Chimei 22QD LCD: 22" of Full HD Goodness

Chimei 22QD LCD: 22″ of Full HD Goodness

Although very new in the Philippines, Chi Mei is a big player in Taiwan (#2) and slowly inching as one of the top producers of LCD panels in the world (ranked #3 globally). I’ve seen the LCD TVs being sold in stores but didn’t know they also do LCD monitors. PC Trends sent in a demo unit — a 21.6″ Full HD Chimei LCD monitor.

chimei lcd

What Chimei lacked in brand recognition and popularity, it makes up in specs and affordability. The design reminded me of my old Samsung 940BW LCD monitors. If I am not mistaken, Samsung gets its LCD panels from Chi Mei in their TV line-up.

chimei monitor


Chimei CMV-22QD
21.6″ LCD
Full HD 1920×1080 resolution (1080p)
20,000:1 contrast ratio
5ms response time
300 cd/m² (brightness)
D-Sub + DVI input connector
2 x 1-watt speakers

On top of the list is the huge screen resolution (1920×1080) and the contrast ratio (20,000:1). I currently have two 22″ Samsung LCDs and one only has 3,000:1 while the other has 15,000:1 contrast ratio. The contrast difference is more evident during video playback.

chimei 22qd

With those specs, big name players would sell a 22″ Full HD LCD monitor between Php15,000 to Php25,000. The Chimei 22QD sells for just Php7,900 to Php8,100 depending on which store you get it. Now that’s really cheap.

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87 Responses

  1. Wow..this is very nice..never seen one in stores this already available in the market?

  2. JP Caparas says:

    Yep, the price is really cheap, considering they’re manufactured in Taiwan. But why not stick with the 22″ AOC widescreen LCD? The specs and glossy finish are similar to the Chimei brand. It’s priced at 8,300 here in Enigma, Angeles City.

    Right now, I’m looking for a cheap 22″ LCD monitor with lots of ports.

  3. How about the warranty and durability of the monitor?

  4. @JP

    I currently have a Hanns-G HG216D and already have it for a year. It has a lot of ports plus you get an HDMI-in!

  5. blued888 says:

    Doesn’t Samsung manufacture its own panels and aren’t they based in Korea?

    Contrast ratios have varying meanings per manufacturer. One can mean native contrast ratio while the other can mean dynamic contrast ratio. I’m pretty sure this Chi Mei monitor is showcasing it’s dynamic contrast ratio.

    Color reproduction of the AOC 22-inch is bad enough, is this one actually better for a MUCH lower price?

    Any link to Samsung sourcing Chi Mei panels for their LCDs TV line-ups?

  6. How much power does this thing draw? I was thinking of getting a Hanns G LCD until I saw this.

  7. yuga says:

    @sylv3rblade: 40 watts

  8. Chris says:

    iba na kasi yung subok na!..brand conscious ako wahahahah

  9. ayos toh! Fringe pa yung palabas!hehe

  10. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:


  11. Darren says:

    I’m proud to see Taiwan products here :-)

    thanks Abe for the proper introduction here…

  12. this is very affordable and very nice to own, but is there any service center here in the philippines for this product?

  13. this is very affordable and very nice to own, but is there any service center here in the philippines for this product?

  14. vaughn says:

    DELL is also one of chimei’s biggest customers..most of their LCD displays use chimei panels

  15. JP Caparas says:

    @Reel Advice
    Does that monitor have PS3 Support?

    I’ve tried playing the Wolverine Origins game on a AOC 22″ Monitor — the visuals are quite splendid.

    I just wisher Asus/Acer would stop perching their prices so high.

  16. Glenn says:

    I personally use this with my MacBook Pro and it delivers crisp video and gaming. I’ve played Red Alert 3 and watched several HD shows and it really looks like a miniature plasma TV in quality. Plus it’s really shiny.

    Inputs are DVI and VGA and I use a glossy screen protector on it to get the color depth you get from screens like Dell’s and Samsung’s. It’s also desk mounted and very tough as I always adjust the angle by pushing on the LCD frame.

    One of the best features is you can play widescreen formatted TV shows with black bars (as seen above). The speakers suck though, even for system alerts.

    Got mine at 8K at PowerPlant Computer Shop via TPC, brand new.

    One a final note, ChiMei is the brand of choice by many of the more savvy PC geeks due to the price and the excellent quality.

  17. jean says:

    Ok ba yang brand na yan? I have other real deal here

  18. Mikoy says:

    @ Glen

    Thinking of getting one as well…what do you mean “via TPC?

  19. BrianB says:

    If they have a smaller screen, it will probably fit on my TV shelf. 8k is to cheap even if the screen is of poorer quality but I bet quality is really good. But how dare they price it that low?

  20. @JP

    Yup! I actually used this for PS3 gaming for a few months when I bought it. The screen can also output in 1080p mode albeit I’m quite sure it’s not Full HD Capable. Beats me how they do it but 1080p even in “simulated” mode with a 22″ budget screen is still a wonder!

  21. Mon says:

    do we have this in Manila already? this can function as a usual lcd tv right?

    sorry newbie =)

  22. calvin says:

    uy san meron nito. ok na father’s day gift ito ah. what’s their smallest model and how much?

  23. calvin says:

    abe pwede bang ikabit dyan yung hdx 1000? yung nireview mo kahapon.

  24. blued888 says:

    @yuga, thanks for the link!

    @calvin, malamang pwede via HDMI-DVI cable.

    @mon, you need to connect a TV tuner for it to become a LCD TV.

  25. gogo says:

    ako meron nito

    nabili ko sa enigma angeles pampanga, Php 8,200 lang
    compare sa iba na mas mahal, brand name nalang halos ang binibili ,di sikat sa pinas itong chimei lcd pero sobrang sulit, 5 months konang gamit ok na ok.

  26. Pedro says:


    where can i find this monitor/s?is it available in Greenhills?

  27. JP Caparas says:

    @Reel Advice

    Thanks for the enlightenment. Well, in times like these, buying an LCD monitor over a HDTV would be the more practical choice. Heck, with multi-port functions, I bet you can even hook your cable box into the darn thing.

    Chimei has been the putative leader in monitor sales in Enigma the past year. Almost all households I had been into before I purchased my monitor use the Taiwanese brand.

    Just an advice for those who haven’t upgraded to LCD and are planning to purchase one this year:

    Don’t go for the 18″/19″ scales; the 22″ model will definitely make ends meet for your viewing pleasure and your budget.

  28. I using a Wide screen Chimei 19’CMV 948D. I bought it last december and still working fine.

    Sulit naman sya sa tingin ko.. cheap yet durable… hehehe..

  29. I’m using a Wide screen Chimei 19′CMV 948D. I bought it last december and still working fine.

    Sulit naman sya sa tingin ko.. cheap yet durable… hehehe..

  30. jun says:

    ayus to ah.. guys can you post list of store and estimate price.. para naman magka idea kame where to get it cheapper :)

  31. JP Caparas says:

    @Jun: Here’s a regularly updated price list of Enigma’s retail.

  32. Unknown Soldier says:

    wow! that’s nice…

    BUT… i would rather drool on this LCD TV monitor

  33. @Sir yuga
    wow 40w. I’m buying.
    lol thanks for the link. I didn’t know Enigma carried Chimei (was planning on getting a hanns G from them). Guess I need to look out more lol

  34. Compare to Samsung T220 says:

    hello guys, Anyone who have tried this monitor in OSX leopard? My t220 currently suffers from washed out colors, and I hardly get some smooth gradients in photoshop. I think its the nature of the unit not some defects though.

    Hope someone could share something about this :(

  35. orak says:

    I just got my new Chimei 22QD LCD at “PC Quarters” (No. V-341 3RD Floor Virra Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center — Tel. 721-10-51) today and very satified with the outcome. Since I will use mine (bigger-screen LCD) for a myriad of purposes, my Chimei 22QD works like magic as of now. I purchased my Chimei 22QD for its cheap price tag of P7,850 but I was so overwhelmed when this 21.6″ widescreen beauty gave me an uncompromising rich visual display (20000:1).

    When we calibrated my new baby, my friends and myself were very impressed. The picture quality is head and shoulders above any LCD we’ve ever touched. Under the league of 22-inch LCDs, this one is an “amazing” item and can easily topple popular LCD brands like Samsung and LG. If for some reason, you prefer “value for money” Full HD 1920×1080 resolution this is the best one out there.

    It runs cool and displays much more natural colors than I expected, this really meet my sky-high personal standards for picture quality. The image still looks great and razorsharp, with superior picture quality and lower price tag, to be had.

    Again, Chimei 22QD is a great value when Samsung, Viewsonic Hanns.G and LG are sitting right next to it.

    I went home MORE satisfied than my usual weekly hardware purchase when “PC Quarters” owner Mike throw in a FREE 2 GB Transcend USB Flash Drive when I paid them in cash. Btw, “PC Quarters” beat all the price posted on this LCD by major Computer shops in Metro Manila.

  36. Ezekiel says:

    where could i buy one of that??

  37. Spyro says:


    It’s available in some store in Gilmore.

    Chimei LCD is a Big Bang for your buck. It has a very good price and quality.

  38. Ruel says:

    @JP Caparas

    Where is Enigma located in Cavite and Laguna? I’m from Las Pinas and I’d rather visit their store than go to Greenhills.

  39. Jay says:

    I checked on PCTrends’ website and they have the Chimei CMV-222H-G. 22″ with 6-in-1 Card Reader and HDMI input. Panalo din sa features to a.

    Anyone knows where this is sold? How much?

    Well, the Chimei CMV-22QD is definitely worth considering though.

    JP, available pa ba to now sa Enigma Angeles?

  40. Manila says:

    I’m planning to get 1 this week.

  41. Ric says:

    Does it have displayport?

  42. JP Caparas says:

    @Jay – Yep, they still have one in their showroom. They’ll probably never run out of stock as they always put supply ahead of demand.

    @Ruel – Sorry, I don’t know the exact location of the Laguna Branch. You can always call their customer lines.

  43. Design says:

    Nakabili ako kaya lng nagtawanan sa bahay ng parang natunog daw “Chimay” ang brand name.


  44. actually there’s no problem with the brand name as long as the product is really competitive. But the problem is natatak na sa isipan natin na kapag parang china made e mahinang klase.

  45. Mon says:

    gamit ko ngaun Chimei 22QD planning to have another 1 with the TV tuner in replacement for my 21″ 110watts Sharp TV.


  46. franco says:

    bibili ako nito hehe

  47. glenn says:


  48. Carl says:

    parang gusto ko na din to ah. planning to buy 22″ lcd din. Quezon city area. parang “chimay” nga lang yung basa ng brand. haha. lagyan ko na lang cguro sticker. hehe

  49. Jan says:

    wala po ba silang lcd tv? kasi i’m more into tv and plans to plug the cable also…

  50. Jan says:

    or pwede ba na lcd monitor then saksak ko yung sa cable?.. sorry no idea about this techie thing pero gusto ko sana buy because of good reviews.

  51. tracy says:

    Paano po iadjust yung brightness nung monitor? Kanina ko pa ginagawa parang ganun pa din.

  52. frederick tolledo says:

    tanung ku lang magkano ba po ba yung lcd na chimei na 18’inches na lcd

  53. AdRian says:

    wow thx again for the nice review for chimei!!
    nakakita kc ako kanina ng 24″ na LCD!
    magkukulong na talaga ako sa kwarto n2!

  54. fur says:

    wow thx again for the nice review for chimei!!
    nakakita kc ako kanina ng 24″ na LCD!
    magkukulong na talaga ako sa kwarto n2!


  55. uzumakinaruto28 says:

    For those Who judge this product by its name look at this link mga (brand conscious) di umano , Samsung is one of the leading manufacturer of monitors but guess what samsung is using Chimei’s LCD Panel ,I own one of this bad boy (Chimei 22QD)

    check this link about Chimei & Samsung Partnership

  56. tommy says:

    san po kaya dito sa lp meron chimei??

    opinions po chimei or hannsg???

  57. SEv says:

    I own a 95QD chimei lcd. is there a difference between my chimei and one discussed above?
    i googled but find nothing.:)

  58. hazard23 says:

    the difference between ur 95d and 22qd is ….

    check the resolution men … ur 95qd is only

    1000:1 while 22qd is 20000:1 hope this answers ur

  59. Marc Deogracias says:

    This is cool, glad that I came across to yugatech. WOnderful reviews. Am convince to get one.

  60. cjJoNas says:

    Where can i buy this lcd 22″????? sino may mas mgnda offer jan?? i`m looking for monitor n mas mura pero ayos ang performance besides from chimei,,,?

  61. tzatzee says:

    gusto ko sana magpurchase ng isa…saan ako pwede..tagabohol po ako….may port ba to for connection sa computer or laptop…i will use this in my class sa school….hope to here from you soon…thanx

  62. Jeri says:

    just bought one and really satisfied with the lcd.. cheap but with good specs..

  63. tom says:

    the price of chimei 21.6″ lcd in enigma hasn’t change. it’s still 7800 on all 10 branches..

  64. kon says:

    going to buy this sunday enigma baguio branch :D weeeeeee!!!

  65. kon says:

    sadly wala na daw sila :(

  66. ynp says:

    wala na d2 sa baguio? T_T nmn

  67. tom says:

    pwede nman kayo umorder kung wala na sa baguio branch.. para sure, deposit ka ng 10% nung value ng order mo.. within a weeks time or less nanjan na ung lcd mo.

  68. ynp says:

    sana nga tanong ko sa enigma kung pwede

  69. Irwin says:

    A trivial question, but I still gotta ask (hehe): So I can use this directly with a PS3 via an HDMI cable, correct? Anyone tried this LCD monitor with a PS3?

  70. Irwin says:

    And oh crap, I just realized na last year pa pala ang article na ito ahehe.

  71. Blogroll links aint that wonderful :P but i’m not the admin… :P … Just Telling :P

  72. Your internet site seems actually excellent. Becoming a weblog writer myself, I actually appreciate the time you took in crafting this post.

  73. chuck lozano says:

    chimei user myself. i’m a visual arts pro and i’ve used all kinds of monitors myself, from the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro, Apple Cinema monitors to the Dell Ultrasharps. I find that the Chimeis are superb value for the money. I have a 24 incher at home and it has sharp contrast and is Full HD, has 2 hdmi ports and costs 1/5th of professional monitors but gives respectable performance out of the box and needs little calibration.

    Chimei monitors are amazing.

  74. paolo candazo says:


    yup pwede. kaso hindi HDMI to HDMI. HDMI to DVI. aun cord lng Full HD na PS3 mo :) Using it already.

  75. Ron says:

    Chimei monitors are really good. I have a 24″ (24eh model), got it 2nd hand. Truly a bang for the buck. For calibration help esp. for graphic artists, download monitor checker.psd at and then load it at photoshop. You will be surprised on how this monitor will exhibit it’s dynamic range from whites to blacks with a little tweak on the brightness and contrast of this monitor.

  76. Anne says:

    Hi Guys,

    I read your feedback and I’m planning to get one soon but I need everyone’s help to satisfy my queries.

    1.) How much is the 24″ Chimei LCD TV?
    2.) What else do I need to buy after getting the LCD? Kailngan ba ng adaptor dito, cables or coonectors for me to succesfully use it as a TV or a pc monitor anytime I want to?

    I’m trying to save space in my room and also would want to land into the right choice. I trust your blogs since you’re all avid users of Chimei.

    I don’t care about the name or how it sounds. I’m after the quality and great satisfaction of it’s consumers. :-)

    Thanks in advance.

  77. Adrian says:

    My Chimei 19″ LCD got a problem after two years, my monitor is now black out but the green led power is still working. I already tried it in different CPU since I have a computer shop but the problem still exist. Anyway its not bad at all, after two years out of 37 LCD’s that I have its my first time to encounter a problem with this brand.

    Does anyone here know where is the service center of ChiMei?

  78. keith says:

    Hi all

    Sorry no Tagalog, I’m British living in the Philippines, this monitor as of today, is selling for 6,750ph, if you don’t believe me go here:

    I get all my stuff from here, and its so cheap in everything computers, they also deliver to your door with COD, yes they are still one of the few companies who will accept COD, its not advertised on their website, but if you call them, they will tell you they will accept COD.

    I have this monitor, and hell, its a good quality LCD screen for computing.

  79. keith says:

    oh I forgot to tell you, it has a two year warranty from Rsun.

  80. lioma says:


    I believe PC Trends warranty for chimei is 3 years, if you bring it to their office they will repair it free of charge.

    Here’s their address and contact #

    PC Trends, Incorporated

    No. 35 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City Philippines

    (632) 727-6449.

  81. jaszyjay says:

    but pc trends is only selling it to companies and not to private individuals….

  82. Can this model be use as a TV?

    If yes, how?

    How about the audio, does it have speakers in case you try to use it as a TV?

  83. john santos says:

    saan ba merong chimei products dito sa parañaque? kasi naghahanap ako ng similar product na nireview niyo, unfortunately, wala akong makita sa sm, salamat…

  84. Jeff says:

    What would be the possible problem if the chimei LCD Monitor Doesn’t have a Display but still have a power. I’d try to fix it like removing those parts and get it back after but it seems like nothing happened. anyone can help me please .

  85. AndyA says:

    I have a Chimei 42V7899D and it’s a great TV but the trouble I’m having is it doesn’t play all my WMP video files from my USB storage device and I can’t figure it out. Any suggestions?

  86. jhennay says:

    After 6 years. Ngayon lang nagloko yung monitor ko na to. San kaya pwede paayos tong chimei na monitor?

    Yung akin kasi natunog lang sya at nailaw yung led sa baba ng logo ng matagal bago bumukas.

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