Allocacoc PowerCube Power Outlet Extension Hands-on

If there’s one thing we hate about power outlets is that it has limited sockets. That’s why we resort to using extensions and power adapters. With plenty of options in the market, we found something that we like — the PowerCube.

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The PowerCube is an outlet extension in a cube form factor, designed by Allocacoc, an industrial design company based in the Netherlands. Since each side of the cube has a socket, it solves the problem of not having enough power outlets or if the sockets are blocked by bulky plugs.

We got our hands on two models: the Original and the Rewirable. These extensions are made of high-quality plastics with colored sockets.


The Original is smaller and uses a Type A plug to connect to your home’s outlet. Four of the sides sport universal sockets while the fifth has two USB ports with a max output of 2.1A so that you can charge your mobile devices directly.

The Rewirable, on the other hand, is slightly larger and works more like a travel adapter as you can change the plugs. It comes with four types that support US/JP, EU, UK, and AU/CN standards. Like the original, it also has four universal sockets and two USB ports.

Aside from the compact size and layout of the sockets, another thing that I like about PowerCube is that you can plug or stack them together if you want more outlets.

So far, we’re liking the PowerCube and been using it in our office where outlets are scarce given the number of equipment we need to plug. Although we’ve only shown you two, PowerCube has other models. Check them out and their prices below:

• PowerCube Original – PHP 395
• PowerCube Original USB – PHP 595
• PowerCube Extended – PHP 595
• PowerCube Extended USB – PHP 695
• PowercCube Rewirable – PHP 1,195

They’re available at True Value, Handyman, Wilcon, Fullybooked, Landers and Lazada. You can also follow PowerCube on Instagram and Facebook.

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