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AdSense shrinks clickable areas on their Ads

Now, this is going to draw some discussions among AdSense Publishers. Google has now redefined what area in their ads are clickable and not.

It will be a little hard to describe that changes but here’s an image to illustrate that:

AdSense Clickable Areas
Image via Blogoscoped.

Huge difference, huh?

In essence, what Google is trying to decrease incidents of accidental clicks. This usually happens when ads are placed on the top most and the right most side of the page where surfers usually hovers their mouse pointers. Accidents do happen when people try to navigate along the tabs and the scroll bars of the browser so shrinking the areas on the ads that are clickable will likely help avoid this.

Surely, this will lower AdSense revenues of a lot of publishers.

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16 Responses

  1. Mikko says:

    Checked and confirmed. But the hand cursor displays throughout the block, just inactive.

  2. boddah says:

    Well that will definitely decrease if not remove those accidental clicks (even i myself sometimes fall to those blank spaces, i have to stop my browser from loading). But is it applied on all ads already? I tried hovering my pointer on one of my ads just to see what the clickable areas are.. at first the pointer turns to hand (which means clickable) when placed above the site description & blank spaces, but when i refreshed the page (for a couple of times) it did become unclickable, but it only happened once… hmmm… not yet fully implemented?

  3. marhgil says:

    Your ads on this blog is one perfect example that it is not yet fully implemented. :) Yeah, it will surely minimize the incidence of accidental clicks.

  4. jem says:

    big news indeed. pano na yung umaasa sa accidental clicks? T_T

  5. autocad says:

    There sure are many adsense publishers will be affected.

  6. ordnacin says:

    Anybody have any statistics on % of accidental clicks ? Wonder how much this will affect adsense income of bloggers…

  7. ernesto says:

    Nice less accident clicks/eranings

  8. julia says:

    bababa ung kita ko!
    (btw, can u put adsense and bidvertiser on a same page?)
    help nmn po

  9. minor says:

    accident always happen :D

  10. Paul says:

    Seems that is only truefor the Format “medium rectangle” right now!
    Try it out with my Adsense-Preview-Tool.

  11. nina says:

    Harhar, love the wording and the placement of the TLA feed ad on this post lol

  12. jomark says:

    With this development, I guess we have to redesign or rearrange our ads placement to make it more effective.

  13. jhay says:

    Lord Google has flexed its muscle once more.

    Then again it will save me from accidentally clicking on my own ads.

    Then again it will make earning from AdSense a lot more difficult.

  14. unique says:

    This is good for publishers. Advertisers will have more confidence with Adsense because of its actions to minimize accidental clicks which in return will increase advertisement spending towards Adsense.

    If publishers rely much of its income through accidental clicks, then you do not have a good monetization model for your website and better change your monetization strategy.

  15. subay says:

    sayang… paanu na kami ung umaasa sa accidental click? :(

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