Google AdSense Referrals expand globally

Google AdSense Referrals expand globally

If you haven’t checked your Adsense account recently, you might have missed out on the newly expanded AdSense Referral tab. Now, you can pick from hundreds of products and services to offer on your blog and get referral commissions once an event is fulfilled.

Here’s how the referral wizard looks like in your Adsense account:

AdSense Referral


To get to this page, log in to your Adsense account -> AdSense Setup -> (Products) Referrals and pick the category you’d like to browse.

Remember that AdSense referrals only pays you when an action is fulfilled. This could be in the form of a sale, filled-up form, membership registration, etc. Checking from the current list of referrals available globally, some referrals seem to only require a click to their page which is a bit strange.

Also be prepared for foreign languages in the descriptions as well as non-US dollar denominations for referral commissions.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. I checked out my account and there are only 5 product referrals that I see.

    Google AdSense
    Google AdWords
    Google Checkout
    Google Apps
    Firefox plus Google Toolbar

    Does Google Adsense have a premium account or something?

  2. Miguel says:

    Still Google products only on mine. I guess they’re still rolling it out?

  3. eric says:

    bigla din akong nag log in sa adsense ko nang wala sa oras. im only seeing 5 options.

    mukhang pinagpala ka Abe! ahehe

    sana i roll out na ito sa lahat…

  4. Thanks for posting this, Abe. In particular the screen shot so we can see how it looks. You’re the first “problogger” type that I read`who has taken notice of this, it was announced ays ago on Google’s own Inside AdSense bog, which should be required reading for anyone trying to earn with AdSense.

    They say it will be rolled out over time, my time has not yet come.

  5. jhay says:

    Same here, I guess they’re rolling it out one at a time, it took a month or two before the Google Apps referrals became available in my account.

  6. Jun says:

    So when the referral options do come, what should PH bloggers target ?

  7. That’s a great question, Jun. Hope we get some good discussion going on it. As an American in the Philippines the major thing I’d like to see is a clear indication if the product someone is recommending is available here. I’ve seen many write-ups on new products that don’t make it clear where I can get them.

    Yesterday I was reading Darren Rowse’s blog and found this list I had missed before about his Amazon referrals. Most bloggers I know, including me, seem to think Amazon is a waste of time, but Darren’s making $2500USD per month with them … I was going to drop a link but I already see at least three of his posts Pinoy bloggers ought to read. One of the things I like about Amazon is, they ship many of their products world-wide, unlike many US or UK companies.

  8. Dexter says:

    It is still not available on my blog.. I think I have to wait for my time. Or maybe only few qualifies to this..

  9. SELaplana says:

    wla pa rin ako nyan

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