatted the computer many times, i’ve also tried to use the usb modem on different computers here in the area), wala na. olats na. june 14 pa nag-start itong problema ko, until now wala paring solusyon ang sun na yan.

    i doubt if people will take them seriously even in the future, unless they change their after-sales support.

  124. tsk! tsk! tsk! i was going to subscribe their postpaid plan today. nice to know.

  125. jc says:

    Guys, i regret na naka kuha ako ng SBW, 1st week is good but after that.. whew bad trip kasi super bagal lagi pa disconnected.. sa mg me plans na gusto mag try, PLEASE try the other network n lng. MANLOLOKO tong SUN sabi kasi 2mbps. wala pa nga 100kbps minsan. NAPAKA BAGAL. dapat alisan na to ng license ng NTC. Check it out sa dito nyo malalaman ang bandwith ng punyetang SBW na to.

  126. ronnie says:

    their broadband service sucks big time. imagine, they’re advertising their service of up to 2 mbps speeds but it only runs at 303 kbps and falling. the reason is that they’re putting up new signal sites. but that’s bullshit. they should have a backup plan so as not to sacrifice the bandwidth speed they promised their customers. attention everyone

  127. I’d been using Sun Broadband since April but I didn’t encounter any problem such as disconnection or sluggish speed. It’s only that I can’t access FTP, but I am already aware of that before I signed the contract. I understand that their “Fair Usage Policy” limited subscribers in file-sharing, torrents, etc. so I mainly use this for surfing. As for the FTP (since I maintain a few sites), my workaround is to use FireFTP, a Firefox plugin. It is a Firefox plugin so you’re basically doing FTP using http port (if that’s how to explain it).
    By the way, my speedtest comparison between Sun Broadband and Smart broadband is available here:

  128. wil says:

    biggest mistake of my life —–> getting SBW

    I can’t even browse properly. Ano silbi ng SBW? Wala wala wala! Wala ka na ngang torrent pati ba naman browsing the net di pa maayos!

  129. bulok ang sun! says:

    nasa tabi na nga ako ng bintana ambagal parin… mabilis sya minsan ng 10 seconds, tapos 5 minutes ung dl speed na 1-5kbps tapos laging na didisconnect! sarap basagin ng modem.. d2 ko nkatira sa mandaluyong pinakita naman sakin ung mga range ng mga location tapos abot naman

  130. eggman says:

    mga betlog! bakit di nyo try My DEstiny Internet! astig yan!!1 libre pa cable tv nyo!!

  131. Willie Domingo says:

    I have been a subscriber of SBW for more than 10 months now. I had an acceptable speed connection with SBW during the first 6 months but experience slow connections during the last 4 months. I have been complaining about having slow connections at my area during peak hours. I have been trying to follow up with SBW customer service for the past 4 months now due to the slow connections. They agree that there is a problem with my area but they will never refund my payment since the reason that I have slow connections is due to congestion of users and not due to the system. This is because, if you would look at some of the literatures of SBW, there are small imprints that say that SBW could slow down during peak hours. For this reason, they are free from complaints and suit from DTI.

    My subscription with SBW is not locked in for 2 years. I am decided to terminate my subscription from SBW even if I will waste my investment on their modem and router but you have to apply in their main office for termination which will really be a hassle. You can only also refund the 1000 pesos deposit after 6 months from service termination.

    They said that SBW is continually improving their service in my area but doesn’t know when. So I asked if I could just hold my subscription with SBW while their connection is slow and would just re-subscribe when they already improved the system. They said that it could be possible but you have to pay 500 pesos for the reconnection fee.

    Given the situation, I asked if I would just not pay the following months until my service is terminated. They said that after 2 months of non-payment, the SBW subscription would be disconnected but I would continually be charged every month even if the subscription is not being used until I pay and could receive a demand letter from their lawyers.

    I asked where I could complain in writing and who to write to but they would never give a supervisor name. They just told me to email my complaint directed to a “To whom it may concern” to [email protected]


    Think very well before subscribing to SBW.






  132. elvis says:

    Re: Marlowe

    Pare, ito ang gamit ko.

    Asus – Laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor P8700; 6GB DDR2 memory; DL DVD±RW/CD-RW drive; 17.1″ widescreen; 500GB hard drive; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with SP1…

    at ang Sun Cellular ay parang pagong pa rin… buti nag DSL na ako…

  133. sweetsaresour says:

    cut the crap haters.

    move along now…

    sun’s plug it broadband’s the best thing ever to happen in my very demanding needs of high speed internet…

    4.0 mbps for a price of a penny???? beat that smartbro!

    and oh.. im here in las pinas… smartbro very slow.. and to think its supposed to be like what they say… “leader of networks” yeah…

    i think that’s not gonna sell for me now smart cuz ive got the power of the sun. nyahahah.

    so long bored haters.


    Sun just finally met the competition a little by now offering 180 free for 30 days when you buy their 1895 usb plug it modem. Smart now offers modem for 999 and Globe for 895

    Also you can find reveiws of SMART and Globe usb plug its here too

  135. ..pwede po magtanong..taga dito po ako sa soldiers 4 bacoor cavite [molino 6]..malapit po ba un sa cell site ng sun cell ..ahehe.. xD salamat po ..

    pati..mabilis po ba to pag nag DownLoad kami ng files pag naka sun cell kami??? aun pu kasi pinaka importante e =)


  136. Melanie says:

    I’m planning to apply for Sun broadband 799. I am living in M. Gonzaga St., Hagdang Bato Itaas Mandaluyong City. Maganda kaya connection nya sa place ko? Thanks.

  137. joana says:

    Could sun broadband plans could be availed outside Manila? Since I;m presently residing in Pampanga. Please do give me a respond.. Thanks..

  138. jigz says:

    last wednesday sept.23 yata if im not mistaken nag apply ako ng easy braodband..after 24 hrs activated na internet agad ako…ayus naman pero the next day umulan,,,ayun doon nag ka problema,.first time ko maglaro ng online games.warcraft sa garena…very dissapointed ako kc pahinto hinto ang lakas ko at over 500 ang ping ko kaya wala gusto magsali sken…ang binayaran ko eh almost 2.5k kasama na ung 1 month deposit..pati simpleng browsing ang bagal talaga…sana magawan ng paraan para bumilis toh gaya ng pangako nila pag mag sa sign up ka pa lang..dito sa navotas location ko nga pala.

  139. jigz says:

    last wednesday sept.23 yata if im not mistaken nag apply ako ng easy broadband..after 24 hrs activated na internet agad ako…ayus naman pero the next day umulan,,,ayun doon nag ka problema,.first time ko maglaro ng online games.warcraft sa garena…very dissapointed ako kc pahinto hinto ang lakad ko at over 500 ang ping ko kaya wala gusto magsali sken…ang binayaran ko eh almost 2.5k kasama na ung 1 month deposit..pati simpleng browsing ang bagal talaga…sana magawan ng paraan para bumilis toh gaya ng pangako nila pag mag sa sign up ka pa lang..dito sa navotas location ko nga pala.

  140. jigz says:

    528 ang ping ko!!!!

  141. rael says:

    those who complain about slow speeds and revel in high speeds are valid observations. just acknowledge that location is key. get the best broadband based on your location. i just wish we’re allowed trial periods, or no lock-ins. come to think of it, if users like your service, you won’t need lock ins, right?

    ok… any feedback on SBW from muntinlupa users? i’m from tunasan. TIA!

  142. rael says:

    ps: is SBW “shareable”? i have smartbro and set up a wireless router, so multiple laptops can connect. is there a way to get the same effect with SBW?

  143. jm says:

    sleeper ka ba? if yes, sbw (prepaid) is great for you surf at the speed of 1.42kbps and sleep an hour or 2 before your webpages load, and also disconnect so you lost all your money to them :-)

  144. PC says:

    Bakit ganun? Hnd naman ma reach ng sun ung 2 mbps na sinasabi nila… sayang lang binabayad namin!

  145. perky says:

    Yung 2Mbps n speed n sinasabi nila is just the max speed. You won’t get it. SPeed talaga nila is up to 2Mbps. Ang style ng Sun ganito. Pag bukas mo ng PC mabilis connection mo at first you’ll get min of 300kbps up to 1.something Mbps basta ranging s ganung speed. After 20-30mins -pagmaswerte umaabot ng 40mins super bilis ng speed mo. Patikim lang! tpos nun bigay todo ng speed your speed will be at 200 up 250 kbps flat range un. Alam ko ung kasi n observe ko un at nakipag talo nko s tech support nila matagal n. Nasuya n nga ko eh. OK and sun for browsing and basic internet access. Pero s mga online gamer dyan. Goodluck! If you want to play online games do it late at night kasi talaga mabilis speed ng Sun (syempre kasi tulog n mga subscribers). You’ll get min of 300kbps up to 2mbps. Mabilis talaga s madaling araw kasi pag restday ko babad ako s internet kaya msarap mag internet pag late n. Pero mga peak hours SALYA ang connection. Basta min of 200 up to 250kbps – good enough for browsing. Dont expect too much kasi mura lang naman and service nila. Basta saken ok nrin ang Sun compare to others kasi mura at stable ang connection. Online ako mula umaga walng patayan ang PC at pag gising ko online p din. Di naman n didisconnect. Ewan ko lang s ibang location. Dito ako s balut, tondo ok namna signal dito. Sa mga ng ddwnload ng torrent like movies, mp3, music video etc. Hanap kau ng source n madami seeder kasi kahit mablis connection mo kung konti naman source mo matagal talga un. Saka leave ur PC on the whole night pag mabagal connection mo. Kaso kuryente lang gasto mo. hahhaha. Mahilig ako mg dwnload ng movies using Sun internet ok naman. Kaso walang patayan PC ko. Dpende s trip nyo yan. Use this torrent site for your dwnload madami seeder dyan. S mga gusto ng mabilis n speed try nyo mag Cable Internet or better yet sign up for business account to get a higher bandwith. Gudlak s budget. Hehhehe.

  146. Arny says:


    EMAIL TO [email protected] YOUR:

  147. Tisha says:

    I am a SBW subscriber for almost 1 month na. I do the speedtest every now and then, and here are the average results:
    Ping: 500-600
    Download: 1.5-2.5 Mbps
    Upload: .05-.2 Mbps
    For me, hindi masyadong factor yung speed as of now but i tell you guys, connection thru SBW drops almost every hour without you knowing it. Kung prepaid ka, Yari ka but if you’re on unlimited ok lang. Pero factor pa rin frequent disconnections. Another thing that my connection does is, while i am connected, suddenly, it will show up a pop-up window saying that ‘The device has been disconnected’ and that window will stay for about a minute or two. Annoying if you are doing something. After that window goes away, anothing window pops up saying ‘Detecting device’, another minute or two uli. Unfortunately, when get those popup windows, you can’t move them to the side so that you can continue what you’re doing, hazzle talaga. I consulted their technical team, but almost 3 weeks na, no show pa rin sila. Also, technical people are not so technical at all, they don’t even know how to isolate a problem, PC ba o modem? They’ll ask you to check settings hanggang i-suggest na nila na ire-image mo system mo. Tama ba yun? They’re basically telling you that their device is not the problem, so either your PC/Laptop has a problem o ikaw na ang may problema. I’m not planning of staying with SBW for long, i’m just consuming my load that i bought for 1800+ with free modem.
    To Sun technical and sales, sorry for being rude but you’re not doing your job well and your company doesn’t deserve to last for another year or two.

  148. ken says:

    im planning to buy sun wireless broadband unli. my location is in batangas street makati city mabilis kaya ung connection ko within my areA?

  149. kilz03 says:

    wla nman silbi mga yan…basta ako..gamit ko mod on broadband…libre ang net….hehehe

  150. mojo jojo says:

    is sun broadband wireless compatible with windows 7? mabilis ba ang net nya pag sa Malabon area ka? I’m choosing bet. smartbro and SBW..alin ang mas ok if you’re residing in Malabon? at pareho ba silang walang compatibility issues with Windows 7?

  151. marsha says:

    i want to avail of this promo from sun,i have a sun sim but the signal here at my place in valenzuela is so weak….hope someone can put up a cell site coz many people from my area is also a sun subscribers…..hope u can work on this…thank u

  152. micka says:

    ang bagal ng sun broadband dati mabilis sa impisa lng pla yan la ng kwnta n rin cla mga broadband the best p rin tlga ang dsl ng pldt

  153. slider says:

    tip. bago bumili ang kahit anong broadband, check nyo muna ang mga location ng cell sites… 2lad ko nasa crame, nasa gitna ako ng 2 cell site ng SUN… kaya eto,,,, I’m now happy…. o kaya para walang gastos,punta kayo sa mga mall na may libreng WI FI….. heehehe……

  154. sic says:

    Ayos sun d2 s dapitan sa may ust, un connection, browsing kaso un torrent amp! May paraan ba para maka-dl aq ng torrent s araw?

  155. Midnight says:

    Guys, I think you need to read the fine print. Sun Cellular’s fair use policy which means it is not meant for using it for downloading music and movies. Ganun talaga. If you want a portable internet connection for downloads, non of the existing services is worth it. Sorry to say.

  156. alethea says:

    nakakapag-torrent naman kaso “gumagapang”… har har har

  157. phepie80479 says:

    @Tisha…na-encounter ko na yunh ganyan, nasa usb cable or sa pagsaksak sa laptop mo problema…mas ok kung steady lang xa…

    @mojo jojo…ok sun d2 sa malabon, infact mga 19hrs ko xa ginagamit…pasok ako sa ofc ng 9am connect ko xa agag…uwi ako ng 8pm…by 9pm nasa haus na ako connect ko na xa agad…til morning na yun dahil dl ako movies…

  158. Hakuna Matata says:

    Bakit ba paputolputol ang sun connection ngayon.. Is there a problem with there sites? or sa location nanaman? We have experience it in two locations, Caloocan, and Antipolo.. Evey 10 minute ata napuputol ang connection.. Nahihirapan tuloy ako mag Connect Disconnect..

  159. Hakuna Matata says:

    I just hope that SUN CELL can respond to this problems.. The end users are becoming not satisfied about there Internet sevices.. This will cause a lot of bad feedbacks..

  160. JaysonMoy says:

    Hi everyone. I’m using windows 7 now compatible ang sun broadband wireless sa kanya. Kaisa-isang wireless broadband dito sa bahay namin na may malakas na signal. SMART and GLOBE…one bar…ang SUN kahit one bar lang 788kbps pa din…Zabarte Novaliches Area

  161. jake says:

    pano b mag apply?? ano mga requirements?? post aid b or pre paid??

  162. BuRnFaInt says:

    Ang maganda lng sa Sun lalo na sa mga Prepaids eh sobrang mura eh.. yun nga lang gumagapang ka talaga… sana itakeover ng smart yung Sun para umayos… Tingin niyo!??

  163. krissel says:

    ask ko lang po kung pwede iinstall yung sun broadband internet sa windows seven????????

  164. krissel says:

    pwede bang iinstall yung modem ng sunbroadband internet sa windows seven????????

  165. JDM says:

    Sun Wireless Broadband really SUCKS! Since i bought the unit i never had that 2mbps speed daw “KUNO”. Ok lang sana kahit umabot man lang ng 500kpbs ang speed eh, kaso ang below 10kpbs is so BAD! lalo na pag naghahabol ka ng oras. minsan pa nga 1kpbs nalang! mas mabilis pa ang dial-up connection. WTF! ubos oras mo sa paghihintay magload ang page considering my location is just in metro manila..kaya sa mga gustong mag subscribe ng Sun WB pagisipan nyo muna para hinde kayo magsisi sa huli at mabubuwisit lang kayo..Magaling silang magbenta, salestalk pag magiinquire ka sa kanila sasabihin mabilis daw pag within metro manila ang location etc etc kaso pag ginamit mo na, saka mo lang malalaman 1 thing surely na totoo sa mga sinabi sayo ng agent na you will pay your monthly bill kung post paid ka but the swb service is extremely poor!!!Nasayang lang pera ko..

  166. midnightpencil says:

    All the rants of people here isn’t consistent. Some rant without even mentioning the location of where they use the broadband internet. At the end of the day, what’s best is get a SunBroadband of another friend and borrow it, test it at home and at work and then subscribe after the test drive. To believe everything that a sales person says is stupidity. Like, a sales person will always do its best to make a sale. Practice caution and also practice using brains for once.

  167. new subscriber says:

    im from marikina, dati SBW prepaid gamit ko and umaabot naman ng 200-400kbps(1.5mbps-2.5+mbps) ang transfer rate ng download I decided na kumuha ng SBW far mabagal sya,pero ok sya for browsing, di sya naddc..for download naman palaging 10-18kbps lang talaga..di ako sure kung dahil sa fair usage policy..tanong ko lang po kung ung prepaid nila eh meron din same policy?

    Guaranteed po ba na mabilis ang download rate kapag off-peak hours? di ko pa natry eh kakakuha ko lang kc nung saturday.

    overall compare sa mga ibang wireless internet na mahal at hirap magconnect, ok na ok ang SBW.

  168. opochi says:

    tae tong sun sobrang bagal d2 sa pasay,,100 meters lng layo ko sa cell site nila,,youtube lng m2log ka muna bgo mtpos mgloading ang 3mins na video,,,kaasar ilang bses nko ngemail sa sun..deadma lng cla,,ta3!

  169. opochi says:

    mtaas ung spec ng laptop ko,,2.2Gghz,,,320Gg hDD,,3Gg RAM,,hard disk ko halos 90% pa free,,e2ng sunbroadband na ngsalestalk skin,,mblis daw,,,mblis nga…mabilis uminit ulo u sa bagal ng net nila,,d2 lng me sa domestic airport,pasay ct,,walang building at mttaas na establishment,,halos mtanaw ko na cell site nila..full 5 bars na nga signal ko hindi na bumababa…ng ako lagi, d tlaga stable ung connection nila,,kkpakabit ko lng last dec 1, so disappointed tlaga,mssyang lng 1595php ko sa ngaun ng iisip nko if antyin ko pa ung dec 19 na cut off period nila para mgbayad ng bill,,bka ipa cut off ko nlng to,,swertihan nlng cguro ng lugar,,sa lugar namin wala ako nkikitang prob sa signal,,,sa mga my planong mgpakabit ng sun…think muna^^..

  170. soyesterday says:

    Gusto nio ng superbilis na internet? Sa mga may balak mag-punta ng Japan, pag naginternet ka para kang nasa langit sa super duper bilis. isang click mo lang ng download link for example 1 gig movie, wala pang 5 seconds tapos agad ang download. Hahahaha.

  171. JDM says:

    Didn’t i say that i’m from metro manila and are connected to sun btw? if no nevermind it but if yes, mga manloloko kayo! who are you to insult us?ikaw ang dapat gamitin mo utak mo kasi you’re jumping to conclusion agad without an idea or even asking. i was not expecting to have that 2mbps speed as they’re saying stupid ok, to have at least half of is acceptable to be knowing that bago lang ang sun, sabi ko nga kahit umabot lang ng kahit 500kpbs ok na kaso yong 10kpbs! WTF! sino matutuwa nun!? Your suggestion is not applicable always pano kung wala kang kakilala or magpapahiram sayo?tsaka meron bang magpapagamit for a day para ispeed test!? Sana kasi ipaliwanag nalang nila sa mga client nila sa umpisa palang bago bumili na ganito ganyan, na hinde aabot ng 2mbps ang speed kahit ang location is within metro manila, na minsan nadi disconnect din, et cetera etcetera para at least alam na ng bibili and it’s up to them kung gusto parin nila bumili at hinde na magrereklamo plus mga wala namang silbi yong mga technical support nila. kaso ang sinasabi nila, oo yes sir mabilis po upto 2mbps po lalo na sa metro manila po and naglalagay pa po ng mga celsites pa para po maabot yong mga ganitong lugar outside metro manila and mura pa po ang swb magsubscribe na po kayo at kung anu ano pang pambobola hehe langya! anyway, bad experience ko lang to sa swb, nasayang lang yong 1,595.00 worth ng unit plus yong adv 799.00 plan na binayad ko kasi i had no choice but to shift to cable kesa naman sa pagtyagaan ko yong walang kwentang speed nila!

  172. Problematic says:

    Hi guys, I just want to ask about Sun Broadband Wireless. Bumili kasi ako ng Compaq laptop model CQ40-517TU, may bundle na Windows 7 at Sun BroadBand Wireless na free for 3 months. Ang problema after installation, tapos in-open ko yung program ng Sun, laging ‘the device is disconnected’, naka-insert naman nang maayos yung sim. Ano kaya ang problema?

  173. i been using sbw for a year now and i can say that this piece of shit is only good for using as browsing and email other that that you is iba talaga pag wired ,,,, i tried smartbro.. here in manila.. globelines sa makati.. and sbw here in quezon city… and all fail sa talagang speedtest. lalo na ang sun .. if you can see sa program interface nya eh me statistics.. after ng connection tab dun pa lang makikita mo na kung ilang KBPS ,,, TAKE NOTE!!! KBPS… lang ang kaya nya i download,, thats why you can hardly use it on picture heavy sites like facebook… youtube… now nag shift ako sa eastern … with landline and to tell you kahit mamatay man si gloria at ampatuan dito lang talaga ako natuwa… 1.5 mb ang promise nila including landline is truly mabilis talaga … kasi youtube lang naman ang pang testing at mabilis ang loading walang buffering… kaya if you like to try this shit… bahala kayo… iinit lang ulo nyo

  174. tama yan gamit ko dito sa culiat tandang sora eh sun sine search ko yung mga ampatuan dito sa faceboook wala ako makita puro puti lang ang bagal ng loading…. nakita ko yung stats tab at putik!!! 0.00- 0.04 kbps lang!!! walandyo… email na lang tuloy ang check ko… i chat ko si unsay sa loob ng nbi… wag kayo mag try ng boreband… dsl na lang guys… yung globe din sa ayala lang mabilis… pag dating mo sa luneta at circle sa q.c wala ka mahagap pero sa ayala ..makati malapit sa peninsula hotel at sa glorieta ang bilis super….

  175. kulafu says:

    Ha’ay grabeng bagal ng Sun Broadband Wireless! Inabot ng 5++ minutes just to download and 15++ minutes for this page. FYI Sun Broadband Wireless ang ginamit ko to post this reply… hehehe. Dito ako sa Dasma Cavite, 2G/Egde lang available, super bagal… AS IN! Samantalang sabi sa promotion nila 3G daw! Ha’ay naku…

  176. putyaks says:

    bottomline is

    Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like time of the day, number of simultaneous users, web page accessed, INCL. DOWNLOADERS.. ETC..

  177. morcenman says:

    Ako naman I just got the Sun Usb Internet. Mura naman kasi talaga at 799 per month at walang lock in period. Kailangan mo lang bayaran ng 2 months advance and yung usb modem. It’s also unlimited. Tama naman yung sinabi nung sales rep na umaabot ng 2mbps pero di naman siya lagi ganun. Unlike Globe tattoo na walang unlimited which is more expensive, yung Smartbro naman eh may 24 month lock in period. Pang surfing tolerable naman siya at paminsan mabilis naman, madalas nasa 200kbps plus lang ako, medyo masmabilis lang pag sa umaga or madaling araw. Definitely not for huge file downloading. I live in E. Rodriguez by the way, ok naman yung 3G signal, lagi naman meron. Don’t expect na kasing bilis nito ang DSL, dahil malabo talaga yun. Iba pa din talaga ang wired connection kasi mas consistent and stable.

  178. sana mgkaroon ng sun broadband sa lugar namin (Kalibo,Aklan)

  179. theresa lemetares says:

    I bought the 799 plan last JAN 2 and I was so excited kaxe sa demo ang bilis talaga and ang sabi 2MB daw ang maximum speed!!! sa smart bro kaxe 1 MB pero I know stable talaga ang smart bro! I went there agad kanina around 4:30 pm!!!! Imagine ang aga ko dun ha! number 50 ung stub ko and the discussion about my complaint took so many hours!!!!! ggyerahin ko talaga sila sa festival tomorrow pag d cla nagpapunta ng tech d2 sa haus on or b4 10 am today!!!! hassle talaga ang sun!!! napakalaking istorbo! i told them na i don’t want to have any business with them and all they can say is we have rules ma’m mga walang kwenta lahat ng staff sa sun shop sa festival!! mga bobo at mangloloko pa!!! grabe talaga pagnanakaw n ginagawa ng sun na yan!!!! saan ko kaya sila pwede ireport para maparusahan ang network na to grabe!!!

    sa sobrang ganda ng sales talk nila sakin last night I’ve even trusted them to auto charge ung bill sa credit card ko!!!! pero here’s the catch!!! kanina may nakasabay akong nagcocomplain ang sabi nahack daw ang credit card nya at kailangan nya palitan!!!! I was so nervous back then!!! have to call my bank to monitor my card!!!! tingin ko d trust worthy ang mga employees ng sun kaya nagkaganon!!!! sana maparusahan ung nanghack nung card nung nakasabay ko kanina kawawa nmn.

    sun knows all details pa nmn about me dahil sa app form n pinafill out ngaun I’m rushing to cancel the auto charge and won’t use my card for some time to see if someone will try to hack it too… kaxe hinahighblood n ko kanina s mga walang kwentang staffs sa sun shop sa festival mga walang modo pa kaxe pinapakita tlga ang pagdadabog nila by slaming the door !!!

    hope that our government could help us (victims)

    3rd day ko today and still can’t surf continuously :(:(:(









  180. elmer fruelda says:

    Pano bayung 50pesos 1 day unlimited internet??

  181. theresa lemetares says:

    hi, I would like to inform everyone that my connection here in freedom hills subdivision was already resolved. Thanks to Kuya John who came here all the way from Ortigas… Grabe mas magaling talaga xa kesa sa unang nagsite visit kaxe inayos nya talaga yung settings ng swb ko. i’ve tried speed test and happy with the results. sana maging stable na tong connection ko at sana di ningas kugon ang good connection ng sun. kung magiging maganda ang service nila for a very long time d na ko magpapalit ng service provider. buti nalang c kuya john patient and magaling xa talaga magtroubleshoot take note! bago lang daw xa sa company pero naayos nya ung connection na dapat talaga na nakukuha ko since napakalakas nmn ng signal ko :):):)

    buti n lng nagbigay ako ng ultimatum sa sun to resolve this slow connection issue in 1 week. and napatunayan nmn nila na okay sila….

    pwede ko nang ipanglaban yung speed ng connection ko sa smartbro hehe! kaxe ako pa lang ata ang user d2 sa village namin kaya nkakakuha ako ng 3.6 n speed sa speedtest hehehe :):):

    4th day ngaun. and I’m so satisfied na. sana wag n mawala ung good connection. pati online games ko okay na. I play Dekaron nga pala. pinatest ko dun sa nagsite visit and mabilis nmn wlang lag :):):)

    ganda daw kaxe ng specs ng pc ko and taas ng signal n nasasagap ko :):):)

  182. Perky says:

    @ theresa lemetares

    Try this link to send you complaints

    Dyan ako ng send ng reklamo dati abt s phone & INternet service. Tinawagan ako ng manager abt s issue. Sagalit ko nun naka attention s mga bossing at sabi ko s kanila abangan nila ung modem at dudurugin ko at ipapadala ko s corporate office nila nka LBC.

  183. Perky says:

    @theresa lemetares

    Nice to know resolved n issue mo. I’m using sun internet for 10 months now, so far so good minsan may mga moments kame ng mga tech support nila. Basta pag nagka issue kau report nyo lang s hotline nila para malaman nila na mya mga nagkka issue abt service nla. Para mgagawan nila ng paraan.

  184. theresa lemetares says:


    oo nga eh. buti nlng naresolved :) ngaun naabot n ng 3mb speed ko e. ako lang ata daw kaxe subscriber d2 sa subd nmn :)

    pero sana nga dire2tso n :) para walang hassle. :)

    busy people p nmn tyo :)

  185. phepie80479 says:

    @theresa lemetares

    buti ok na problema mo…hindi mo ata binasa yung manual, iba kc ang settings ng sbw prepaid sa postpaid…

    ok naman d2 sa malabon sun…ok din xa sa sampaloc at intramuros…

    dapat magsorry ka sa mga inaway mong staffs ng sun festival…tsk tsk tsk…wawa naman cla…


    kaya lumalabas na “the device is disconnected”, baka hindi usb 2.0 gamit mo, delayed mabasa ng usb yung modem…kaya pag click mo ng sun dialog box, yan lumalabas…

  186. Mahiru Nami says:

    AMPPP!!!! TAKTENG SUN TOH!! almost zero dl rate ko amp… friendster i takes years bgo mgbukas mp… nkakabadtrip aksayan lng ng pera

  187. ZeeDee says:

    In case you read it well — it said “Fair Use Policy” and that included “downloading” and “torrent” files. Look it up under the contract you signed up for. If you want a broadband internet for downloading, go for PLDT MyDSL instead of Sun Broadband. If you want mobility and travel the country a lot, go for SmartBro. And if you just live in Makati area, Globe Tattoo will do. Other than that, for those still wanting to use to download movies and such — best time is from 3am to 6am. And please read more on how to manage torrents. The more seeds the better option to use in downloading. Seems like most people still don’t know that.

  188. theresa lemetares says:

    at bakit naman ako magsosorry sa sun festival? e ang nag ayos naman ng connection ko e yung sa main….

    ngaun nga ubod n nmn ng kupad ng connection ko e. take note kung anong oras ngaun ni hindi umaabot ng 500 kbps ang speed ng internet ko. d nmn me downloader! nagbbrowse lang ako and facebook lang nmn ang madalas kong puntahan…

    hay nako! kung ningas kugon talaga ang sun ewan ko lang kung magrerenew pa ko ng contract!!! kung pwede nga lang n ipaterminate agad before 3 months ggawin ko n ora mismo e!!!

    will call sun again today re: their very poor service. sana maging stable nmn ang connection nyo. mukhang minamagic nyo lang ang connection pag may sun tech n pu2nta d2 sa location nmn e. and sana kung may problem sa servers s location inform the users by messaging them di ba kaya nmn makarcv ng messages ng swb?!


  190. Ian says:

    Hi, pwede ba ireklamo natin to sa dti or sa ntc dahil sa service nila na hindi naibibigay? nagpakabit ako ng sbw 799 last dec 9, 2009, tapos ever since, lagi ko na sila kinukulit regarding sa slow connection. Alam ko naman na di nila maibibigay ung 2mbps connection, pero ni kalahati nun wala ako naexperience. laging 256kbps and below, kahit off-peak hours ganto ng ganto. lagi ako nagco-complain, pero sabi wala daw problem sa network, pero pag madami daw users expect na bababa ang speed. Ok lng sakin sana kung nakaka-browse pa rin ako, kaso lalong lumala, ngaun, 0kbps to 10kbps ang speed at kahit google, ang tagal mag-open. Wala na ako magawa dahil sa sobrang bagal.
    Tagal ko na nirereklamo kaso lagi lang nila ako ginagawan ng resolution at binibigyan ng reference number, last tawag ko naasar na ko inaway ko na rep, humingi ako ng supervisor kaso wala daw available that time. di na lang daw ako icha-charge dun sa time na nag-complain ako ng slow connection and sabi papapuntahin technician nila sakin para ma-check ung problem. pero hanggang ngaun wala pa rin pinapadala. I want to bring this to a government body or if not the media, para mapansin nila ito.

  191. theresa lemetares says:

    try mo po tawagan and dti may home page din sila e. la pa kaxe akong tym para gawin un kaxe super busy ko talaga

    ang plan ko kaxe tatapusin ko lang ang 3 mos tapso lipat n ko sa smartbro ….

    haaaay!!! grabe tlaga! lagi pang long wait hotlines nila maaasar ka lang tlga!

  192. Ian says:

    Yesterday nagpunta ako sa sun shop nila sa boni, Mandaluyong. take note this is just walking distance from where I live. Sabi ng nakausap ko, di daw nila sure kung bakit di ako maka-internet sa bahay since malapit lng naman sa kanila. magpapadala daw ng technician sa house at pina-fill out ako ng written report to be submitted sa main office nila. sabi ko nag-file na rin ako ng report sa customer service nila sa phone last week pero wala naman dumating na technician. Sabi sakin ng kausap ko definitely this week magpapadala daw sila ng tao. I’m giving them until friday to fix this or else…

  193. jesa says:

    as far as the connection goes, yung swb post paid ko okay na sya ngayon, nung mga first to two weeks ko ang worst, hindi makapg bukas ng email, hindi makapag open ng facebook, 3 hours na hindi ko p din ma open inbox ko, almost everyday na nga ako nag cocomplain sa sun csr, but then recently i got good connection na, kasi nilipat ko ng pwesto yung pc ko, i got up to 900kbps, pero unstable pa din ang connection..usb stick lang kasi,pero okay na din sya at least hindi na madalas mag 0, as inZERO bytes.. ngayon umaabot na ng 300-500 kbps. okay na din,ewan ko kung dahil ba sa every day ako nag cocomplain kaya na ayos o dahil lang sa nilipat ko ng pwesto yung pc ko..
    pero the best talaga ang smart dito sa area namin, taguig area ako dati din akong smartbro user, unlike sa sun sa smartbro nakakapag multi task talaga.. Go for smartbro kung taga taguig kayo.

  194. auto says:

    Hi guyz! share q lng xperience q sa sunbroadband d2 sa amin sa mandaluyong near shaw blvd. GRABEEEE SOBRANG HINA NG SIGNAL NLA minsa talagang nagpla-Flat 0 ang signal nla mag22weeks q ng gamit 2 pero hindi pa aq nakakapanoud ng youtube ng buo,,haizt!!! buti na lng at postpaid 350 lng kinuha q,,, next month ipaputol q n to,,, share lng to para d kyo matulad sa akin… gud day sa lahat!!!

  195. This is to inform sun cellular broadband that I am no longer satisfied with the speed of their internet, it deteriorates everyday, like for example today, i checked its speed by using speednet test on the web and the result was it only has a 38.9kbps.. no wonder i cannot even open my emails.

  196. Mr swabe says:

    anak ng hudas itong sun broadband na ito!!!

    sobra hina ng signal nito!!!

    hindi pa makapasok sa website ng, madami na akong beses nagreklamo pero walang kwenta puro hindi nila alam kung ano problema???

    music forum site lang naman ang philmusic hindi pa makapasok??

    leche kayong mga technical support ng sun broadband hindi ninyo ginagawa trabaho ninyo!!!

    at sa may ari ng sun broadband mga leche rin kayo!!! dapat huwag na muna kayo magpa advertise gamitin ninyo muna pondo ng companya ninyo para ayusin mga technical errors ng broadband ninyo!!!

  197. phepie80479 says:

    @theresa lemetares…kung ayaw mo na sa Sun Broadband, magpalit ka na…better pa ang Globe kesa sa Smart…3 ang broadband ko pero mas ok sa akin Sun within metro…pag out of town, globe ang gamit ko…

    @auto…nasa Shaw Boulevard ako kagabi, sa may Shakey’s, di naman mabagal ah, nakapag-webchat pa nga ako…

    @mr swabe…baka sa specs ng pc mo may problema…

  198. theresa lemetares says:

    @phepie80479 alam mo nagpalit n talaga ako ngaun ng subscription. pldt mydsl na ko ngaun. so lucky kaxe i already got rid of SWB…!!! atleast la na kong stress na narramdaman sa SWB. hahaha!

  199. phepie80479 says:

    @theresa lemetares…good for you, iba talaga ang service ng dsl, di natin sya pwedeng icompare sa broadband when it comes sa speed, anyway good for you…CONGRATULATIONS! :)

  200. jeng says:

    @zeedee, thanks for the info about the differences of the broadbands and where to use them. at first, i’m thinking of getting the SUN broadband but after reading some posts here, i’m having second thoughts about it. how about pldt we-roam?

  201. markL says:

    mga sun users hmm ask ko lang specially sa mga magaganda ang signals and reception at wala problem sa sun.. try nyo naman open this website..

    maganda kasi signal and reception ko pero i cant open this website.. thanks

  202. phepie80479 says:

    walang problema sa signal mo…closed account ang, cguro sa website license nya or update cla ng site kaya d ma-access…

  203. markL says:

    so paanu yun bro? haha hustle pala sun forum site lang hindi maacess.. yung ibang forum site ok naman..xiet hehehe.. thanks

  204. markL says:

    bro’s naka access na ako by using…

    haha nice buti na lang my pagewash..wala na problem..

  205. zai says:

    i’m confused with the sun cellular signal. i applied the 799/month for a suncellular standard package. i cant connect, we just stay at soho central which is near shangrila plaza… is there really no signal there? do i need to return it?

  206. Ian says:

    Dati akong naka-sun kaso wala talaga kwenta service nila, lalo na dito sa Mandaluyong, 0-10kbps lng. pinaputol ko na at nag-switch ako sa Bayantel na 512 kbps. totoo nga ung sabi nila na true speed, di pa ako naka-experience ng no connection or di makaopen ng kahit anong site.

    Pero badtrip talaga ang sun kasi hanggang ngaun sinisingil pa ako ng 32 pesos na bill sa postpaid, e nagbayad na nga ako ng pagpa-disconnect dati nag-confirm pa ako kung wala na ako babayaran, wala na daw sabi nila. tapos ngaun 32 pesos sinisingil ako. I hate SWB. it should be Sun Wireless B*llS#!t

  207. SUN SUX BIGTIME says:

    EPIC FAIL ang SUN. sa taguig area and speed ko nag sswing lang from 0 to 11.82 kbps. wtf, kahit browsing di kaya sa speed na yan. i’ just waiting for the cut-off date and i’m having it disconnected. stress lang aabutin nyo sa SUN.

    • sca says:

      grabe…nakakairita na talaga ang sun cellular. dati akong smartbro user for more than 1 year… then, nag try ako ng sun cellular noong may 03,’11 kc sabi maganda daw… so iniwan ko ung smartbro kc nga nababagalan ako. ng mainstall ko na… di ako nakapag-connect ng mahigit 2 hrs.akala ko ako ung me mali…un pala sadyang mabagal. so,inisip ko nalang na baka nung araw lang talaga un slow…so sinubukan ko parin kinabukasan…, nag bukas ako ng laptop ko pero ang hirap mag connect,kung maka-connect naman,maya-maya lang ang disconnected n naman dahil sa sobrang slow.pag na disconnect na’y hira magconnect mahigit 2hrs na akong nag c-connect pero wala parin. sa pangalawang araw,bumalik ako para magreklamo.kasi tinatong ko cla noon na kung gagana ba ung internet sa davao del sur sabi nila oo daw. tas ng bumalik ako kanina para magreklamo… snabi ko na rin…kung totong gagana ang sun cellular sa davao del sur,e di sana matinong gumagana dito sa minila palang.tas biglang sabi n d daw talaga gagana sa davao del sur. sabi ko pano yan? e uuwi ako ngaung may? mga bwesit talaga kau!sagot lang nila nag papatayo pa daw sila ng cellsite dito sa taguig.sabi ko kilan matatapos un?sagot nila d nila alam…sabi ko baka naman next year pa yan? hindi naman daw. pero auko ng maniwala.tas sinabi ko na sobra akong nagsisisi at nanghihinayang sa pera ko na nauwi lang sa wala.dahil wala talagang kwenta ang SUN CELLULAR. bakit kaya nakakapag negosyo p cla samantalang marami ng nagrereklamo sa serbisyo nila? tuloy marami pa ang nabibiktima ng SUN CELLULAR.

  208. AVIC says:

    SWB sucks big time nowadys.. Before I’m very proud of it and even encourage my colleagues to switch to SWB but now were on tag team on arguing with SWB Customer Service.. Im in UST area, so can I ask whats the best broadband that I can use..

  209. shogu says:

    sun broadband sucks here in bf homes las piñas. i swear! need to change isp. pls tell me naman w/c isp is the fastest here sa area namin. tnx

  210. phepie80479 says:

    @AVIC…may haus ako near UST…espana-vicente cruz, lakas naman ng signal ko ah…

    @SHOGU…sister ko taga-BF Las Pinas at yung bro ko taga-golden gate, malakas din signal nya…baka sa specs ng pc mo yan…

  211. @phepie80479 says:

    sun’s okay now in our area after I went to one of SUN shops. I told them to check and go for CI within the area and its okay now..

  212. adam says:

    In our area Globe tatto and sun broadband is competing really tough and that is good. check this review all about Sun wireless broadband and Globe broadband tattoo , which is better?

  213. jennifer says:

    ay naku sobrang bagay ng sun na yan nasa shaw blvd area kami pag nag download ka matulog ka muna, pag gising mo ready na. kung gusto uli mag hanap ng website i click mo at matulog ka uli pag gising mo nasa site ka na na gusto mo.

    O kaya pag nagpunta ka sa you tube kompletuhin mo 8 hours na tulog pag gising mo open na you tube ganyan kabagal ang sun na yan. Na imagine nyo na ba?

  214. jennifer says:

    wag na kayo kumuha ng sun na yan sayang lang pera nyo, kung di ayusin yan ng may ari sister company yan ng digitel…ay naku sayang pera ko bahala kayo di ako magbabayad bg bill n yan ibabalik ko yang gadget nyo

  215. jules riego says:

    Sun’s wireless broadband service went down from bad to worse. The first two months of use was ok. Now, its less than 100kbps anywhere I go, be it fairview, ortigas, makati, pasig. A dial-up modem is better than this. What’s even worse is that their customer service is utterly and disgustingly useless!!! I called more than ten times to complain and they promise each time that their “technical” will call me. Guess what? nobody called. This is what I call good customer service. Time to teach greed a lesson.

  216. Atty. Jules says:

    I will file a complaint with NTC. They are getting more subscribers than they can handle.

  217. adam says:

    Hi, just want to ask if anyone of you already tried Sun Cellular’s Digihome. Please let me know if it is OK.I just saw this ads on the newspaper.

  218. ALFONSO says:

    Guys, I am not satisfied with the service of Suncellular Broadband. However, I am locked to the contract for 2 years. Is there anyone here who demanded discontinuation of the service despite the contract and has it been approved without further payment from you?

  219. Shane says:

    I also have SBW. The connection was good for the first 2 weeks, ang bilis. but after 2 weeks, ayun na. nagsimula na ang nightmare. maski FB di ko ma-access pag gabi. There was once na nakipag voice chat ako sa YM at nakakainit ng ulo kasi di kami magkaintindihan ng kausap ko kasi halso 20secs delayed ang dating ko sa kanya!!! The sad part is naka-contract ako sa kanila for 1 year kasi naka-bundle sya sa cellular plan ko. with their mobile service, wala akong reklamo, pero sa broadband, grabe! I had PLDT DSL before at wala ako problem but I have moved from Las Pinas to Makati and PLDT said wala silang service sa lilipatan ko, whatsover. so i ended up getting SBW. I never tried calling their CSR kasi i know wala naman silang magagawa and iisa lang naman sasabihin nila kundi “I do apologize po,etc.”. Kawawa lang sila sa kin kung sila ang pagbubuntunan ko ng inis ko.

    Sana may mag pass ng batas about consumer protection lalo na sa mga contracts na yan. Ang hirap kasi once you’re in contract, mahirap na kumawala unless you pay them. But why pay them if you never got the service they promised you, right? It should be a breach of contract on their part kung di nila ma provide yung tamang service. Sana asikasuhin din sa Senate or sa House of Representatives yan, same thing nung inasikaso ni Manong Johnny Enrile yung ginagawang panlalamang ng mga Telecoms company sa mga prepaid users nila, hahaha! i think yun ang kulang sa PIlipinas, walang protection ang consumers against those, sa ibang country pag di ka satisfied sa service, you can terminate anytime or they will give your money back without any hassles. Sana someone will pay attention to this, it’s about time na magkaron ng pagbabago sa bulok na sistema at style ng mga yan!!

    I miss my PLDT DSL, if only if I can get one again, haysss!

  220. igme says:

    Sa sobrang asar ko sa SBW na yan, minartilyo ko yung modem kasama yung SIM sa loob. Walang kwenta yung 2mbps na sinasabi nila… Gosh! Sa Sun pa naman ako nagtatrabaho… told it to their technical, sagot nya mahina raw talaga ang network infrastructure ng Sun Cellular, look at Sun Cellular’s towers compared with other telco’s towers na lang daw… Huh, ganun pala.

  221. adam says:

    Depende talaga sa area yung service ng broadband pero here in tondo manila SUN is OK wait check their update Sun wireless broadband new offer.

  222. sun na mo!!!! says:

    di ako, tapos ang bagal. pagupload ng pic sa youtube ayaw. walang kwenta tong sun broadband na to. KATARANTADUHAN to. Dito ako sa rosario pasig nakatira. Ang bagal ng connection. MR GOKONGWEI, manloloko ka ba ng tao?

  223. jotaps says:

    tang ina yang sun sbw na yan,? walang kwenta, minartilyo ko rin pati na yung computer ko sa asar ko. kaya dapat bayaran nila yung pc ko, kung hindi….dilikado

  224. jotaps says:

    ulol talaga ung signal ng sun, kaya if you buy sun just go to moon before you open the website that is ol about, naintindihan nyo ba? ako hindi

  225. Winston says:

    amff eto na ang pinkabulok na internet service provider!!!! as in ung inaadvertise nila na up to 2mbps!!!!!! napakalayo!!!! nkkha ko lng 50-100kbps!! My advice never get this broadband this is a scam!

  226. John says:

    Wala na bng matinong ISP d2 sa Pilipinas???

    halus parehas lng ang downspeed ng globe at sun broadband e pati ung smartbro.

    anak ng pateng yang mga yan.

  227. REDH says:

    Ako rin grabe bwisit, madalas 0.00 ang speed, walang kwenta I thought it’s a good ISP that’s why I chose Sun rather than Smart or Globe, before subscribing I asked the customer rep if they cover our area (Cainta), she said yes so I paid the amount, now I’ve been using it only for 3 days and I’m thinking already to switch to PLDT MyDSL, I’m still lucky because there’s no holfing period on my service. =)

  228. Alfonso says:

    How come you were granted “no holding period?”
    I am stuck to it for 2 years. I only started April. I am so sick of it. I inquired cancellation of my account before the 2-year contract ends, and I was informed that it would only happen in very rare circumstances.

  229. phepie80479 says:

    @Alfonso…no holding period kasi binili yung modem…forgot ko binayaran ko, mga 2.8K ata, no holding period yun…so far wala naman ako problema sa SUN Broadband, 2 years ko na gamit to! pero pag nasa southern part ako ng bansa, Globe gamit ko, SMART naman sa northern part…

  230. angelo says:

    Kabibile ko lang ng sun prepaid (sun internet).
    Me babayaran ako n two months 350 tapos pede daw na prepaid na lang upon request. Problema SOBRANG BAGAL. SAYANG ANG BILE KO DITO. MAG REREKLAMO NA KO!Dito lang ako sa intramuros manila. Grabe na to!

  231. angelo says:

    Mas maganda pa prepaid ng Globe or Smart. Globe ko kase nawala. Smart ko naman nasira. Sabi ko try ko muna prepaid ng SUN. . . Ayun pinkabulok pala considering intramuros lang ako. . .

  232. phepie80479 says:

    @angelo…sa intramuros ako nagwo-work ok naman signal ko, mabilis…minsan lang bumagal nung may inaayos ang Sun sa Intramuros area…SMART mabagal sa Intramuros, medyo ok ang Globe….

  233. clyde says:

    mga mars and pard.. kahit anong forum tignan nyo tungkol sa wireless BB kit eh puro negative feedback maririnig nyo. simple lang yan eh . just try from the 3 brand kung ano ang much better sa inyo “tapos” alam nmn natin na sa 3 eh globe ang pinaka kulelat . minsan meron nmn smartbro na mhina din sa location ng gumagamit. kahit ano iputok ng butsi natin gnun tlga eh. kaya bago kayo magdecide. just review lahat ng forum tungkol sa brand na gagamitin nyo para di kayo magsisi. wla lng.. yun lng nmn po .. meri xmas satin lahat ..woooo

  234. Marc says:

    I’m taking this opportunity to vent a bit. I subscribed to Sun Cellular Postpaid Broadband since the store agent gave an assurance that it will give me a fast and reliable internet connection in Muntinlupa. Unang araw na ginamit ko ang product, hnd umaabot ng 100kbps ang signal. Tumawag ako sa customer service, they said magsusubmit sila ng ticket to resolve my issue. They promised na within 24 hours magbibigay cla ng feedback. Naghintay ako pero wala. The next day tumawag ako, on the process pa daw ang concern ko. I asked for a supervisor, the agent transferred me to Miss Alphie, Officer in charge daw sa floor. Sabi nya, ifoforward daw nya ulit ang concern ko and she promised to give me a call back within the day. Guess what? Wala akong nareceive na tawag. Third day, tumawag ako ulit sa kanila, tinanong ko ang agent na nakasagot kung bakit walang callback si Miss Alphie after nyang mag promise. Sabi sakin ng agent after 10 minutes siguro sa call na yun, nakausap daw nya si Miss Alphie at sinabi daw ni Miss Alphie na tumawag sya sa number ko, babae daw ang nakasagot at naliligo ako. E wala naman. Ginawa pa akong sinungaling. I asked to be transferred to Miss Alphie, nung kausap ko na sya, sabi nya ibang customer daw pala yun na tulad lang sa name ko. I then asked for a supervisor, sabi ni Miss Alphie engaged pa daw sa call ang supervisor pero tatawagan daw ako within the day ni Jay Dulap, supervisor nila. Same thing happened; I did not receive a call back from the supervisor. The next day, tumawag ako ulit. Nakausap ko ang isa pang supervisor, sa araw din nay un, I received a callback from a manager. Sabi nya, makakareceive daw ako ng call the next day from a technician for troubleshooting. WALA NA NAMAN AKONG NARECEIVE NA CALL. Fifth day na ngayon at wala pa ring resolution sa concern ko. Ngayon may kausap akong CS agent, 1hr and 33 minutes na kame sa call habang sinusulat ko to dahil hnd pa rin daw available ang supervisor nya.They keep on saying na naforward na ang concern ko sa proper department at maghintay lang daw ako ng callback within the day. Sino pang maniniwala????? In my opinion, Sun Cellular has a very poor customer service. What a shame.

  235. laverne says:

    Hi. I subscribed to suncellular just 2 days ago. Feb 10, 2011. I was really excited to try their B200 router. To my dismay, their sim was notyet activated. CRAPPPP! I called their service 333 and the operator told me to wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours wala pa rin. shit shit shit….. What makes me really mad is when I talked to theri CSR he told me to wait for 3 DAYS!! hello, 3 days???? ang bagalng service ng sun! activation lang ng sim di nyo pa magawa?

  236. jigs says:

    ano mas prefer nio na ISP??? sobrang bagal na ksi ng pldt ngaun eh… tondo nga pala area ko…

  237. greg says:

    tanong kolang kong may signal sa la vista monte village phase 1 matina diversion road davao city

  238. Jen says:

    Hi, ask ko lang kung advisable ba an Sun wireless sa provinces? anyone here may same experience? We are now at Cavite but planning to stay at Camarines Sur. ok kaya ang signal dun? Kelangan ko kasi ng mabilis na internet connection since I’m working online. Please help. kindly send ur response at my email add: [email protected].. Thanks!

  239. adam says:

    Hi Jen if youre in Sta. Laguna I would suggest to avail this Sun Wireless Broadband kasi na testing ko na ito sa Sta. Rosa Laguna.

  240. Rayver says:

    Manloloko naman ang Sun
    April 10 na magsubscribe ako sa 799 2 MBPS daw at unlimited after 2 weeks

    0 MBPS o 50 to 100 at laging nadidisconnect

    Ayaw ipa cut kasi 4 months holding period
    e 9 days wala me nagamit system maintenance daw
    tas ngayon wala kwenta

    Ipa media dapat yan at ma expose

  241. phepie80479 says:

    @Rayver…almost 4 days ko din naranasan yang sunud2 na disconnection, nag-uupgrade cla ng system cguro, same sa smart nag-ganyan din, pero bumalik din sa normal…2 years na ako gumagamit ng sun broadband ok naman service sa akin…actually 3 na nga sun broadband ko, 2 unlimited at 1 prepaid…

    pag palpak pa din yung connection, uninstall mo sun broadband, then install mo uli!

  242. Rayver says:


    Na gawa ko na lahat sinabi ng cs at cla mismo nd unified na may system enhancement

    Wala problem sa pc at modem nasa Sun na may capping na paf download na ddc pa
    pabgit service nla
    Ibalik nla pera ng sutomer or ayusin nla service nla

    dapat kasi mdami mag reklamo at ipa TV para umayos cla wala kasi nag rereklamo ng madamihan kaya lalo dumadami naloloko ng Sun

  243. abbie grace reyes says:

    can i ask if the suncellular is gnna work here in mndanao, sultan kudarat, meron naman cellste ng sun dito so pwd po ba kmi mka pa lagay ng internet d2 sa amin? pls answer this asap

  244. if my cellsite na po ba ng sun maka internet po ba kmi d2 sa amin using wireless broadbnd or the mnthly po na internet?

    • alphalava says:

      Sun Cellular claims that its BB service is now nationwide. It may be nationwide but it doesn’t mean it’s reliable.

    • Better investigate first people with Sun Broadband there before buying! You might be wasting your money! Be very careful! Kami ngayon dito sa Urdaneta Pangasinan pati cell nawala signal, sira daw cel site! Lahat ng broadband companies dito mga swindler! ang bilis maningil pero ang all lies sa service!

    • Better investigate first people with Sun Broadband there before buying! You might be wasting your money! Be very careful! Kami ngayon dito sa Urdaneta Pangasinan pati cell nawala signal, sira daw cel site! Lahat ng broadband companies dito mga swindler! ang bilis maningil pero ang all lies sa service! be very careful!

  245. mad as hell says:

    I agree, palpak at mabagal ang Sun broadband…. for those reading this blog, this is my way of getting back at Sun broadband dahil naloko nila ako by making me buy such a product na ang bagal at walang kuwenta….. at least kung may sampu o isang daan na hindi bumili ng product nila dahil nabasa nila itong blog then good……

  246. aron says:

    salamat s mga comment hnd n aq bibili ng sun broadband pangit pla,, magaling mningil mukhang pera

    • Jeffrey M. Bagallon says:

      dapat magpa-demo ka na lang, siguro mabagal sun sa ibang lugar, yung akin naman kasi malabon at manila area mabilis xa…actually 2 ang sun broadband ko na postpaid, umorder na din ako ng bago nilang pocket wifi, sa wednesday delivery, hopefully sana mabilis din!

  247. felma says:

    ang bagaaaaaaaaaaal ng sun ngayon dito sa sta.cruz, manila konting mahipan ng hangin wala ng signal!!!! ano ba ang nangyayari???
    madalas, ang haba ng email ko wala na pala akong signal !!!! kaya uulitin ko ng kung ilang beses hanggang abutin ng hatinggabi kakaulit dahil putol ng putol ang signal !!!

  248. JT says:

    maganda naman ung SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS kung malapit ka sa cell sites nila…I use SBW and it is doing an excellent job.. no problem..they know the definition of UNLIMITED..bottomline is, depende ung signal sa location..wait for your place to have a SUN CELL SITES then go with the SUN..

  249. CHUCK says:

    hi sino ba may Sun Pre Paid sa Broad Band?

    walang signal sa area namin ayang sim card at load


  250. gelo says:

    pano malaman ang number ng sun broadband ko? pakitext naman sakin sa 09062957541 thanks.

  251. muadsick says:

    ang bgl ng speed ang bgl pa ng service 2 months na akong nagrereklamo ganun pa din un speed
    ang bagal na nga speed tpos kung bumilis man bumabagal din para kang tumitingin sa seismograph pag may lindol baba taas

  252. kevin30 says:

    tlaga bang mbagal ang sun prepaid kaysa sa pospaid pki sgot nman po ung tnung ko
    [email protected]

  253. delia castor says:

    hi!pu pakabt pu sna kmi sa inyo ng internet eh!!!

  254. Chuck Allie says:

    hi hanggang kelan mag expire ang Sun Sim prepaid kasi alang signal sayang lang pera ko pinagngload at sim?


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    visit this weblog on regular basis to take updated from hottest

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