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AdSense cheque got lost somewhere.

Been regularly getting that Adsense cheques (among others) for about 2 years now without problems. I thought that since I live in Makati and the postal office here are one of the best and “trustworthy” bunch, I wouldn’t need to worry about any cheques getting lost along the way.

Not until last month though. My October payouts was supposed to be in on or before Christmas last month but it never got to my mailbox. Just this afternoon, I already got my November cheque which was already sent in thru DHL and that prompted me to send an email to the Adsense team and request that they re-issue me my October payout.


If all goes well, I should be getting that late October cheque next week. So to those getting them monthly payouts, take the DHL route. It’s just an additional $24 a pop.


Just got my October cheque in the mail this afternoon. *sweet*

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. kzap says:

    ya i recently stopped receiving my checks, i bet theres something sneaky going on there, or else its just slow mail.

    Got my DHL yesterday also :) only took 1 week from Google.

  2. Migs says:

    Christmas rush? Me too, no November 22 yet.

    Can’t join the DHL club yet… still at ~$60/month.

  3. Secure Delivery through DHL is really the recommended mode of delivery for Filipino Adsensers. Because of lots of cheaters in the Philippines (From Malacanang to everywhere), $24 is really worth paying. :)

  4. yuga says:

    Looks like it’s just not me. Migs could be right, possibly the holiday rush? I already requested a re-issue of the cheque so it’ll arrive via DHL next week (hopefully).

  5. It will be accumulated with your next payment. So expect to receive that, most probably, next month.

    But it’s a best case. When I asked to resend my check for April 2005 payment, though, adsense team promised me to include that on my next payment (May 2005) to be issued by June 2005, I received it only last August, or 3 months later.

    Good Luck abe. :)

  6. yuga says:

    hehehe… when I got back home this afternoon, my October check was already waiting for me. I guess it just got stcuk in the holiday rush. :D

  7. Fleeb says:

    Basta, never trus the philippine postal system, daming stories eh…

  8. Marc says:

    I just recently joined the DHL Club and now I can sleep more soundly at night…..thanks to the aircon that AdSense bought hehe jk :)

  9. Migs says:

    According to the Adsense payment schedule, if you earned in Month 1 and payment is posted at the end of Month 2 (November 22 for me), you can ask for a reissue at the 25th of Month 3. (December 25.)

    I bit the $24 bullet and switched to DHL delivery, and I asked them to resend via DHL as well.

  10. jome says:

    hi there guys, im from batangas… used to work there in makati, but i guess dont wana be a drone anymore, so i quit and then tried to find to make a better way or earning a living, and i discovered adsense… but the things im really not a techy person and got no freakin idea on how to make a website… and i guess who better to turn to but to ask for help to my fellow filipinos thats already enjoying the beautiful life with adsense! = )
    i really hope you can help me out guys, my email is [email protected], and il be more than willing to call you dont care if its longdistance, tamx!

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