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HMDX Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

This is the first time we’ve seen or heard about HMDX so when we got this portable speakers, we were very curious if it’s just one of those ones you normally in stores. Turns out this HMDX Jam is something else.

The portable speakers come in this glass jar which is probably the reason they called it the HMDX Jam. At first, I thought the jar was actually part of the speaker set but it’s only the packaging.

Once you take the speakers out of the jar, you get a tube-like device with grills right on the top section. The only accessory that came with it is a very short USB cable that allow you to recharge the built-in Li-Ion battery of the HMDX Jam.

At the lower corner of the base of the speaker are the controls — pause/play, volume control and Bluetooth pairing. At the bottom and is where the power switch is located. Pairing with a smartphone or media player is really quick and easy via Bluetooth.


The device itself is small and compact, has a nice polished look with two tones of gray. The speaker is actually heavy for its size, giving you the impression that its got a huge magnetic coil inside to power it.

As for the sound quality, it’s more than decent. We can even say it’s actually good from low to mid volumes. However, once you crank up the volume to the top, you’ll definitely hear some distortion (almost trashy at times but that’s expected with a lot of speakers in this category). Not a lot of bass here but if you place it on a solid surface, the vibrations will simulate a little bit of oomph.

When using wireless Bluetooth for streaming, you have a estimated maximum 30 feet although we don’t think the quality of audio will be any good due to interference. Battery life is around 4 hours on a single full charge. There’s line-in port if you want to hook up directly to a media player (lasts up to 12 hours this way compared to wireless).

Over-all, the HMDX Audio HX-P230PU Jam is a pretty sleek wireless speakers. For a portable speaker, I liked the size and design. The sound quality is pretty good. I just wish they micro-USB cable charger were a bit longer. The only downside is the price — at Php3,495 I think it’s already on the pricey end (although if you have access to Amazon, you can get it for only $40 which is a bargain).

They’re available in Egghead stores in Rustans and Anson’s Emporium. There are about 6 different color variants but we’re not sure if they carry all of them.

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    Specs please!!! What’s the use of making reviews if you don’t publish the complete device hardware specifications? Sheesh!

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