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Playground Cam100 vs GoPro Hero3+ Video Comparison


During our review of the Playground Cam100, we mentioned that it shares some elements as the GoPro. In fact, it could be mistaken as one when you first look at it inside its waterproof case. Both action cameras record Full HD videos, have the same mounting system, but the Cam100 is almost only 1/3 the GoPro’s price. This leads us to one question: How’s the video output of the Cam100 compared to GoPro? We find out.

We have the video version of the comparison below in Full HD. To see the difference better, we recommend you watch this short video we’ve prepared.


The button placements of the Cam100 is similar to the Hero 3+ with the capture/OK button on top, Mode button up front, and selection buttons on the side where the Wi-Fi button is for the GoPro.


One of the main differences of the two is that the Playground Cam100 has a built-in display at the back. Because of this, its battery is accessible from underneath the device.

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The implementation of its built-in display eliminates the need for Wi-Fi connection present in the Hero 3+ to initially view the angle before you start recording. This is good news since Wi-Fi uses more battery than a display this small, according to our experience.


Looking at both action cameras side-by-side, we see that the Cam100 packs a thicker housing than the slim body of the GoPro Hero 3+ (which is one of its improvements from previous versions). Naturally, a thicker body requires a thicker waterproof shell.

As we’ve mentioned before, we liked its generosity of accessories that come with the package. To mention a few you have a bar mount for bikes, tripod mount, and extra back cover – all of which are extra accessories for GoPro and costs about Php800 – Php1,300 a pop. The Cam100’s mounting system is exactly like the GoPro’s to the point that they can be interchanged and used for each other.

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Realme Philippines

For the video quality comparison we mounted both action cameras to a mountain bike using bar mounts and took them for a spin. They both have the same settings at Full HD and Auto White Balance.


The footage from GoPro shows a more natural color than the Cam100 with a bit of a bluish tint. If you’d also notice, the objects (like the pink car) from the right are a bit smaller compared to the left. This proves that although they have the same 170-degree wide angle lens, GoPro has SuperView technology that gives it an overall wider angle than the Cam100.

You can also see that the footage from the Cam100 is a bit shakier than the GoPro’s (refer to the video) – proving that the latter has better image stabilization software embedded at its core than the former.


We’ve also tried it on low light situations during sundown where the Cam100 showed more of its bluish tint. Although both now have digital noise because of the lack of light, GoPro uses its Auto Low Light feature to compensate more and show better (at least in color) images.

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So what did we learn from this comparison? Undoubtedly, GoPro gives you better video quality overall. It’s made with features that help in different shooting instances than the Cam100.

On the other hand, the Cam100 offers you an action cam at almost 1/3 the price of the GoPro. So if you just want a simple action camera that can be mounted around, the Cam100 does this job effectively.


Here are some of the main advantages from both action cameras:

Playground Cam100 advantages:
*Built-in LCD display
*Comes with an array of free accessories
*Way more affordable price
Price: Php5,990

GoPro Hero 3+ advantages:
*4K resolution
*Super View technology
*Auto Low Light feature
*Better colors
*Better image stabilization
Price:Php17,000 (online)

For more info, you can read our Playground Cam100 Quick Review.

That’s it for now. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tech videos!

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Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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7 years ago

Oks yung short video. :)

7 years ago

What video editing software I can download for free for fixing the bluish tint?

7 years ago

Where can i buy this?

7 years ago

I would buy both. Gagamitin ko go pro + cam100’s accessories. Yung Cam100, bibigay ko sa tatay ko.

7 years ago

may loop recording?:)

7 years ago

Sir, may way po ba na maayos/mawala yung bluish tint issue ng Cam100 through a software update?

Kamusta po ang software support nila?

Reply to  Raymond
7 years ago

Similar/rebranded kaya ito ng SJ4000 HDcam from www.kensgadgets.com?

Reply to  Raymond
7 years ago

@nikko, yes, this is the same, rebranded lang and ang non-wifi, 3800 lang, 5000 naman ang wifi nya. Mas maganda ang skies para sa akin sa SJ4000 (NoPro) parang HDR lagi, natural ang dating ni GoPro though. Pero considering the price, you could say that’s not bad, dami pang accessories na kasama ni NoPro hahaha

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