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Sun offers Galaxy S3 free on Sun Plan 1699

This is a huge surprise from Sun Cellular. They are now offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 free on a postpaid plan with a monthly service fee of Php1,699.

The Sun Plan 1699 includes unlimited mobile internet and unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts. Additional values include 4 hours of Sun-to-Sun calls and 250 free SMS to other networks.


The postpaid plan is only worth Php999 and the additional Php700 a month is for the amortization of the handset.

This is probably the first time that Sun has offered a flagship handset in their line-up. Normally, the plans are all under 1 thousand pesos with about Php500 as the median plan on postpaid.

There’s a 30-month lock-in period for this plan.

P.S. And that’s also the reason why they offered the Sun micro-SIM earlier.

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52 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    How does the plan match against Smart and Globe?

  2. John says:

    Seriously wtf ? I would’ve been really really happy if they can also offer the iPhone 4s at plan 1699.

  3. Ryan says:

    How long is the lock in period? 2years?

  4. Mica says:

    Sun can’t offer the iPhone 4S because it doesn’t have the minimum requirement of cellular cites (according to MVP citing Apple’s rules)

    But this plan looks amazing! If you’re in the metro, of course. Sun signal still needs to be strengthened! But great deal indeed!

  5. Primon says:

    why not?! i’ve been eyeing this unit for my wifey, i can’t afford the get the unit outright so this may do; anyway all of the family is with sun – so okey lang, she doesn’t need to call people from other networks naman;

    but the globe promo for this unit is really tempting because of the unli 1 globe number call & text & the 800 pesos consumable.

    now i’m really confused.

  6. xyce says:

    lumalabas 21k ung phone

  7. jayson says:

    I think hindi lang 2 yrs lock in period nito.

    • jayson says:

      hindi ko na pansin. may nalagay pa lang 30 months lock-in. sorry.
      instant lang ba makukuha yung unit?

  8. jAyR2684 says:

    Much better in Globe offer! and I got one even-though I still have my Plan 350 24/7 unli SUN only. Love this phone! Eyeing for some LCD Protector and decent cases.

    • Guest says:

      With 30 months contract? No way.
      Globe’s offer is much better.
      Plan 1799, unlimited internet, 800 consumable with three freebies and 4800 cash out.
      I think they are also offering the amortization scheme of cash out, monthly plan will be 1999 pesos, cheaper by one peso compare to smart haha.
      But at the end of the day, it depends on your contacts whether they are on Smart, Sun or Globe.

  9. Benchmark says:

    I just wonder, after a year kaya, hinde ka magpapalit ng phone? Since it’s a 30 months lock in period, that is more than 2 years…

    • aLaN says:

      with such a flagship…? maybe after 2-3yrs when the Octacores will be released. :)

    • Benchmark says:

      in this digital age…nah I don’t think it will took 2 to 3 years before a new flagship will arrive.

      probably about 6 months, a new craze will come.

    • dtech says:

      You got to be contented, if not, buy an upgraded phone. Flagships, they are meant to double the performance in every upgrade. Every year there’s a flagship with every manufacturer.

      Anyway, Globe is the best among the 3 telcos, with the SIIIs offer. Just sum em up!

    • Benchmark says:

      I agree with you dtech….and the telcos and phone provider knows people nowadays are not contented with what they have.

      anyway it’s their choice.

      and with regards of the plan, still thinking if I will give up up 11 year old globe prepaid number…but I think, I’ll be staying. :)

  10. acris says:

    it has P700 monthly cash out 1699+700=2399

  11. koki_motok says:

    would never pay for this again ever!!! sun’s mobile internet is capped, slow, and unreliable!! regrets came in after the dismal service for mmore than 1 year.. i’ll prolly get the offer if they fully integrate with smart!! 30 months of being locked?? be warned!!

    • dPro says:

      been with sun for almost year now, got their bb999 unli data unli blackberry services and unli call nd text.

      for Data, i would say Smart has the widest coverage, but the speed that i get from Sun is really not mediocre, i occasionally get 3mbps on some areas and at different times. so the notion on slow speed is really reliant on how many users are connected to a cell site and actually using data over it.

      plus the plan they gave me, i could easily swap my blackberry to another phone, uhm say Android and still have unli Data, call and text. so the savings is really there.

  12. miongb says:

    Smart’s offer is also 3yr lockin priod at 2k per month, to avail of the freehandset. But if you want to shorten it to 2yrs, you just have to pay onetime 2.5k. But smart is the best when it comes to mobile internet ( having used all 3 networks) at khit mganda offer ng sun at globe, smart pa rin panalo sa internet!

  13. Trimosalami says:

    Beware of pre termination fee of 6500php plus full handset price even if after a year of usage. Sun has the worse plan termination process and fees if incase you decide to cancel earlier than the holding period

  14. Marco says:

    Per Sun’s FB account, the 30-month lock-in period refers to the plan worth P999 while the P700 unit amortization is good for 24 months only. Hence, total cost of unit is a mere P16,800. It seems a good deal if you’re after the unit more than its bundled Sun plan.

    • dTech says:

      Unwise way to compute bro, here are the total contract price for each,

      Globe 1799*24 + 4800 (cash out) = 47,976

      Sun 1699*30 = 50,970

      Smart 2000*30 = 60,000

      Just as simple as that.

    • ryan says:

      @dtech less 4200 for Sun bec. 700 monthly is up to 24 months only. your computation is up to 30 months.

    • dTech says:

      I wish it’s like that, Sun CSA and the Ad is presenting the plan @1699 in 30 months. If it’s like that then go for Sun. But for me Globe has better offer considering the unli intrnet, 800 consumable and 3 freebies at 1799 only. Even with 4800 cash out.

  15. I don’t think this is plan 999. Plan 999 supposedly gives you unli call + text on Sun Networks plus 250 worth of SMS to other networks, together with unlimited web browsing. plan TU 150 profile is 4 hours free sun calls, unlimited text, which more likely equates to this. unlimited web is 649 when bundled with a plan. so it looks like it’s “plan 799” and the rest is amortization over phone. still cheaper than competitors though

  16. batman says:

    the 700 handset amortization is only up to the 24th month.

    Meaning :
    900 (PLAN)+ 700 ( monthly amortization)=1699 (1-24month)

    25-30 months= You’ll only pay 999 for the MSF.

  17. different solutions to compute but arrive to same product. Another way to magnet users..

  18. darius says:

    dapat yung sun na lang kinuha kong plan not globe. yung 800 na consumable hindi mo naman pwede gamitin pang pasa load or autoload or whatever. kaya wala ring kwenta. on top parin of your bill ang pasaload etc.

  19. Nols says:

    Will the network allow it to act as a portable hotspot? Kung ganun pwede na.

  20. mon says:

    umm sa globe it vary as well naka credit card ka. kasi if BPI ang present mo 12months lang yung cash out nila so eto ung compute ko

    700 x 24(kung regular CC not BPI)= 16,800/24= 700
    700 x 24 (BPI terms) = 16,800/ 12= 1, 400

    so kung BPI CC ka eto and monthly dues mo
    plan 999 (24 months)
    mo. cash out 1400
    total is 2399

  21. edward says:

    Got mine as a gift so no need to ponder on which telco offers the best deal. Would still recommend getting the gadget via trade in (I’m sure most of you have old phones to replace) then get an unlimited plan from a network that offers a reliable data coverage on your area.

  22. steelicon says:

    Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    Cash Price
    PHP 30,500/30 months = PHP 1016.67 @ 0% interest, which is very optimistic.

    PHP 1016.67 + Sun Plan 999 = PHP 2,015.67 per month for 30 months.

    PHP 2,015.67 – Sun Plan 1699 = 316.67*30 = PHP 9,500.00 total savings from subsidy.

    Sun subsidy for the phone is PHP 9,500.00 and that is with the optimistic 0% interest for 30 months, which is unrealistic.

    If you get this phone through credit card, the price would be atrocious and the interest would go through the roof, specially for 30 months.

    This is the best way to go to get this phone. Or any other phone, just by subscribing to this plan and selling the phone you got from this plan. Or if you have an old Android phone, this plan could pay for itself, just use the new SIM and sell off the new phone. :-)

    Don’t like the phone? Get the phone with this plan and sell it. Buy another phone from the sale of your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. Don’t like Sun? Don’t subscribe.

  23. girlteki says:

    natawa talaga ako nung inoffer nila ‘tong handset na ‘to na ma-maximize mo with a data plan, considering the horrifying quality of their data service.

  24. dTech says:

    I don’t know how you guys use math? It’s crazy funny!!! Don’t confuse others, be reasonable. You ought to help not to confuse! RIGHT?

    • steelicon says:

      “dTech says:
      August 9, 2012 at 5:30 am
      I don’t know how you guys use math? It’s crazy funny!!! Don’t confuse others, be reasonable. You ought to help not to confuse! RIGHT?”

      Kindly point out the error and we will re-evaluate it and rectify it when warranted. Thanks.

  25. CrazyBeautiful says:

    This is one of the best and awesomest deal ever! So tempting! I am also a Sun subscriber and yes the mobile internet connection is not so so but I am able to deal with it and I don’t mind as long as I am connected. Hehehe! Get it guys! As for me, I will probably wait for my loyalty phone with Sun in a couple of months.. upgrade my plan and get this! :)

    • JKisaragi says:

      I’m afraid it’s not available for loyalty/retention. I already inquired and they told me that I could just get another line for the S3 and have my current line cut upon expiration of the contract.

      I still hope that they’ll change their mind when that day comes though. I still have 3 mos pa naman. Hehe.

  26. CrazyBeautiful says:

    This is one of the best and awesomest deal ever! So tempting! I am also a Sun subscriber and yes the mobile internet connection is not so so but I am able to deal with it and I don’t mind as long as I am conected. Hehehe! Get it guys! As for me, I will probably wait for my loyalty phone with Sun in a couple of months.. upgrade my plan and get this! :)

  27. kram2012 says:

    Nagcheck po ako sa website ng Sun, wala naman po siya sa selection ng plans. Yung nakikita ko lng po ay yung IDD plan for S3 nila. Thank you

  28. ask kulng po anu po ba mga requirment nio pagkukuha ng plan s3

  29. W3icehands says:

    Any info on the speed of the net? I asked kasi and they said its 2G lang daw? Ok paba yung plan nun?

  30. Anon says:

    I’m using this plan. It’s a good deal. At first my internet speed was OK but after more than 2 weeks, my net speed has gone super slow. Used to be around 400kbps up. Now it’s only around 60 to 150kbps. I know 60-150 is already ok if you compare it to a normal subscription via prepaid but for a postpaid 1699 plan? VERY disappointed. Well I just hope it gets better.

  31. nikkie says:

    What if I only want to buy the phone and I’m using my own sun sim? Is it allowed? :))

  32. Hi,pwede p din ba mg apply pra sa s3?!! Anu po ba mga requirements?!! Ilang days ml2man kung na approved at klan pde mkuha?

  33. sevy says:

    ahm maka avail po buh sa s3 kung unli txt and call lng pwo walang mobile internet?????

  34. cristine abar says:

    hi wala na po bang mababang plan for samsung s3
    and anu po yung mga requirements

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