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This Taxi Accepts Smart Bro Application

It’s no wonder why Smart Bro is PLDT’s most successful product/service ever. They’re practically everywhere and there’ve been no competition in its first two years. You can even apply for Smart Bro inside a taxi cab.

Taxi Cab Smart Bro


With over a quarter million (>250,000) subscribers to date, Smart Bro is gearing to be the number broadband provider in the Philippines.

But wait, what is this I’m hearing that Hwuawei (a supply competitor to ZTE) is bidding for supplying 3G/HSDPA dongles for Smart and Sun Cellular too? Everybody’s gunning for 3G while Globe is shifting away from it and moving on to WiMax.

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11 Responses

  1. sylv3rblade says:

    LOL and I thought the application via email/ym thing was the best marketing ploy they had employed.

  2. leo says:

    what about the complaints against SmartBro’s services by a considerable number of subscribers? Did they clear those issues yet?

  3. bryanboy says:

    and why on earth would i trust private information to THIRD PARTY?

  4. Kuya Bryanboy, your right. Hehehe. We never know, the driver might sell your personal info. :p

  5. L.A says:

    Pero in fairness kaka-iba sya ah.

  6. jhay says:

    Another source of income for taxi drivers? Or the operators of the taxis they drive.

    It’s not the accessibility to application spots that we consumers are having problems with it’s the quality of the service itself that’s the problem. When would these greedy telcos understand this plain and simple truth?!

  7. Jazzy says:

    Guerrilla Marketing :)

  8. unfortunately, it seems to me that Smart Bro still hasn’t improved their customer service. i think that’s how Bayantel DSL trumps them, with the rebates when there’s outage, and suchlike.

    now, cheap web via connecting one’s PC to one’s cellphone, now i’m all for that.

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