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Soundfreaq Platform Speakers Review

The Soundfreaq Platform (SFQ-01A) has been out in the market since late 2010 but it’s only until recently that this iPhone/iPod dock has been released locally.

We dig the plain and minimalist design of the square-ish speaker dock. The majority of the SFQ-1’s body is made of black glossy plastic, but unlike other gadgets featuring the same build, the speaker dock doesn’t look or feel cheap.

Its base is slightly wider than the speaker, which houses all the physical controls of the speaker dock. There are 3 knobs on the left side of the base which are for Bass, Treble and UQ3. To the right there are 9 capacitive buttons, the dock and a small display.

The majority of the back portion is filled with grills with the top part sporting two vents while the bottom part features two ports for AC and Aux (3.5mm).

Both sides of the speaker are lit by an orange LED light. On the right of the speaker dock is a compartment for the IR remote that comes with the speaker.

The SFQ-01A provides a very solid sound performance thanks to its two 4-Ohms, Kevlar-reinforced, full range drivers. The sound is loud enough to fill a fair sized room, and that’s just about around the 70% mark on its volume.


In terms of the sound quality this speaker dock delivers sound that’s nothing short of satisfying. The vocals are clear, the highs are sparkly with not even a sign of hissing even in high volumes and the bass are full but are a little lacking in terms of oomph. However, given that the speaker dock lacks a subwoofer, the SFQ-1A still gives an ear-pleasing bass sounds.

Of course, the above mentioned quality is attributed to the company’s proprietary audio technology called UQ3, which was also present on the Soundfreaq SoundKick. Users can always choose not to turn on the UQ3, but without it the SFQ-01A sounds horrible.

Although the SFQ-01A is meant for iDevices, users can still use their non-Apple gadgets with the speaker dock through Bluetooth or audio jack. Regardless of the connection used, the speaker dock outs an impressive sound quality, but we notice a slightly better performance when a device is connected physically.

Just like the SoundKick, the SFQ-01A also supports wireless remote control via Bluetooth using your device through a downloadable app in App Store and Google Play Store. Of course, you can always use the included IR remote if you don’t want to turn your device into a fancy remote.

In our opinion, the Soundfreaq SFQ-01A is a good piece audio equipment and does what it was made to do in a pretty decent fashion. What could’ve made it better is if it had a more affordable price tag for it compete with the established names in the local scene.

The speakers can be had for Php9,950, which isn’t that bad considering the performance you’ll get out of it, but a couple of grand more and you can go for a more popular brand. However, if you’re the brand-conscious type, you won’t be disappointed with the Soundfreaq SFQ-01A.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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  1. deuts says:

    It wasn’t mentioned so I might just ask, there’s no battery in here, right?

  2. Name: says:

    “The Soundfreaq Platform (SFQ-01A) has been out in the market since late 2010 but it’s only until recently that this iPhone/iPod dock has been released locally.”

    Which planet do you go home to? Digital Walker has this on display since early 2011. Filler material? Most likely. Write as much as you want but don’t take readers for idiots.

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