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Hands-on: Propel Atom 1.0 Micro Drone

Drones are getting more and more popular these days with the Mavic Pro from DJI and the Karma from GoPro taking a lot of attention lately. However, these are enthusiast level drones and are on the expensive end of the toy category.

For those who want to start small and affordable, the Propel Atom 1.0 micro-drone can be a good start.

The Propel Atom 1.0 has been around in other regions for quite some time and only recently brought into the Philippines at a much more affordable price. This tiny quadcopter features a set of four propellers with tri-blades for better lift and stability.

The micro-drone comes with its own remote controller (2.4GHz) and a few more extra blades so you can quickly replace them whenever the original one crashes and breaks.

Because of its size, the Atom 1.0 is easy to carry around, can be flown indoors or outdoor and can be charged via a powerbank for just 30 minutes.

Check out our flying video below:

The Atom 1.0 drone can be a good starting point to practice flying the bigger ones and they’re affordable and a good gift idea as well.

The Propel Atom 1.0 micro-drones are now in stores (Hobbes & Landes and select 7-11 Stores in Metro Manila) and also available online via Lazada (see listing here).

These micro-drones are originally priced at $30 (via Amazon) but the local units are much cheaper at just Php998. Available colors in silver, blue and red.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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5 Responses

  1. So interesting! Is there any sample video from this drone?

  2. D.rone says:

    Come on now Yugatech!

    This hands-on is prety much useless witout using this drone with a camera. This does’t answer the most important questions like- what cameras can this tiny drone support? Is it really practical to use with just 10 minute battery life and 30meters range?

  3. dhdheueh says:

    nice but at this size you can no longer see at 20m away. easy to loose it.

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